Friday, January 10, 2014

Salt Lake Tribune: Ogden Mayor Pledges to Stick to Two Wheels for Daily Commute - Updated

Mayor Mike say's he's "far more afraid of automobiles and people distracted driving than anything the weather  will throw" his way

Interesting local story from the Salt Lake Tribune. Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell (affectionately known around these parts as "Mayor ten-speed") loves bicycling, as everybody knows. This year however he's truly putting his money where his mouth is, bicycle-wise. Here's the lede:
Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell says he’s going to ride his bike to work every day this year come rain, snow, shine or anything the Wasatch Front weather can throw at him.
Caldwell made the commitment in an effort to encourage others to commute on bikes and embrace an active lifestyle. It is also a way to celebrate the nearly $100,000 grant the city received to implement active transportation corridors.
The mayor said by riding his bike to work he is letting his actions speak louder than his words.
Mayor Mike, Riding His Bike!
Read up, folks... perfect story for a wintry Ogden slow news day like today, wethinks:
"I think with some good, careful planning and some other things I should be able to make it work in just about any weather condition that confronts us," Calwell told SLTrib reporter Topher Webb. "I’m far more afraid of automobiles and people distracted driving than anything the weather will throw at me."

We'll see... won't we?

Update 1/10/13 4:45 p.m.: Well, looky here who picked up on our morning story... The Standard's Mitch Shaw, of all people:
Better late than never, we suppose.

Check out the extremely cool SE video!

P.S: Mayor Mike readily "admits" he's "crazy," as if we needed his additional testimonial evidence of that obvious fact. [wink].


Dan S. said...

Good for him! We passed each other on our bikes Monday morning, but I've been walking the last three days.

AWM said...

A guy this hard to find for a comment on a "REAL" political topic would probably be safer driving a car vs. a bike seeing how he's damn near invisible!

Brandon said...

Hmmm. This video causes me reminisce about my old friend, former Mayor Godfrey, who also used to love riding around Ogden his bike.

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