Saturday, August 06, 2011

Lame Standard-Examiner Letter Which We Are DEFINITELY NOT Making Up

We've already filed this crackpot letter in our "Alternate Reality Department" file drawer

As the 2011 Ogden City municipal election finally begins to heat up, Pro-Godfrey Emerald City Political Morons are already falling out of the woodwork, even though the little shite isn't even running, this go-round. As an example, here's an online Standard-Examiner letter to the editor which we are not making up, and which we've duly filed in our "Alternate Reality Department" file drawer:
We already have eight good mayoral candidates, or so it seems to us... in that none of them are named Boss Godfrey, at least... and if for no other reason [grin]. Anyway... we'll now move on:

We loved Gentle WCF Reader Blackrulon's savvy and tongue-in-cheek S-E reader comment, btw:

Ms. Pearson, Wonderful to read your letter of praise for Matthew Godfrey. I take special pride as a Ogden resident telling all of my out of Ogden friends about all of the high paying high tech jobs he brought to Ogden. It is also wonderful to see how quickly the debt obligation for the Junction was paid off. All of the business Godfrey brought to Ogden has made the local schools the envy of Utah with the massive infusion of property tax money from the high end vacation homes built on the east bench. And giving away a golf course to help finance a gondola was a stroke of genius.Nationwide. the speed with which the River Front housing development was built will be studied and envied nationwide. When the mayor selection is voted on I fully expect, as do you obviously, to see Matthew Godfrey reelected by a majority of write in votes.
That's Blackrulon's take, and ours, too.

So now, howbout Vous?


Danny said...

Well Blackrulon, as usual, sums it all up pretty well.

Here are a few more observations:

Katherine Pearson, at the end of her letter, is begging for a qualified candidate to come forward.  She is so out of touch that she doesn't realize the filing deadline is passed, and so no further candidates CAN step forward.

And so once again, we see a strong, heartfelt endorsement of Mayor Godfrey by another MORON.  If  you think about it, and look back, Matthew Godfrey was the candidate of the bottom half of the electorate, IQ-wise.  He was an idiot magnet.  So many of his freakish followers, touting themselves as masterful people, have crashed and burned and are gone.  All that is left are the private sector leeches Godfrey fed, and a few regrettably dumb people like our Katherine.

Let the clean winds blow this rot away.  Let Susie, or whoever, sweep out the Godfrey rot next January.

BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

Lets write in Blain Johnson too!  How about the entire administration of FNURE?  And don't forget those FOM's at Envision Ogden too!  Wow, it could be like a "pile of FNURE" reunion!  Count me in!!!  LOL 

blackrulon said...

boy, how quickly you forget. It was just August 8, 2011 that Katherine Pearson suggested a write in campaign for Matthew Godfrey. Who will stand with her and write in Godfrey for mayor? With his record the answer should be clear as to what course of action to take.

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