Sunday, August 21, 2011

Standard-Examiner: WSU Tells Ogden a Streetcar System is Desired

Added bonus... a further demonstration of the Council's commitment to diligently examine all options regarding the Streetcar matter

Despite the nay-saying posture of the Standard-Examiner editorial board late last month, it looks to us like the Ogden Streetcar Project got a significant shot in the arm during Thursday night's special on-WSU-campus council work session, in which "Weber State University officials" made it clear to the city: "They really (really, really, really) want a streetcar system":
We're also particularly impressed by the expressions of commitment from several of our Ogden City Council members. Here's a strong quote from Doug Stephens:

Councilman Doug Stephens suggested that the city and the university need to come together to send a message about how important the project is.
"This is very important to us. We need to say it to Mr. Jones in North Ogden," who may not understand why the city would spend money on a project he would never use, Stephens said.
Council Chair Gochnour's quote ain't half bad either:

Gochnour assured the WSU higher-ups at the meeting that the council, at least, is unified in wanting to see the streetcar system materialize.
"There's a point where we have to just get moving," she said.
And as an added bonus... and a further demonstration of the Council's commitment to diligently examine all options regarding the Streetcar matter, check out this Standard-Examiner online guest editorial piece, signed by ALL SEVEN Ogden Council Members:
Too funny. First time within memory that our council has been unanimous on anything, yes?

That's it for now O Gentle Ones.

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Danny said...

I respond, in Utah style, with this:


Great work by the city council.  There's no reason a project should be abandoned just because Godfrey and his admirers on the newspaper board think it should be.  It's no reason at all.

Thanks to the city council for thinking for itself and looking into this more completely.

Ozboy said...

Why is Mayor Godfrey acting so petulant now days on the Street Car idear?   Wasn't it something he thought up, or at least supported,  to begin with?

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