Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Godfrey Administration Learns Caution[?]


By Curmudgeon

There's a story in today's Standard-Examiner business section headlined "Wal-Mart Progress Slow." It reports Mayor Godfrey's comments on the Wal-Mart project. Godfrey, the story reports, said "Construction of the Wal-Mart supercenter may begin in the Spring and should be completed before the end of 2010...."

Note: may begin and should be completed. This is the second time in a week the SE has reported the Administration retreating to more cautious terms like "should" and "may" when discussing projects.

My my my, the heady days of "will begin" and "will be finished by" seem to be over up there on the ninth floor.

Could it be...? Is it possible...? Can Godfrey actually learn by experience? After so many confident predictions didn't come true, or are running years late, or went belly up altogether, has he learned not to count events months if not years off as already fully realized?

Dare we hope that Hizzonah can learn by experience, despite all previous evidence to the contrary?


Biker Babe said...

Just makes me want to holler ARRRGGGHHH!

just sayin

Anonymous said...

!ADVENTURE CITY OGDEN! having a Walmart as the major shopping choice close to the new development downtown is incompatible.

Ask any young ski-snow boarder what they think of the Walmart corp. in general.
The answer should be no surprise.
Its like the plague.

Now ask any young monied proffesional on vacation the same question.

You will get a nose in the air.

The only thing compatible with a Walmart downtown is more white-trash and recent immigrant poverty, more box store aesthetic.

Dan S. said...

Five or six years ago, when the downtown Walmart and the urban gondola proposals were both new news, Charlie Trentelman suggested a simple way to make them compatible: Just have the Walmart greeters wear Tyrolean hats.

Curmudgeon said...


In re: "The only thing compatible with a Walmart downtown is more white-trash and recent immigrant poverty..."

Oh, give it a rest, RJ. The notion that the only customers Wal-Mart draws are "white trash" and "recent immigrants" is nonsense. If that were even remotely true, Wal-Mart would not be the mega-giant it is. It competes on price, and it's customers include a very broad swath of the American middle classes.

I don't think a downtown Wal-Mart is a particularly good fit with how the Administration is [it claims anyway] trying to develop the rest of the downtown area, and I agree absolutely that Wal-Mart designers have taken Big Box and American Parking Lot architecture to new lows. But you're way off on its clientele. Sam Walton didn't become a modern day Midas with a marketing golden touch targeting exclusively those on the lowest rungs of the consumer ladder.

Wally M. said...

Ya RJ, cool it with the "Wallmart shoppers are white trash theme"

I know for a fact that Lord Godfrey directs that all of the Kool Aide in all the Godfreyite empire be purchased from WallMart directly. Surely no one I know would ever dream of equating white trash to the Godfreyites. Do you, would you?

JEFF said...

Sorry I pay more but refuse to shop at Wal mart or Sams.

Largest retailer but always wants tax breaks to move into new cities, and when they move out of their old stores they sit empty, look at the old store on Wall.

Read how much money it costs states for health care for their uninsured employees, how they bully their supplers for cheaper prices and they used to market made in America products now it is cheap stuff from China..

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