Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Ogden City Votes to Eliminate Private (Secret) Straw Polls

Added bonus: Final 2013 Ogden City Municipal Election campaign finance disclosure tallies

According to this morning's Standard-Examiner story, and as a followup to our earlier Weber County Forum writeup, "[s]ecret votes will no longer be a part of the Ogden City Council's officer election process. In a special meeting held Monday afternoon, the council voted unanimously to do away with a "straw poll" voting system it had been using when selecting the chair and vice chair positions on the council. The council put the new election process to use on Monday, nominating and electing council members Richard Hyer for chair and Caitlin Gochnour for vice chair:
A Weber County Forum Tip O' the Hat to the Ogden City Council for finally getting around to doing what they ought to have done years ago.

    "Also at the meeting, Blair, Neil Garner, Doug Stephens and Marcia White were sworn in after winning their council races in November," Mitch Shaw further reports.

    Here are the official results, gleaned from the Ogden City website:
    Now that our 2014-16 Ogden City Council is sworn in, and Council "leadership" has been chosen, we think the timing is right to post the final 2013 campaign finance tallies, to wrap up our WCF  2013 Ogden Municipal Election coverage.  Here is a table, incorporating the Fourth Set of Campaign Finance Disclosure Statements, submitted by each Council candidate on or about December 5, 2013: 

    Municipal Ward 1
    Neil K. Garner $0$1,229$2,550$2,575
    Pamela Stevens* $0$0$0$25
    Municipal Ward 3
    Turner C. Bitton $550$0$10,355$9,696
    Doug Stephens $0$1,708$6,150$5,744
    At-Large "A"
    Stephen D. Thompson $39$183$2,445$2,442
    Marcia L. White $850$6,307$18,339$16,003
    At-Large "B"
    Bart Blair $0$1,209$1,875$1,338
    Courtney Jon White* $0$0$320$290
    * Disqualified

    Best wishes to our new Ogden City Council, which appears to be firing on all cylinders (at this point, at least).


    Marco said...

    I'm seriously wondering why this council decision took so friggin' long. Maybe we need a new Ogden City Attorney. "Gary" certainly "ain't cutting it."

    Ray said...

    Looks like the Weber County "good ol' boys" are alive and well as they deny Commissioner Zogmiester her rotation as chairperson of the commission. The more things change in Utah the more they are the same. Gotta love all things Republican in Utah.

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