Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ogden Municipal Primary Election Results

What a shame that several highly-qualified candidates now fall by the wayside

The Standard-Examiner carries a brief Scott Schwebke story this morning, providing the tentative tallies for the three city council races which were in contention during yesterday's 2009 Ogden City Municipal Primary Election. We'll assume that these numbers may be subject to slight changes in the event that absentee or provisional ballots remain uncounted. However the margins of the top finishers are substantial enough that we doubt (except perhaps in Ward 3) that a few late counted ballots will affect the final outcomes. Here are the current tallies for each of the three council races:

Time for a post-election post-mortem, folks.

What factors led to last night's results; and where do we go from here?

Our thanks and congratulations to all candidates who participated in this preliminary elimination race, by the way. What a shame it is that several highly-qualified candidates now fall by the wayside.

Who will be the first to comment?

Update 9/16/09 8:53 a.m.: Please take note that we've updated our 2009 Council Candidate Roster, which is featured in our right sidebar Election Module.


monotreme said...

Looking at the results for At-Large B by election district, it seems to me that Jennifer Neil is well-positioned for a run at the Ward 2 seat that comes up two years from now.

Dan S. said...

For the archival record, here are the election night tallies:

At-Large Seat B
Bart E. Blair: 746, 30.2%
James McNamara: 90, 3.6%
Justin Morris: 232, 9.4%
Jennifer Neil: 501, 20.3%
David Phipps: 761, 30.8%
Roan W. Poulter: 57, 2.3%
Angelo Joshua Roma: 83, 3.4%
Total: 2470

Municipal Ward 1
Jesse M. Garcia: 99, 30.7%
Neil K. Garner: 195, 60.6%
Travis Pate: 28, 8.7%
Total: 322

Municipal Ward 3
Patrick A. Dean: 99, 16.0%
Trevor N. Hansen: 78, 12.6%
Doug Stephens: 324, 52.3%
J. H. Thompson: 40, 6.5%
David G. Wolfgram: 79, 12.7%
Total: 620

RudiZink said...

Agreed, Mono. Ms. Neil's third-place finish was quite respectable, especially in area encompassed by Ward 2.

Not only that, Ms. Neil enjoys considerable political clout as we move forward to the General Election.

Her participation in the current race certainly isn't over.

drewmeister said...

Does anyone know if these numbers include absentee ballots?

RudiZink said...


I just talked with Ogden City Recorder Cindi Mansell, who informs me there are something like 30 provisional ballots which yet remain uncounted. That's just a "ball park" figure, by the way. Cindy offered to call me back later in the day, as soon as she can come up with the actual figure.

She further informs me that these provisionals mainly involve folks who showed up at the polls yesterday without ID; and that these ballots will be counted when these voters show up at the recorder's office with proper identification.

googlegirl said...

Political Science Internship Opportunities:

David Phipps’s Ogden City Council at large seat B Campaign Manager

not surprised said...

Political Science Internship Opportunities

From googlegirl's link:

David Phipps’s Ogden City Council at large seat B
Campaign Manager

Student Intern Experience Provides:
· An excellent experience in politics
o Coordinate campaign materials distribution
o Responsible for detailed database on voters
o Help prepare the candidate for the debates
· Networking opportunities for future employment
· Wage earnings at $7 or $8 an hour

Minimum Requirements for Student Interns:
· Grade point average of 3.0 or higher
· Junior or senior class standing

Application Materials:
· Resume
· Cover letter
· Writing sample
· Two letters of recommendation
· Copy of transcript

If you are interested:
· Contact Dr. Murray at

(Yep, I'm sure the 26-year-old one-year-Ogden-resident candidate could use some help preparing for the debates.)

Jennifer Neil said...

THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND AND CONFIDENCE (and tolerance of my blunders). I was amazed at the number of votes I actually received and the number of people who, on this blog and elsewhere in cyberspace, supported me and my resolve.

I didn't have a campaign manager, I didn't have any canvassers and very little money ...

I thought Leah Murray was going to set up an announcement for me to the students about a campaign manager too -- but never saw one.

So, for having no manager, no committee, no volunteers and less than $700 I think I done pretty gosh-darn GOOD!

Next time, yes I said Next Time, I will definitely have more $$$ and signs ... BIGGER signs. Seems in this world and arena where males dominate, BIGGER is better.

