Monday, January 27, 2014

Charles Trentelman: Wrong Turn: More and More Expensive Roads

How much longer will our elected officials continue to squander the bulk of Utah transporation dollars toward "8-track tape energy source" technology?
Why is it politicians scream that things like FrontRunner need a "subsidy" to operate, but never talk about the subsidy that roads require? [...]
The normally fiscally conservative Utahns who hate teacher unions because they demands living wages for educators, decry waste from programs that feed the poor, and generally want pennies pinched en masse, have no problem blowing $70 million on a stretch of asphalt a piddling 3 miles long that will probably need resurfacing in ten years, or less and won't return a dime of revenue to anyone. [...]
... [R]oads don't need "subsidies." They just need millions of dollars in repairs every year.
Charles Trentelman - The Retired Rambler
Wrong Turn: More and more expensive roads
January 6, 2014
I still say, if employers in Utah had any brains they'd be pushing for alternatives for their workers to using cars. Cars are expensive, forcing employees to demand better pay and getting grumpy when they don't get it. If employees could avoid using their cars to get to work every day, they'd have more money to spend on fun stuff and be happier.
Charles Trentelman - The Retired Rambler
Wrong Turn: More and more expensive roads
January 6, 2014

Enough, already!
In the hope of  stimulating a little Weber County Forum discussion this Monday morning, we'll shine the spotlight on a top-notch blog post from veteran Ogden journalist Charles Trentelman, lodged on his "Retired Rambler" soapbox over the weekend.  Although Charlie labels it a "rant," it smacks of good old "measured common sense," as far as we're concerned.  Read up, folks:
Perfect lead-in, as our Utah Legislature kicks off the 2014 Utah General Legislative Session this morning, wethinks.

So what about it, O Gentle Ones?

Isn't it about time for our State Legislative Critters to reassess Utah's transportation funding priorities?

How much longer will our elected officials continue to squander the bulk of Utah transportation dollars toward what Charlie characterizes as "8-track tape energy source" technology?

"8-track tape energy source" technology


Ray said...

Adage " Follow the Money" would probably answer why Utah politicians continue with "8 track technology". I believe realtors, homebuilders, road builders, strip mall developers, and others with a finger in the pie fund a disproportionate percentage our political leaders. So until voters start electing a different type of representative the status quo will continue...

Danny said...

People build roads because they buy cars and they like to travel that way. For one thing, it's faster and more convenient.

I ride the train sometimes but UTA requires $750,000,000 in subsidies each year. That's a lot of roads that could have been built. Trentleman didn't mention that or doesn't know that.

smaatguy said...

looking forward the wasted money on the re-repaving of Ogden Canyon this summer....seriously, how about we take a look at how it survived the winter rather than some formula that might be off a smidge....what's the lifecycle cost of this whole re-do that will be done and the pain in the neck traffic about mister contractor gives the state a few bucks, calls it good and we keep the road open if after this winter it appears it works just fine....common sense???

rudizink said...

I suffer from asthma, Danny; and it's dipships like you who make it so hard to breathe, in an unheathly Utah environment. You breathe the same air I do, right, Danny? Franlky I think, you, your family, and especially your kids, deserve a whole lot better.

Danny said...

No doubt the air is awful. I'd like to see whatever money is required spent to clean it up. I'm not sure empty buses do though.

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