Friday, August 19, 2011

Godfrey Administration-controlled Channel 17 Plays it Fast and Loose - Part II

We hope all Mayoral candidates will have the good sense and prudence to get all this in writing, not only from Channel 17's Bill Francis, but from Bill's "handler," Boss Godfrey

Despite a worse-than-starvation-level ration of Emerald City red meat political news from the Utah print media this morning, we're delighted to now report that we've just now received (mercifully) some new 2011 Ogden Municipal Election material about which we believe we should devote a little Friday afternoon electronic ink. Specifically, we received a gracious email transmission from one of our 2011 Ogden City Muni Election mayoral candidates this a.m., which we'll post here as a followup to last Tuesday's WCF article, in which we announced that the "Godfrey Administration-controlled Channel 17 Plays it Fast and Loose With Upcoming Ogden Municipal Election Debates." Moving onward, here's a faithfully accurate WCF Archives cut/paste copy of this morning's most recent email missive, which we've entitled thusly:
We'll invite you all to lodge your own savvy comments in just a minute; but we'll offer a few of our own off-the-cuff WCF observations first:

1) First, the red flags:

"The show’s usual host and former KUTV Anchor and reporter Doug Jardine, will be prepared with generic questions for all candidates," (it says in passive voice.) Here's so here's our query: exactly WHO will prepare these "generic" questions? Boss Godfrey? Godfrey's Loyal "Sockpuppet" Brandon Stephenson? We'd advise all non-Godfreyite Mayoral candidates to firmly pin down Mr. Francis's answers to these questions before they commit to a venue in which the mendacious folks on the Ninth Floor, and Ogden's Slavish Godfrey Propaganda Channel, may or may not be working feverishly behind the scenes to hammer out what most people would label "loaded questions" into what Boss Godfrey, Bill Francis and Brandon Stephenson laughably call "generic questions" for these future events:
We also are planning for two debates following the primary election. These debates are planned for Sept 22 and Oct. 6. We hope you will mark these dates on your calendar" ... "blah, blah blah, etc."
What seems obvious here is that this is could be another series of Boss Godfrey-controlled events wherein the departing Little Lord wishes to stamp his grubby stamp, even as Boss Godfrey prepares to let the Ogden City Hall Screen Door slap him hard on the backside one last time in January, and the little arrogant twit oozes off into "the private sector. Added bonus... notice that the language says "we are planning...." No indication at all is there, that any of the Mayoral candidates will be in any way involved in the "planning" process, right?

2) Secondly, the not-so-quite red banners:

And on the bright side, we find this encouraging language in the above-linked email text:
At present we plan on taping the show and replaying it up until the general election as well as making the complete production available on the internet, other than adding titles, an intro and music the program will be shown in its entirety and will be just under 90 min. "
We hope all Mayoral candidates will have the good sense and prudence to get all this all in writing, not only from Bill Francis, but from Bill's "handler," Boss Godfrey, too.


BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

I say replace Doug Francis with Blain Johnson and let's make it a comedy show! Is there anyone else out there who would just love to see Blain Johnson ask these candidates about ethics? Can he really keep a straight face while performing this feat? I guarantee one thing, you won't have to pipe in laughter when that questioning begins!!!

rudizink said...

Good one, BlameJohnsonNotMe!I'll rate that comment FIVE STARS!

OneWhoKnows2 said...

I think we need a ROAST instead of a debate or two.  Any candidate that can keep the audience awake and laughing, should automatically be moved into the final round, The Primaries.  That would rule out more than half of them now and the balance out, but one, this November.  The jokes will be solely based on the past 12 years of Boy-Blunder's Excellent High Adventures.  There is plenty of material not yet used and the new mayor could get elected just by the telling the truth.  What a novel idea!  The we could inform the public as to the election results posted high above Ogden on their new window peeking blump.  It does have a purpose after all.  Holy Shit Batman, look to the skies.

not impressed said...

Anyone would be a better host than Mr. Jardine.

Where does Godfrey find these guys? It's like anyone who is run out of the Salt Lake metro area lands in his office and is granted a job.

Dan S. said...

Funny. When I invited Bill to tape our forum on the 24th, he responded saying "right now there are just too many candidates". So it seems there aren't too many candidates after all! The real criterion is that Godfrey and people who work for Godfrey need to have total control.

Dan S. said...

Bill also said to me: "The moderator should be from USU or UofU so that they are unbiased." So I'm guessing that Mr. Jardine is from one of those universities?

Really? said...

Maybe he meant to say that the moderator should be on the sex offender registry.

Bob Becker said...

Shrewdly played by the Godfrey Channel, whose programming decisions are the responsibility of the Mayor's CAO subject to review on complaint only by the Mayor.  

Announcing in advance that the Godfrey Channel's "Meet the Candidates" dog and pony show will be aired repeatedly until the primary makes it, I think, all but impossible for  candidates to dodge the event unless all of them agree to, which they won't.  If you don't show and others do, they'll be getting free publicity heaven knows how many times until election day and you won't.  If I were running, absent an agreement by all not to show, I'd have to go.

Shrewdly played. 

Danny said...

Wait, so the creepy Doug Jardine is convicted child molester?

And he drives up from Sandy to do his hackneyed interviews of Mayor Godfrey on the Godfrey channel, Channel 17? 

My tax money is being used to pay this perv to drive to Ogden?

What the....?

Danny said...

More about the Godfrey Channel's interviewer.

Doug Jardine, Godfrey Administration Pervert

Why is it that every time we turn around, Godfrey is up to his neck in corruption, sleaze, and creeps?

rudizink said...

Quick note to the "several of you" who went out of their way to post comments and links resurrecting, shall we say, an eleven-year-old "Utah Justice System Problem" which still seems to plague this admittedly  sad-sack fellow, Jardine, who's Utah Broadcast career has descended from Major Utah TV gigs to the Godfrey/Bill Francis propaganda Channel.

Your blogmeister's attitude? lets give this whole assault on Mr. Jardine a rest.

Otown Boy said...

Begeebus professor Becker. "Shrewd' ???

Back in my Ogden neighborhood, we have the common sense to  label this behavior for what it is...  "sleazy."

BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

Rudi, You levee a five star rating for the Blain Johnson smiting and then a quick 180 with a pulpit like chastising of forgiveness for the Jardine bashers? I'm glad Envision Ogden and FNURE are still fresh in everyone's memory and don't meet the 11 year old "time frame criteria"! LOL I didn't see the other posts but I am assuming the Dan S. comments above are more tasteful and within the boundaries of this blog.
BTW, that five star rating will only encourage me!!! haha

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