Jennifer Neil

Curmudgeon said...

Paid campaign staff for an Ogden Council race?

Mr. Phipps appears to be rolling in campaign dough. It apparently pays well to "Sit!," "Fetch!" and "Roll over!" for the Northern Utah real estate lobby.

mark johnson said...

We have the best city council that money can buy and the best Mayor that corruption can produce.

Bill C. said...

Well good people of Ogden, we now have four good candidates to rally behind and sweep into office.
Van Hooser, Garcia, Stevens and Blair. With a little more than a month till the election, I suggest we all dawn our campain hats and get to work. We can volunteer our help directly to the candidates as well as just taking it on ourselves to let everyone know what gives, we should not be denied.
Let's hold the insanity we've endured for almost 10 years in check with a strong, assertive Council for two more years. Then we can find a new mayor that's honest, mature and understands that running government is a completely different undertaking than running a subsidiary of Vestcor.
Go Ogden go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What Bill said.

And TLJ, really good show.

Curmudgeon said...


Ditto congratulations to Ms. Neil for her campaign, and determination to stay in the game [absent her brief excursion into female chauvinism, which I'll write off to post-election disappointment.]

ozboy said...

Hopefully Neil can put her man hate thing aside and participate fully and with gusto in the Blair campaign. It will take a big effort by a lot of people to keep the Godfreyite and real estate cabal from buying that council seat. It would bode well for any future runs she might make if she were to do this.

BC said...

Almost appears to be a referendum--in reverse. If one considers the lackluster showing of Jesse Garcia (trumped by damn near 100 votes) and give most of Pate's votes to him (those are votes as much AGAINST Garcia as for Pate, I'd bet), then so far this things a sweep. All Godfreyites.

And considering Van Hoover's disappointing performance the last time out (here I'd speculate that the votes were for change, not the candidate) she's most likely had her 15 minutes of fame and not fare as well as most expect.

What happened yesterday? Maybe the city is for growth, progress and the economic policies that are in place. Maybe the city is tired of the Council vs. Administration thing. Whatever, there surely doesn't seem to be anything encouraging for the anti administration forces about yesterdays results.

twobitter said...


In the At Large B race (yesterday's only city wide race), the Godfrey-backed candidate got 31% of the vote. Yeah, that was a plurality, but a very weak plurality. Much weaker than what Godfrey got two years ago in the primary.

There's no evidence that Van Hooser will fare poorly against Hains, or vice versa. You're welcome to speculate, but that's all you're doing.

Garcia fared poorly for an incumbent, but he hasn't even started campaigning as far as I can tell. That will soon change.

Stephens is not a Godfreyite; he's an independent. And he's the only candidate who is a clear favorite going into the general election.

Bill C. said...

Blind blain, your a fool, your man Phipps recieved less than 2-1 of the votes in the race.
As the only advocate for lying, cronyism and overall bad governance he does not appear to be that popular.
With so many good candidates competing in this primary it stood to reason that votes would go every direction. Now there is only one GOOD candidate, Blair.
Let's see if carpetbagging bling can overcome real citizen resolve.
Your comments on Van Hooser will also wind up stuck in your palate, right next to your shoe, and Jessie will come out on top, with alot of help from his friends.

Ray Vaughn said...

Will there be candidate debates? If there are debates will they be carried live on channel 17? Will all of the debates be covered or, as in the last mayoral election, only debates that show Godfreyite candidates in a positive light? By the way BC Glassman don't read too much in the primary results. Now that the field has narrowed the focus will be on the candidates and what they and who they represent. But it is interesting to see how you attempt to spin primary results to try to show city wide support for Godfrey. The candidates owned by out of state annoymous donors and real estate groups have lots of explaining to give the citizens of Ogden. Want to bet that the Godfrey backed candidates do not want him openely campaigning for their election?

Broken Heart said...

Hansen kicking butt I think not, Blair is my choice, and Im sticking with it. Neil H youll just have to wait longer for your son to grow up, onward and upward.

wildcat said...

As I'm sure you are aware, primary elections hold little connection to general eleciton results. After all, Van Hooser got more votes than Godfrey in the primary in 2009. See the links in Dan S's two posts in the previous thread. Lots of time between now and Nov and lots more voters will turn out.
I'd also like to thank Justin Morris for throwing his hat into the ring and hope that he will run again in the future.

use to be one said...

