Thursday, August 18, 2011

All Eight Ogden Mayoral Candidates To Participate In August 24 Forum

For Immediate Release -- 18 August 2011
Contact: Dan Schroeder 801-xxx-xxxx


All eight of Ogden’s candidates for mayor will participate in a public forum to be held Wednesday, August 24, beginning at 6:30 pm in the Browning Auditorium at Ogden’s historic Union Station. Everyone is invited to attend. After a half hour of informal mingling with the public, the candidates will address the assembly and answer moderated questions from 7:00 until 8:30.

The Browning Auditorium is located at the north end of Union Station, on Wall Avenue at 25th Street.

Kimbal Wheatley, a professional facilitator who lives in Ogden Valley, will moderate the forum.

The event is sponsored by the Ogden Ethics Project, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that promotes better ethics in Ogden City government. At the forum, candidates will have a chance to express their views not only on ethics but also on the full range of issues that concern Ogden citizens: taxes and fees, debt reduction, downtown development, job creation, transportation, recreation, land use, public safety, and more.

The event’s organizers are compiling a list of prepared questions for the candidates, with input from a wide spectrum of community organizations and stakeholders. Audience members at the event will also have a chance to submit questions.

The eight candidates for Mayor of Ogden are Jonny Ballard, Mike Caldwell, Jason Goddard, Neil Hansen, Brandon Stephenson, John H. Thompson, Susan "Susie" Van Hooser, and Steven Van Wagoner. Basic information about the candidates is summarized in the program for Wednesday's forum, available at

A similar forum for Ogden city council candidates will be held one week later, August 31, at the same place and time.

To learn more about the Ogden Ethics Project, please visit


OneWhoKnows2 said...

In my opinion, four look good, four shouldn't even bother.  We will see who makes it through the primaries before the real mudslinging begins.  Let the games begin!

Doctor Opposite said...

Vote for the guy with the facial hair!  It's obvious than none of the rest of them even had their nads drop down into their nut sack.

Stoked said...

Wow!  All eight mayoral candidates showing up all at once for the 8/24/11 Mayoral candidate venue, with none of them doing any bitching about procedures?  Suffice it to say that I'm stioked!

Baldy said...

Hilarious Pics.  Rogaine, anyone?

Nut Up said...

I don't know...the dude with the glasses looks like he could kick some ass. :)

Iheartutah said...

I think Mike will rise to the top of this debate.  He lacks the baggage that most of these people carry.

Getoutandvote said...

She can!

Sejones said...

I encourage everyone to attend this important event.

Penny Allred and James Dayley have volunteered Two-Bit Street Café for a Meet and Greet on 25th Street for Susie Van Hooser after the event at Union Station tonight. Please stop by and talk with Susie in an informal environment.

Sejones said...

Two-bit Street Cafe is at 126 Historic 25th Street. Check out their

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