Monday, November 21, 2011

Disturbing Facebook Pics! - Updated

It's a sign of the times, we guess, or so we say with a little "loss of liberty" "tear in our eye."

Okay folks! Although your blogmeister will reiterate as a blanket statement that he loathes Facebook, here, nevertheless, are a few "Facebook wall pics" all of which came from separate Facebook sources, each of which is definitely and fully worthy of note in it's own right:

1) NYCPD riot cop pepper sprays "Central Park" agitators:

2) And is nothing sacred? Looks like the same NYPD guy "pepper spraying" "Yoda," before frog-marching the little guy to the hoose-gow, no?:

3) And then weirdly, the same or similar NYCPD Riot Cop is suddenly in Florence, Italy, touching up Michelangelo's scribblings on the ceiling of the holy Sistine Chapel with a pepper spray can:

4) And last but not least, there's of course this sacrilege directed against the U.S. Founders, solumnlycaptured in 18th century artist's paint, we suppose, whilst these guys in white powdered wigs were "founding" the U.S.A, (which painting unfortunately isn't conducive to a "firm" time/date stamp):

Is "nothing sacred in modern American culture (except Lady Gaga and Madonna)," we ask AGAIN???

This cut/paste NYPD Riot Cop nevertheless (certainly) "gets around" quite a bit today, yes?

It's a sign of the times, we guess, or so we say with a little "loss of liberty" "tear in our eye."


Update 11/21/11 8:58 p.m.: One of our gentle readers informs us that we missed one... and he's right:
Even more interesting is the fact, now being reported by WaPo, that that this heavily photo-shopped pic has now "worked its way through art history" and entered the realm of "gone viral":
Surprise of surprises, heheheh.

Update 11/22/11 5:49 a.m.: Via the New York Times: "On Amazon... the page of a pepper spray can that is similar to the one used by Lieutenant Pike now has “product images” of the spray being used on students. There are also several product reviews that poke fun at the police department."


BikerBabe said...

Here's more good ones


Danny said...

Freedom of speech is great.

D_Dalton said...

The guy wasn't an NYPD cop. He was a UC Davis cop.

rudizink said...

Nope.  In hindsight, it turns out the original "inspiration" for this "viral" pic was a UC Davis campus cop, just actin' like NYPD.

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