Saw an interesting election tidbit last night.Real estate flippers partying down their boy Phipps win with their complimentary Roosters beer.They can't legitimately sell any properties so now they are city council campaign experts.WOPHOM and BOBCO were dressed in Fishers polo because even though they have different names everyone knows they are all the same person.Ogden people don't be fooled by these pigs.

Curmudgeon said...

Just thought I'd mention that trying to read primary results in low turnout municipal elections is like trying to read the future in tea leaves. Fun, maybe, but doesn't mean much.

The election campaigns have yet to be waged. How they are waged, by the candidates, and what issues will resonate with such of the voters as bother to turn out all remains to be seen. At this point, we know who the candidates in the run off elections will be. And we know who has been funding them through the primary. But that's all we know.

Also like to point out, particularly to the policy wonks who frequent WCF, that [based on the primary numbers], the great majority of potential voters don't much give a damn who is running or why, and are simply not much exercised by the issues that create so much angst here [often justifiably so]. I still would be astonished if as many as one out of ten Ogden eligible voters stopped on the street had any idea what FINURE is, for example. Astonished.

Which creates a problem if folks are hoping to campaign on that issue or others like it. They were in the news long ago, and it would take a massive effort to explain say FINURE to someone now who wasn't following the issue, if you could get them to sit still long enough to listen to the explanation at all. And then you'd still have to convince them that understanding the issue and voting because of it would make a substantial difference in their lives in Ogden. Good luck with that.

The already pissed-off are motivated voters already. To have a prayer of pulling in significant numbers of the rest, candidates need, I think, to focus not on issues that were hot in the past, but on the future. "You think Ogden has problems now, wait'll you see what candidate X plans to do. Look at what he's said." And "Ogden has problems now, we all know, but candidate Y can begin to fix some of them. Here's how."

Harping on "dead" [meaning old-news] issues that most voters weren't aware of anyway when they were "new" news [so to speak] is not likely to be a winning strategy. I think in the current environment, stressing "wasteful government spending" might be, e.g. the Administration says it will soon ask for 400K in tax funds [RAMP] to build the popsicle. And Candidate X will vote for it. And so on. Just a thought.

Curmudgeon said...

Rooster's was supplying free beer to the carpetbagger real estate lobby candidate for his primary night bash?


BC said...

Vaughan, I thought my comments would stir many of you people up. Reporting the facts usually does and that's basically all I did, report and comment on the facts, without spin. The results speak for themselves--there's no need to spin 'em. But maybe you should. It might help you sleep tonight.

Primary elections have a huge effect on a General election. The effect comes from analyzing the results, understanding what the analysis means, and then positioning oneself into taking advantage of those findings. Kind of like a coach at half time who needs to change his game plan due to the way the game has gone. These effects mean MORE than just counting the votes; they're UNDERSTANDING what the results mean, and then adapting.

Like in the Van Hooser contest of a couple of years ago: she lost to Godfrey by less than 500 votes in the General after winning the Primary. I think that it was her "performance" in the main campaign that cost her the election. And with the information she had after WINNING the Primary, she should have, and could have, done much better--actually, she should have won. Momentum was in her favor but her direction was going South. I don't think she or her campaign brain-trusts understood how to read the Primary statistics. I think that the same thing applies to a second place finisher--use the stat to your advantage.

The fact that Garcia has not begun to campaign, and now he will because he's in the General, means little to Garner. He hasn't campaigned very much himself and I doubt that he's quaking in his boots because Jesse has yet to go on the stump.

Stephens is a man with the best interests of Ogden at heart. But the way he's been vilified on this blog surprises me that "Twobitter" would actually write, "Stephens is not a Godfreyite; he's an independent." That certainly ain't the way he's been written about here in the past. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is SPIN. Doug's a great guy and should win handily in November. Best for Ogden if he does.

And Bill Clown, you're so right: votes did go every way. But you need to understand the statistics and what those stats mean..30% (Phipps) is what they call SIGNIFICANT; while those 2% and 3% totals don't really amount to much. College politcial science and stat classes might do you very well if you plan on analyzing the numbers.

For weeks now I've read about "cronyism" and "bad governance" (whatever the hell that is). But I guess that either the general public missed reading those posts or the blog doesn't have as far reaching effect as you think it does or the public recognizes something that I've been saying all along: you should know what you're talking about and how to talk about it.

