Friday, May 10, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Ogden District to Discontinue Adult Education Program

Perhaps everyone will be a mite more attentive the next (2014) Ogden School Board election go-round, no, assuming the Ogden School District isn't bankrupt and entirely dissolved by then?

More disheartening Ogden School District (OSD) news this morning, as the Standard-Examiner reports the latest public education-unfriendly act of OSD Superintendant Brad Smith, affectionately known around these parts as the author of the "Ogden School District media specialist/librarian massacre",  once again furthering his self-appointed quest to drive the OSD into the ground, this time giving the ax to the OSD's "Adult Education program, which serves more than 250 late teen and adult students completing studies to earn high school diplomas":
"Smith said he made his decision to close the Adult Education program because it required too much time and focus from Sarah Roberts, George Washington High School principal," leaving us all to wonder what other back-breaking hoops Ms. Roberts is actually expected to jump through to justify her very generous six-figure compensation package. Adult education, which helps struggling students to obtain high school diplomas, "simply [isn't] compatible with the mission of George Washington High,” adds Smith, with a completely straight face.

We'll also make special note of a particularly savvy comment posted by one gentle S-E reader in the Disqus section beneath this morning's story, for those who my still be wondering why Supervisor Smith still serves at the administrative helm of the rapidly-dwindling Ogden School System:

"It was abundantly clear in the last school board election that the people of Ogden prefer to sustain the current leadership rather than have change. They are getting exactly what they have asked for with their votes," Gentle Reader Monotreme sagely remarks.

Mono is of course exactly right.  And please, O Gentle Ones, don't complain you weren't warned:
Yep.  Way back in 2012 we warned that the Ogden School Board needed a good house cleaning.  As a matter of fact, here were our recos for the last Ogden School Board election, if only to provide a little trip down memory lane:
Ogden School Board District Precinct 1:
Don Belnap ☠☠☠
David Tanner ☝
Allen Smith ☝

Ogden School Board District Precinct 5:
 Shane Story ☠☠☠
 J. Scott Handy ☝☝
Clark Hogan
Jim Hutchins ☝☝☝
Perhaps everyone will be a mite more attentive the next (2014) Ogden School Board election go-round, no?  ....Assuming the Ogden School District isn't entirely dismantled and dissolved by then?


AWM said...

Many local school board positions were nothing more than stepping stones for political careers...will be interesting to see if some of these names show up again at the state level in coming election years. If you think the damage is bad now, wait until they're able to practice this type of incompetence at the state level. Oh wait. Never mind, its already being done...Carry on, nothing to see here

Danny said...

I thought Superintendent Brad Smith was affectionately known as "The Fatman".

He is a lawyer who used to be on the School Board, which consists of a frightening group of airheads. They chose one of their own for the sup job.

We had a chance to get rid of some of these incompetents in the last election. The public voted in the same people, proving that incompetence is relative.

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