Monday, August 01, 2011

Pre Primary Ogden Mayor Possibilities Poll - Updated

Although we've taken technical precautions to avoid multiple votes, please voluntarily adhere to the Weber County Forum "one vote only" Honor Code

Hey folks! Just in case your eyes haven't been roving over to the right sidebar recently... we'll alert you to our new "Pre Primary Ogden Mayor Possibilities Poll," within which we cordially invite you to cast your vote.

Gentle Reader Keisha made the suggestion in one of our lower comments threads; and recognizing the sheer genius of her idea, we came up with this:
We believe we've employed sufficient technical precautions to avoid anyone cheating on this. Nevertheless we'll beseech our ever-gentle and always-ethical readers to vote only once.
"Vote early, but DON'T VOTE OFTEN," that's the watchword here.
That's what we say, with apologies to former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (and several notorious others) .... and to the totally lame Godfreyite moron, Brandon "Sockpuppet" Stephenson.

Update 8/3/11 10:34 a.m.: Final results of the above poll are now available online:
With the Primary Election coming up on September 13, we'll run another pre-election poll just prior to that date.


Bob Becker said...

Also suggest you "freeze" results after ten days or so and open a new poll so we can track changes in preferences if any develop.  

rudizink said...

Great suggestion, Bob....  Something I'd already anticipated.  The poll will shut down automatically on an early date which I won't now disclose.

Sockpuppet said...

How can I view current results without voting again?

Sockpuppet said...

Found it. Sorry.

rudizink said...

Easy.  Click "view results" at the foot of the poll (beneath the "Submit Vote" button.)

Sock Puppet said...

Can I vote once as an individual and again in the name of my business?

rudizink said...

LOL!  With 100 or so votes now tallied, THE SOCKPUPPET is now tied with "perennial candidate John Thompson... with two votes each.


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