But, as you say, this is only the Primary. Let's see how things play out in the General.

I want the truth to be known said...

Has anyone here ever realized that Suzy has never been elected to office in a general election. If you think that she is going to win because she has run before now, you will be surprised. When she was appointed to the seat on the council she said that she would run for the council to keep her seat. She lied!!!
Now she says that she is running for the council because she thoroughly loved being on the council.
She lied again!!!!
She ran for mayor because she couldn't stand Godfrey. and that one of them need to go. So why does she what to put up with Godfrey again? I didn'y vote for her last time. I will not vote for her this time either because she lies. When I vote I look for the most honest people to represent us. I will expose these lies. and If I'm wrong I would love for her to explain it here on this blog.
If she loved her job on the city council she would have run for the council for which was appointed to. Because she lied we had to deal with Blaine Johnson and his lies. And if that wasn't bad enough we have to now put up with Godfrey for another term. She is bad for the city and is bad for politics. If she really wants to be on the council will she serve out her full term or is she going to run for mayor again? Well bog master I will wait for her answers on this blog. If she doesn't answer here, then maybe should will answer to a letter to the editor.

Curmudgeon said...


Of course primary elections affect the following general election, for precisely the reasons you gave. But that is not the same as saying the results of the primary election [who finished where] are good predictors, necessarily, of how things will turn out in the runoff.

On Mr. Stephens: certainly, he's come in for some criticism here. But it has not been by any means unmixed criticism. Mr. Stephens is, or tries to be, the peacemaker on the Council, the one trying to find some non-confrontational middle ground. He can't always do it. Sometimes there is no non-confrontational middle ground [e.g. the MWC pool funding and mayor's veto matter]. On occasions where the Mayor has challenged the Council's very functions and prerogatives, Mr. Stephens often has voted with the Council majority to limit the Mayor's power. [E.g. the vote to require the Mayor to tell the Council who he wanted to sell property to, when in the Bootjack matter his CEO told the Council it had no right to ask; and the MWC pool funds/veto matter. And so on.] So the comment on Councilman Stephens here has been more mixed that you suggest.

As for "the general public".... BC, the great majority of the general public didn't vote in this election. They rarely do in municipal primaries. Whether many more of them can be induced to vote in the run off, and how those votes will fall, remains to be seen.

Curmudgeon said...

I Want The Truth:

You --- like, sadly, some others here on WCF with whom I generally agree --- seem to think someone changing his or her mind means they lied. Do some, even man, politicians lie at times? Sure do. Does that means every time someone in public office changes his or her mind, he or she lied? No, it doesn't.

Jennifer Neil said...

Rockford J - Thank you!

Curmudgeon - female chauvanism? [grin]

Ozboy - I am most certainly willing to participate in supporting Mr. Blair; I don't hate men, just experienced a bout of sign envy -- but I'm better now.

Thank you all again.


I guess TLJ is "out" officially now ...

Ray Vaughn said...

BC Glassman; I sleep just fine thank you. That is due to aa clear conscience. It is interesting that in one instance you note that the Godfrey clone Phipps won the primary and say that is a precloude to a general win. Then you note that Van Hooser won the primary (2007) but lost the general election. Either a primary win means a general election victory or it does not. Choose one or the other, you canot argue both ways. Doug Stephens finally voted against the mayor on the veto override but he was usually a Godfrey ally. Does the Godfrey team plan to again challenge voters at the general election voting precincts again this year? Will election judges be trained on how to handle challenges and provisional ballots. Many people simply left and did not return after being challenged because of time constraits or just general frustration. Because the mayor controls channel 17 he only ran the first debate and none of the others. Why was he afraid to show more than one of several debates?Doug Stephens "has the best interest of Ogden at heart" in the same way Colonel Sanders has the best interest of chickens at heart. BC Glassman you did not answer my question in the prior post, will Godfrey go out and endorse or campaign for the candidates that he thinks will help him with his programs? When wil Phipps tell us who the out of state contributors to his campaign are?

i was there said...

dark haired lady introducing herself as the owner delivered the beer and stayed for gala.

Bullet Sponge said...

Kim Buttshardt owns Roosters and Union Grill and is a big-time Mayor supporter.

Dan S. said...

