Thursday, January 16, 2014

UtahPolicy.Com: Utah GOP: 'There Will Not be a Counter Initiative to Count My Vote'

 Utah GOP Chairman James Evans "finds himself between a rock and a hard place"

There's significant news concerning the Count my Vote citizens initiative petition drive this morning, as UtahPolicy.Com announces that the Utah GOP is throwing in the towel on its effort to launch its own previously announced preemptive petition-style counter-measure. Bob Bernick's lede provides the gist:
Despite being specifically authorized to run a pro-caucus/convention citizen petition this year, because of time and money constraints the State Republican Party will not go forward with its own citizen initiative drive.
GOP chairman James Evans told UtahPolicy this week that “I have to concentrate all my efforts” on preparing for the March 20 statewide GOP neighborhood caucuses, where county and state party delegates will be chosen.
Here's the full story, folks:
"Evans finds himself between a rock and a hard place," Mr. Bernick notes. It appears that the "moderate Republican" faction, "often local businessmen, who fund the Utah GOP operations," are fully aboard the Count My Vote bandwagon, and he's likely fearful that if the Utah GOP caters to party extremists and pursues the counter-initiative strategy, Utah GOP funding will dry up. Needless to say, "[a] bitter internal fight over CMV could tear apart the coalition that keeps the state Republican Party running smoothly," Mr. Bernick adds.

For those Weber County Forum readers who haven't yet signed the petition, here's where you can find a hard-copy Count My Vote petition awaiting your signature, by the way:
Don't sit on your thumbs, WCF readers.  Even though the CMV initiative drive is moving forward with a "full head of steam," having "raised more than $800,000 in 2013," the task of gathering "at least 102,000 signatures statewide, with 10 percent of the signees coming in 26 of the 29 state Senate districts," is a daunting one, indeed.  Everyone who'd like to pry the Utah political nominating process from the hands of the current pack of political extremists and party bosses who currently control the Utah election process obviously needs to pitch in and help out now.


James Humphreys said...

Thankfully, this story is total speculation and complete bunk....True, the GOP will not push a separate petition drive. There is no need to, CMV is way behind in signature gathering in several key locations, and there is a legislative solution that ends the debate as well on the horizon. It appears as though they do not have enough steam to move to the finish line. I for one am very grateful for that.

rudizink said...

With over $800 K in the bank, James, I'm sure CMV will turn up the heat, with "professional" signature gatherers, if necessary. Don't count the lumpencizens out quite yet, O My Good GOP Pal.

rudizink said...

By the way James, it's curious that you and Gayle Ruzicka both find yourselves on the same side of this issue. I can only imagine how Gayle is reacting to this demonstrably odd political alignment:

rudizink said...

“I have to concentrate all my efforts” on preparing for the March 20 statewide GOP neighborhood caucuses, where county and state party delegates will be chosen.

"Our major GOP campaign donors are ready to cut us off," Utah Payday Loan Shark AND Utah GOP Chairman James Evens admits, LOL!

Marko said...

"total speculation and complete bunk."

Yeah. That's what the spinmeisters always say on Faux news. tehy can sell it there, but you can't sell that BS line here, James

Danny said...

Yes, Count My Vote currently has a million dollars in cash to run their initiative. It's so heartwarming to see grass roots activism in action /sarc

Count my vote is the sleaziest components of the Republican party, who are horrified that their money could not re-elect Bob Bennett.

The rank and file tossed him out and ran two conservatives, one of which took office. Even worse for them, Mike Lee does not cow tow to them the way they feel he should.

But the current system worked. And the sleazy GOP RINO moderates were aghast. If Count My Vote is running behind, even with all their money, it's because it's so unpopular, with everyone except the elites.

(BTW, by "moderate" I mean somebody who feeds at the trough of government.)

John Swallow said...

Yes! The caucus system certainly system worked fine for me!

John Swallows said...

Yes! The caucus system certainly system worked greaat for me!

Fred said...

Then again, I'm sure that letting the Utah political elite control the process is much better than the caucus system. No doubt that Mike Leavitt and his ilk will make better choices than the average citizen.

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