Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Morning Weber County Forum News Roundup

Once again, the Beehive State finds itself in the national spotlight, for all the wrong reasons

After extensive morning Googling, we've come up with a few interesting local news tidbits, just to whet our readers' ever insatiable red meat news appetites.  Feast your eyes on this morning's News Roundup, folks!

1) "After the review of more than 80 applications and in-depth interviews of a national base of candidates," Ogden City announces the new full-time manager of the Ogden-Hinckley Airport. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss:
Suffice it to say that nationally famous "double-dipper" Greiner remains "on an impressive roll," as he begins logging public service hours toward his fourth public service retirement plan.

2) As the 2014 Utah legislature kicks fully into gear,  the Provo Herald caries a morning story, highlighting the messed up priorities of of some of the "critters" within our Utah legislature:
C'mon, folks.  Do they really believe we're so confused that we don't know which bathrooms to use?

3) And here's a local story which is bound to put you off your feed, O Gentle Readers, as a  multiplicity of news sources, running from our humble home town newspaper to the mighty NBC News, "virally" report one of the most bone-headed public school system screw-ups we've witnessed in years. Seems "dozens of children at a Salt Lake City elementary school had their lunches seized" and tossed in the garbage by certain "financially tight-fisted" cafeteria "lunch ladies," earlier this week, "because they did not have enough money in their accounts."  In a heart-warming display of bureacratic generosity, however, these tender-aged "freeloaders" were mercifully provided "free" milk and fruit as a booby consolation prize, so they didn't have to go completely hungry.  Here's the Salt Lake Tribune's version of this mind-boggling story:
Once again, the Beehive State finds itself in the national spotlight, for all the wrong reasons.

We'll be following thiss story closely, folks, to find out whether any administrative heads will ultimately roll.

So who'll be the first to throw in their own 2¢?


Bobby said...

Fortunately for me I'm already follicle challenged. It's Bull like this that makes one pull their hair out. LOL

RM said...

Googling Unintah Elementary showed it to be in South Ogden, not SLC. Sort of across 89 from WalMart.

RM said...

Our Governor, in response to a schoolchild's question, has effected the change of the State Tree from the Colorado Blue Spruce to the Aspen. I don't see many of Aspens here, but there sure are a lot in Colorado. Meanwhile we are choking on the air, our government is corrupt, and we are wasting $$$$$$ fighting against same-sex marriage. Go to it, Herbie!

RM said...

Never mind. There are Uintah Elementary schools all over the place, including SLC.

Dan S. said...

If you don't see many aspens in Utah, you're not paying attention. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that I've seen millions. But I've never noticed a blue spruce growing in the wild in Utah.

BenJoeM said...

Too bad our South Ogden has to share the name with Unitah in SLC. Look it is clear that this district is not run properly and that the director of Nutrition is clueless. According to reports they have had this policy in place for 7 years and never enforced it, you now know why none of the Kitchen Managers dared follow it. Further more it worries me that these people sit in a room and decide the fate of our children.

Humiliate kids into parents paying...bad idea.

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