Saturday, September 19, 2009

WSU Kicks Off Its Big Sky Conference Football Season

Our WSU Wildcats are playing their first conference game tonight against a team that they'd dang well better beat

Attention Weber State University Football fans!

WSU kicks off its Big Sky Conference schedule this evening, with a game against historically lowly Idaho State.

Here's the half-hearted setup hype from today's Standard-Examiner:
Time to defend title
Emerging from a pre-season with two non-conference losses under their belts, one of which they "coulda won," and the other that they "shoulda won," our WCF Wildcats are playing their first conference game tonight against a team that they'd dang well better beat. If our beloved Wildcats don't win tonight's game, WSU Wildcat fans... we'll be in for a VERY LONG and painful football season, to say the least... donthcha think?

As we've done here at Weber County Forum dozens of times during the last few seasons, we've again attempted to provide a video link to tonight's game right here. Sorry Wildcat fans; the folks at Big Sky TV seem to have made it impossible to link a live broadcast from their site.

Since all else has has now failed, Comcast subscribers can view tonight's game via Ogden Comcast Channel 61.

And of course there's always the Wildcat flagship... KLO Radio, for the audio broadcast.

Update 9/20/09 6:00 a.m.: Final score... WSU 44; ISU 17. Read Jason Asay's Standard-Examiner writeup here:
Mac's men dominate
Nice job, Wildcats.


Curmudgeon said...

Wasn't pretty. WSU showed up fifteen minutes late for the game more or less. If I had as much time to throw as WSU was giving the Idaho State QB to leisurely wander around the pocket and search for receivers in the first ten minuts, I could have moved that team. But after about the five minute mark of the second quarter, WSU, pretty much owned things. Idaho State had a huge number of penalties and turned the ball over three our four times.

If WSU decides to show up late against Montana or N. Az, it's not going to be as easy as it was tonight to make it up when they finally decide to begin playing for keeps.

Not a thing of beauty, and a tad damp at the end, but a W is a W, especially at home in a conference game.

Not a bad crowd over in the cheap seats where I was. More than I expected with BYU playing Fla State on the tube at the same time. Many many empty seats in the Wildcat season ticket section across the way. I suspect the folks were home watching BYU get embarrassed on its own rug by Florida State.

Utah lost today at the Ducks; BYU lost at home, and last I heard USU was losing as well. Wildcats may provide the only bright college football news in the morning papers for Utahns.

Saw Councilman Stephens at the game, hauling snacks at the half.

Dan S. said...

Football fans missed a great Irish fiddle performance at the Egyptian.

Northogdener said...

Ahhh, but the firework show we viewed from our hottub on the hill was awesome.

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