Saturday, September 19, 2009

Breaking: Neil Endorses Blair for the Council At Large "B" Seat

The beginning of an Emerald City Bart Blair endorsement Tsunami?

Notable breaking news with regard to the 2009 Ogden City Municipal Election Council At Large "B" race. Jennifer Neil, who finished a strong third place for that seat in Tuesday's primary election, has this morning endorsed Bart Blair for the At Large Council "B" seat:
Neil Endorses Blair
Hopefully, a flood of further Blair endorsements will soon follow, Tsunami-Style.

Good on ya's TLJ. Bart Blair is an Ogden businessman who runs the finances of a fine family business which has been a fixture of customer confidence for at least three generations in Ogden. Compare Blair, who's ( along with his family) actually paid his dues in Ogden with public posture that of that 26 year-old Alfred E. Newman character who moved to Ogden about a year ago, and owes his soul to real estate developers who dumped $4500 into his primary campaign... and who would would build McMansions over Mt Ogden Park in our foothills... same as these greedy bastards have done, as they've moved from Salt Lake north.

Who will be the next to comment... or offer their own Bart Blair endorsement?


Jim Hutchins said...

I am endorsing Bart Blair, and will be sending a campaign donation presently.

(Of course, said donation will be in my name, and not just some crazy, made-up combination of random letters.)

Curmudgeon said...

Speaks well of Ms. Neil that she's decided to stay in the game, and endorse a candidate for the Council seat she ran for.

But I've never been one for the idea that a candidate knocked out in a primary can deliver their supporters to another. I want to look at Mr. Blair some before committing. Ms. Neil's endorsement is one of the things that'll go into the mix of things I consider, and not a trivial one. But not enough by itself just yet. I want to know more about Mr. Blair first, and in particularly where he's likely to stand on matters I think important. Those include some specific policy matters like selling off public benchlands for real estate development. But they include matters too like his understand of what role a Council should play in Ogden's form of government. I think I know where he stands on the former, but I'm not clear on the latter yet.

RudiZink said...

Oh screw off Curmudgeon! Is there any chance at all that you'll be endorsing the real Estate Developerer's Choice... David Phipps?

Give us a break.

Neil's endorsement was a no-brainer, methinks.

And here we have you still dancing around the fundamental issues.

curious said...

Are candidates required to get endorsements in writing?

Anonymous said...

Blairs Chevrolet is a cornerstone of the immediate neighborhood.
I remember on one of our early Ogden visits, back in 93, having chance to interact with a mechanic in the facility, who offered an honest analysis of a dying Mercury Lynxx, and allowed us to borrow a gas can, without leaving an ID.

Its the little things.

Since I am also a longtime Chevron/Union 76 driver, and lived on Pattersen and Harrison for a spell while serving a mission here in Ogden, I prolly gave their family a few thou easy.

I highly recommend them as people. I look forward to hearing more about their plans for doing much with nothing, and spinning straw into gold.
Also, a bit on ideas on how to get more enforcement at the city level on lawless immigration.

A tentative Go Blair from the voting block of Progressive Humanists.

disgusted said...

i came across this text to a video on yahoo finance today. the video was a conversation with an investment adviser who has some 35 billion dollars under management and has recently written a book. the book he wrote is titled “How to Smell a Rat”. in the interview he talked about 5 ways to spot a rat . his number 1 tale telling sign was when there is custodial duties and decision-making kept under same roof. he stated that custodians are responsible for the safe-keeping of your money; if you also give them authority to invest said money, "they can take it out the back door.”

he said this was exactly what happened to investors that placed their money with charles ponzi and bernie madoff and allen stanford.

im seeing a similar situation within ogden city where the mayor does as he pleases with the citys money even though the city council is supposed to be directing where the money is to be spent. there is no separation between custodial duties and decision making responsibilities. are we dealing with a rat.

interesting parallel.

disgusted said...

relative to the mr phipps i read another article by a guy that has written a book about warren buffett, george soros, and paul volcker. apparently individuals that he personally knows.
one of his observations stood out to me. it was his comment
that part of investing success is about wisdom, not smarts. and wisdom, in many cases, stems from experience. the longer you live, the more you experience. and the more you experience, the less likely you are to believe that what's happening today will keep happening into the hereafter.
mr phipps has very little experience from what i can tell. maybe in 10 or 15 years but not today.

Curmudgeon said...


No chance I'll vote for the Realtor Toy Phipps. That does not mean, yet, I'll vote for Blair. Leaning that way, certainly, but still want to know more about him than I do. Should I decide he's not a good choice, I could still go fishin'. I have in the past.

I don't expect to. Just said I don't know enough yet to commit. Seems not that odd a place to stand at this point. And how he looks at the Council's role/responsibilities vis a vis Hizzonah is an important matter. At least for me.

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