Do any of you folks ever check your facts? Van Hooser did not win the 2007 primary. Godfrey won, by 241 votes.


Curmudgeon said...


Oh, damn, Dan. Advocating fact-checking. You've just blown you chance at a second career as a news editor for the Standard Examiner.... [grin]

The Ever Lovely Jennifer said...

Email from Phipps today asking for my support and thanking me for not slamming him in the race for the primary.


Berman said...

His followers are called Phippshits

Biker Babe said...



just sayin


Dan S. said...


Speaking of which, the S-E still hasn't (as far as I've seen) corrected the error that I pointed out to them a week ago. I just sent them a second email about it.

Curmudgeon said...


Well, Mr. Phipps is touching all the right bases, going through all the right motions for the immediate post-primary week. I'll give him that. I think he'll vote to sell off Mt. Ogden Park for vacation villa development in a heartbeat if he wins a seat on the Council. But either he's got a good feel for the importance of appearances in campaigns, or he's getting advice from someone who understands that in marketing [and what electoral politics is], packaging matters.

Bane Carl said...

Honestly, I think we should just trust our mayor in every decision he makes and should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens.

Anonymous said...

The current crop of would-be moguls are not going to touch the bench land.
It is a legacy that belongs to our grandchildren, not to whatever excuse for a ooman happens to be friends with the whomever currently is mayor.

Wont have it. Not going to happen.
However, best to work to create that prediction.

frequent diner said...

I frequent independently owned restaurants downtown several times each week for various meals and gatherings with friends. I don't like to play politics, but I don't feel good about supporting business owners who markedly clash with my values. I've been to both the Union Grill and Roosters this week as well as the Two-Bit Street Café and Taco Taco.

I wish Ogden had other brew pub/mediocre food establishments to choose from as I won't be returning to Roosters or Union Grill.

wildcat said...

My bad on the statement that VH got more votes in the primary than Godfrey. I guess I didn't look to closely at the results. That, of course, doesn't change the fact that the primary results are no direct indicator of who will win in the general election.

wildcat said...

comment bumped to top shelf

Anonymous said...

"...wish Ogden had other brew pub/mediocre food establishments to choose..."

Bombay Grill has excellent Indian food.. Tona's has as good of sushi as one will find this far from the ocean.. 2 Bit Street has tasty eclectic American.

Kym and Pete, the Roosters operators, used to be cool back in the day. I will note that their service has dropped off to McDonald's level during the last few years, the beer has become run of the mill and not up to current brew pub standards,, and their politics have made them into a couple of money chasing soul-less restaurant hacks existing only on good location and previous glory.

I think Jake Garn the Younger got his claws into both of the Beauchamp's when Kym signed the "deal with the devil" to operate at Mr. Garns Layton Corbins Grill complex.

When we have out of town company, we take them to either Tona if they like Japanese, or Iggy's.

BC said...

Wildcat, I've learned NOT to use you as a source. Originally I had Godfrey beating Van Hoover in the Primary, but after reading your post I changed my original wording to read that VH beat Godfrey. A mistake for sure, one that we should both be hung out to dry over. But I think we'll survive, even here, under the microscope of these "gentle" but rabid readers.

Rockford and Frequent Diner, it's "GOOD NEWS WEEK," regarding local dining spots. Weren't ALL THREE, of this years New Business Contest Finalists, restaurants or eateries to be? First Place gets 10K; 2nd & 3rd get 5K? All money coming from the City to help these fledgling businesses saddle up and get under way? Yes, I think that's what Kamie Geiger announced in the Standard a week or two ago. Now, you'll have three
(3) other choices of where to take your out of town guests to dine. No longer will you be restricted to frozen sushi and/or Indian food, or the dropped off service of that un-cool Roosters couple, Kym and Pete, who serve run of the mill, less than standard, brew pub beer. My gawd, how long were we expected to suffer? This bunch is nothing but a bunch of money chasing restuaranteers. No different than those villainous realtors.

But now, a miracle; and it's coming in just the nick of time.

Oh, oh--WAIT--these 3 new businesses will be receiving start up dollars from the tax payers, via the Godfrey Administration, which I'm sure will "markedly clash" with your values. I don't think we can support them. Damn, looks like it's back to McDonald's for you and your guests.

Is there nothing in this town that isn't stained by Mayor Godfrey and/or his politics?

