Friday, January 24, 2014

Standard-Examiner: North Ogden Legislator Revives Utah 'Zion Curtain' Bill

Mormon Church lays down the law and sez: "No, no, no!"

Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune
"The Utah Legislature is set  to open Monday with marching orders already in hand."

Weber County GOP House Rep Ryan Wilcox entered the 2014 legislative fray earlier this week with high hopes of reviving his 2013 bill to "normalize" Utah's "quirky" liquor laws, and serve his commercial constituents who bristle over Utah's bizarre "Zion's Curtain" provision:
Tough luck for this awesome and  plucky young Weber County legislator, however, as it appears that the Mormon Church, the fourth (and most important branch of Utah government), has now "laid down the law," and has no doubt cut Wilcox off at the pass:
If Wilcox plays his cards right, perhaps he'll be allowed to "keep" his temple recommend.

Needless to say, it'll be fascinating to see how this whole story plays out, no?

Hat tip to the Trib's Pat Bagley for the great graphic!


Susan M. said...

Got it. Thanks, Rudi, I'm going down tomorrow!

rudizink said...

I hate to be a nag, but... LOL!

Danny said...

I don't drink, and I find debates about Utah's liquor laws to be boring. Here is a more interesting and important clip I saw.

The Davos Elite generate a huge and ever-increasing portion of their wealth from the manipulation of money, speculation and outright swindling in the stock markets. State treasuries are emptied and new debts incurred to provide bailouts to the banks and corporations. Central banks pump trillions into the financial markets to drive up stock prices, corporate profits and increase CEO pay, through stock options. All legal restrictions are lifted. A few hundred people, backed by an army of bribed politicians, academic apologists, intelligence agencies, propaganda artists in the media, and the repressive force of the military and police, hold civilization by the throat. Petrified at the prospect of social revolution, they are putting in place the infrastructure of an Orwellian police state, as revealed by Edward Snowden.

Thank you for your attention. we now return you to your regularly scheduled fluff!

Ray said...

Read Paul Rolly's column in todays Salt Lake Tribune titled "Why bother with LDS Statement on Booze?", very on point to this discussion...

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