Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Weber Residents Prod for Motives Behind Commissioners' Power Play

Expect the fur to fly, folks, as we approach the 2014 General Election

Chewy morning story from the Standard-Examiner, concerning the arguably "bully-like" behavior of the "Good Ole Boy" faction of the Weber County Commission, as veteran reporter Cathy McKitrick digs in and reports how "[s]ome area residents took notice when Weber County Commissioners Matt Bell and Kerry Gibson bucked tradition last week and kept Gibson as chairman for one more year instead of giving Commissioner Jan Zogmaister her expected rotation." As always, Ms. McKitrick has done her homework:
Also, as per usual, Gentle reader Bob Becker provides a savvy nutshell overview of the current status of the political firestorm that's erupted in the wake of this unfortunate "boys will be boys" incident:
"Why, how DARE you suggest I voted on gender grounds! I won't dignify that by replying." --- Bell and Gibson. Yeah. Right. That'll work.
Added bonus:  Here's a thumbnail collection of irate letters which have already been lodged on the Standard-Examiner website, authored by some of the folks interviewed by Ms. McKitrick in advance of  her above-linked story.:
And we're getting a "psychic vibe" that this is merely the "tip o' the iceberg."

Yep. Expect the fur to fly, as we approach the 2014 General Election, folks, inasmuch as "neoCON" Gibson and Bell have apparently already hand-picked another "Good Ole'Boy" to "fill" Ms. Zogmaister's Commission slot next November.

Ironically, Gibson will also stand for re-election in November, thus raising the question whether his domineering strategy will backfire, particularly if he's faced with a female challenger.

We would have been entirely spared this current political unpleasantness, of course, if Ms. Zogmaister had meekly "done as she was told," [wink,wink].

Suffice it to say we haven't witnessed such disarray and excitement concerning Weber County Commission politics since... well... forever.

Comments anyone? Eh, Ferris?


Bill B. said...

Count me in for Zogmeister.

GOP Women forever said...

You got it, Bill B. Republican and Democrat women alike should unite and get rid of this jackass Kerry Gibson in November.

Ray said...

I think Bell and Gibson’s action of throwing fellow
commissioner Zogmaister under the bus and condescending words of explanation since are a good example of the dangers of an entrenched single party rule in Utah. They have not only disrespected Ms. Zogmaister but also the citizens of Weber County. I hope voters rebuke their actions at the voter’s box. Perhaps by
replacing Gibson with (gasp) a Democrat. More importantly though, one who has the citizens interests at heart, not their own ambitions.

L Muench said...

I serve on the Board of Directors of United Way of Northern Utah with Commissioner Jan Zogmaister as the newly-elected chair. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how disappointed I am in you and your cohort that seek to deny Commissioner Zogmaister the opportunity to chair the county commision. This not only smacks of sexism but also petty party politics. I am sick of it in our federal government and now it appears to have spread to the county level. You have lost my vote and my faith in our county commission.

Larry Muench

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