Thursday, August 11, 2011

Remember Folks! Big (Or Maybe Not So Big) Emerald City Debate Tonite! - UPDATED

A pox on the other five mayoral candidates who dodged this initial Emerald City debate event.

Kudos to candidates Hansen and Thompson and Van Wagoner, for standing tall, and striving to get their message out

Mssrs. Hansen, Thompson and Van Wagoner will reportedly and apparently be the onlv Emerald City mayor candidates with an actual "set"... who'll be hammering each other publicly tonite, over at the ATP Center.

A pox on the other Mayoral Candidates, who've voted with their feet, and dodged and/or otherwise ducked out of this initial Ogden City debate event; and kudos to candidates Hansen and Thompson and Van Wagoner, for standing tall, and striving at least, to get their message out .

Update 8/12/11 8:51 a.m.: The Trib carries a fairly detailed Cathy McKitrick story this morning about last night's three-person mayoral debate:
Ironically, the absence of the other five candidates resulted in a strong story focus on the platforms of the three who did attend and participate. There's also something quite appealing about the two candidates who were willing to take a little risk in a potentially hostile environment, and who exhibited the confidence and courage to throw caution to the wind... and just "wing it," wethinks.

Update 8/12/11 10:00 p.m.: Well Lo and Behold, the Standard is carrying a post-debate story too, contributed by none other than veteran SE reportorial hot-shot Charlie Trentelman:
Good to see the SE back in the 2011 Municipal Election coverage game, innit?

No reason at all that the Standard should take a back seat to the Trib on local political reporting, right?


Jennifer said...

Isn't there another one up at the University?

rudizink said...

Ummmm... Lemme check.  O yes, it's all right here:

Election Events

Treetopper said...

Three completely irrelevant candidates, ie the 3 Stooges - Hot headed leader Moe Van Wagoner, Befuddled Larry Thompson and Shemp Hansen..boy this will be exciting.

althepal said...

Van Wagoner and Thompson may be irrelevant; but I certainly wouldn't write Hansen off.

constructivist said...

The other candidates felt that their would be host sprung this on them rather presumptuously at the prior meet and greet.

Be on the lookout soon for an announcement to be put out by a group of local civics clubs. They'll be inviting all the candidates to a proper debate on neutral ground.

constructivist said...

On an unrelated note, does anyone know why folks in North Ogden are irate over the DPW building expansion? Had so many people at the last council meeting that they had to switch venues!

Peterball said...

A little off subject-I live in the north end of Ogden and I see an awful lot of Stephenson (sp) signs-wondering how he got so many people to put them in their yards. My thoughts turn to paying them, ward pressure to place them, or he is just a truly great guy (though the letter in the SE today seemed to state he has good family values) I take that to be LDS code. Anybody have a feeling on this>

ogden_concerned said...

3 stooges!!   hahahahaha!!! So true!!

good_reader1 said...

Off topic but NPR had a great story this morning about Utah and Liquor contraol and being sued by the Hospitality Assoc.

It had business owners being assured that could get a liquor license which encouraged them to invest in their business then told it would be years since it was based on population.

Another Hotel wanting to build at a ski resort had pulled their 23M investment and not build  because they couldn't get a license.

Greg Hughes stated they weren't against business and Utah has the best business environment. They also mentioned the LDS Church being involved and being against drinking and the influence it has. SLC Mayor Becker was also interviwed and shared his views that it hurts business.

My point is that NPR is a National News source and anyone thinking about investing in Utah should think twice with the tight control the legislature has over a legal adult choice. They also aplauded the law suit in Fedeal Court against the state.

BikerBabe said...

Could be he is the current City Council member representing their district?


althepal said...

More likely Brandon's the Mormon" dork" currently  "representing" your area, or your "ward," whichever the case may be.

rudizink said...

Nice to see you commenting here on WCF, Brandon.

And who's the #1 Stooge in the city council race?  Well you, Brandon, of course

Marko said...

We've all seen the recent flurry of Standard-Examiner letters to the editor, touting Brandon "the Godfrey Sockpuppet's"  mayoral candidacy.

It''ll be only a matter of time before Boss Godfrey provides his own endorsement of this asleep at the wheel  loser.

Treetopper said...

Did Van Wagoner even graduate from High School?  if so, which one?

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