Saturday, January 04, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Judge Reinstates Ousted Riverdale City Council Candidate Gary Griffiths

Notwithstanding Friday's 2nd District Court setback, at least one Riverdale City official remains unrepentant

Justice finally prevails in Riverdale City, despite City officials' 2013 municipal election blunder, according to this morning's Mark Saal story.  Here's the lede, folks:
OGDEN -- It's official. We think.
Barring an unlikely appeal by the city of Riverdale, Gary Griffiths will be sworn in Monday evening as the newest member of the Riverdale City Council.
On Friday afternoon in an Ogden courtroom, 2nd District Judge W. Brent West ruled that Griffiths' financial disclosure statement was not filed late, and he declared Griffiths the winner of one of the two council seats up for grabs in November.
Read up:
Notwithstanding Friday's 2nd District setback, at least one Riverdale City official remains unrepentant: 
Despite the decision, outgoing Mayor Bruce Burrows said he still feels "comfortable" with Herrick's decision on the deadline date.
"I show support for, and an appreciation for, the job she did under a difficult situation," he said.
Considering the fact that the City of Riverdale has been raking him over the coals for the past two months, Griffiths is handling it all in a spirit of good sportsmanship, wethinks:
Griffiths says he harbors no ill feelings over the incident and looks forward to working with the council, as well as with the city recorder.
"She's a perfectionist, and she wants to do the right thing," Griffiths said of Herrick. "She came up to me (after the hearing), shook my hand and said, 'It will be a pleasure serving with you.' That meant a lot to me. It was very classy of her."
And, it's a good sign, Griffiths said.
"Because she'll be administering the oath (of office) to me on Monday."
Hmmm... a "classy" city bureaucrat, especially one who can't do simple arithmetic, would have offered an apology, don'tcha think?

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Danny said...

This arrogant, incompetent bureaucrat, Riverdale City Recorder Ember Herrick, in all her unrepentant hubris, after all the mess and cost she created, is a good example of why government should be minimized.

Business cares only because, and when, it has to, because of competition.

Bureaucrats don't care, because they don't have to.

Herrick owes a lot of people an apology, and then the city owes her a pink slip. But she will never screw up enough to get fired. She knows that, and this only proves it. She now knows she has a green light to be even more of a careless screw up in the future.

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