Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Gay Advocates Want Enforceable Anti-discrimination Ordinance in Ogden

In a scenario where local governments all over Utah have already adopted similar anti-discrimination ordinances, proponents of this proposed Ogden measure accuse Boss Godfrey of "dragging his feet."

Interesting Scott Schwebke story in this morning's Standard-Examiner, reporting that Utah lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights advocates have scheduled a Jan. 7 meeting with Mayor Matthew Godfrey "in the hope of resolving legal issues, allowing the adoption of a city ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity":
Gay advocates want enforceable anti-discrimination ordinance in Ogden
Although this morning's story reports that local governments in Salt Lake City, Park City, Logan, West Valley, Taylorsville, Murray, Moab, Salt Lake County, Summit County and Grand County (among others) have readily adopted similar ordinances, proponents of this particular proposed measure accuse Boss Godfrey of "dragging his feet," and jockeying for some kind of weak "nonbinding resolution."

Of course human rights advocacy has never been Boss Godfrey's strong suit, has it?

Seems to us that this issue is straightforward, and that the council ought to adopt an ordinance with teeth, if for no other reason than to bring Ogden City municipal policies into the 21st Century and into alignment with those of more progressive and humane Utah communities.

If you're in favor of having our City Council bring this matter forward on its own initiative, be sure to contact your City Council representatives, via this handy link:
Ogden City Council Contact Link
And if you would like to publicly express your opinion on this matter, the comment section below is just the place to do that.

The floor is open for a discussion on this topic, WCF readers.

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googlegirl said...

Church supports Salt Lake City’s anti-discrimination ordinance

Anonymous said...

What we need is a mayor willing to re-brand Ogden into the Gay Outdoor Adventure Capital of the World.
Town would look better in a couple of years, and would not cost the taxpayers a dime.
Hotels wouold be booked solid, and upscale restaurateurs might take a chance.

Just give tax breaks to gay-owned and themed companies as an incentive to relocate here, and turn Old Angelo's into a hard-leather bar called, say, Ramrod or Manhole. We already have Rainbow Gardens, a gay-owned and very nice gift cornucopia.
Wolf,Snow,Beaver and Powder could join in with promotions and special amenities.

And, shopping! Shopping downtown!

This sounds better and better all the time.

GAYDAR said...

Say, could the Little Weasel be one of those (many) homophobic, Republican gay-bashing closet gays like Roy Cohn, Larry Craig, et al? That would explain everything!

just askin' said...

I just heard that Caitlin Gochnour was baptized into the Mormon Church very recently.

Could this explain Council Chair Gochnour's recent tilt toward Church Elders Godfrey and Stephenson recently?

Just askin'

Curious 1 said...

Look at Key West and when the GLBT started coming there it turned from a run down city into a major tourist attraction. Of course you can drink on the street, walk everywhere and not be accosted by missionaries.

No one will ever think of Utah as progressive, gay ski week is still in Colorado. With the LDS support of Prop 8 most gays will not spend a dime in Utah.

It is long past due for non-discrimination in jobs and housing for all Americians to be the law. Soon marriage will be the law of the land, well except maybe in Utah.

Tell the City Council to bring it up for a vote, so we can see what rational those who vote against it, we can vote those opposed to equal under the law out of office.

Jay Asquith Cavendish (New York) said...

Civil rights for gay men like me in Ogden City?

I'm all for it!!!

So what's the catch?

Brucie Boy said...

Jay, one thing for sure "the catch" is not you!

And "curious" I think your take on Key West is bogus. It has been a hot tourist place for way longer than the gays have been going there. Most of it is still a run down dump although a big tourist draw. President Truman had a vacation house there back in the 40's and Presidents Kennedy and Nixon both also used it during their times in office.

The place has been a major tourist draw since the very early 1900's and of course was where Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote some of his great classics back in the 30's and 40's.

Gays did not make Key West what it is although there are a lot of them hanging out there.

Anonymous said...

Hanging out there?
How about, moved in to stay, and re-branded the entire region?

When homosexuals move into an area in-mass, the quality of life and property values go up, crime and filth go down.

The gay community made Key West what is is today.

Billy Bob said...

Yes Stephen, nothing will make a place better than a bunch of sweaty faggots in heat in the tropics!

Maybe Godfrey ought to make twenty fifth street and the Junction a queers only zone, based on your assumption that would finally make the places winners.

Curious 1 said...

I would rather be around a bunch of sweaty gays working to make their homes and community better then judgemental holier than everyone else self rightous bigots. Sorry to call the kettle black.

Happy New Year to the WCF...

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