Sunday, August 21, 2011

Standard-Examiner Guest Commentary: A New Approach to Crime Reduction

Chief Greiner rationalizes and defends Ogden's new "Real Time Crime Center"
There is a new approach to crime reduction being implemented by the Ogden Police Department. It is patterned after the real time crime centers of a few major city police departments that started about five years ago but is scaled to the size of Ogden's needs and will fulfill an ancillary role of emergency operation capability for all of Ogden's public safety and public works needs with trained technicians in the event of a natural disaster or need to activate the emergency operations center.

John Greiner Guest Commentary
Standard-Examiner: A New Approach to Crime Reduction
August 21, 2011

The only difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys.

Author Unknown
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The Standard provides Ogden Top Cop (Chief) Jon Greiner a generous chunk of precious editorial page space this morning, to rationalize and defend Ogden's new "Real Time Crime Center":
Comments, anyone?


althepal said...

1984 can't be far off now...

BikerBabe said...

Big Brother's been here for a loooooong time.


Peterball said...

With the chief in the news isn't time we find out how our mayoral candidates feel about the Hatch Act legal costs and whether they would keep Chief Greiner.

Bob Becker said...

A fair question, though I'd separate it from Chief Greiner in particular and ask the candidates whether they would eliminate "retirement in place" [aka "double dipping"] should they become Mayor of Ogden. Since new state regs generally eliminate double dipping in the future, the question should be asked about all those currently on the payroll as double dippers.  That would include Chief Greiner but not be limited exclusively to him. 

Fireman_Joe said...

"Many times the responding officer has less than a years experience". Ogden Fire and Police departments are a training ground for the rest of the state. An employee who has worked for the city for 10 years is paid the same as a new hire.

Can a blimp and cameras replace experience?

There is no longer an ambulance stationed in downtown Ogden, it was sent to Washington Terrace, maybe the blimp can give rides to the hospital.

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