By the way: when did "back in the day" occur and what do it mean? Was it during the time of their "previous glory?"

Melanie Roberts said...

i'm the first to admit it's more of a bar but even with the scaled back menu the city club is still hard to beat. they have the best wings and best prices and it's the nicest, cleanest place to patronize. yeah,yeah,yeah heidi.
from Melanie and the girls @ the bank

Curmudgeon said...

Generally speaking, I don't hold a restaurant owner's politics against them when deciding where to eat. They run a good kitchen and provide good value for price, decent service and keep the noise level down so we can talk over a meal without shouting, I'm there. Provided they keep their politics and their business separate, so eating there does not appear to be some kind of statement, that is. [Providing free suds for a candidate's election night bash, on premises, is starting to get close to doing that, though.]

We've taken guests to Roosters, Union Grille, the Bistro, Sonora Grill, the Artisan Grill, 2 Bit Street Cafe and La Ferovia. For repeat Jeez-it's-been-one-of-those-days-let's-go-out-to-eat meals, we like Sonora Grille --- especially Taco Tuesdays --- , Roosters, 2 Bit Street and Iggys. With Karen's for breakfasts, along with the new little cake shop at the corner of 25th and Lincoln that does a Farmers Market Sat. AM breakfast that's a real deal. I know the urban politics of, at most, the proprietors of only three of these establishments [really two, since Roosters and Union Grille are owned by the same folks.] It just doesn't matter much to us when deciding where to eat... unless, as above, they start to make eating there a statement of some kind.

Kievan Rus' said...

Not to belabor a point, But I could not let this pass.

Someone seems to have implied that Tona uses sub-par ingredients, even to the point of using frozen, gasp, fish. Tona does not serve frozen sushi. Never has. Never will.

Tona features meticulous preparation, a spotless and well-run kitchen, top notch service, and an expanding and happy clientèle.
And an imaginative menu to compete with the best of San Francisco.

Roosters? I hear worse and worse about the eatery, especially their sub-par service....

Roosters went from being the hip place to dine to a place that is best avoided.

Note to Kym and Pete: your last name is Beauchamps, NOT Buttschard. Look it up.

twobitter said...

Kym Buttschardt also gave Phipps an endorsement quote for the campaign mailer he sent out right before the primary. Does that put you over the edge, Curm?

Curmudgeon said...

Well, I don't know, guys.... posting opinions about meals you've had is fair enough. Everybody's a restaurant critique every time they go out. You ate at X place, you're qualified to draw conclusions about the service and the meal and let folks know what you thought. Good review or bad, not a problem.

But passing on rumors about a place and its operations on the basis of "I've heard" --- that's another matter, unless you're willing to back the allegations up, with evidence, for the proper authorities [health dept., INS, etc.]

The idea of passing round detrimental rumors always makes me uncomfortable, whether it's about businesses, candidates, or other individuals. Just doesn't seem right to me.

Curmudgeon said...


No. She's as entitled as I am to back any candidate she wants to. She turns her eatery into Phipps Unofficial Campaign HQ, that's another matter. But you don't give up your right to endorse a candidate when you open a business.

Berman said...

I'm confused.
Always thought the owners were Buttchard.
What do you guys mean Beauchamps?
Please explain.

Frequent Diner said...

A place serving nothing but dressed baked potatoes and a retro burger joint are fine for lunch (although empty carbs and cheesy meaty fats will kill you) and I'll reserve judgment until they are open but they don't sound too exciting and certainly not somewhere to impress out of town guests. Preferring to support local Ogden businesses, I buy my frozen dairy indulgences at Farr's and will continue to do so even after the Fendall's shop opens. It would be nice to gain some retail instead of restaurants in the "Ogden Retail Challenge". That is what our downtown is sorely lacking. Not restaurants or novel activities, actual goods and related services.

Bombay Grill, the Greenery at Rainbow Gardens, Timbermine, Sonora Grill, Bistro 258, Artisan Grille, Jeremiah's, Taco Taco, Two-Bit Street Cafe and the Athenian are all great...and all are uniquely Ogden.

Wm III said...

Thanks Mel ...

... and I'm still at Brewskis eating the world's greatest pizza and knocking down some ice cold beer ...


Anonymous said...

Brewskis? Don't you mean Dead Beats, or Beatniks, or The Grey Moose?

As long as we agree The Whine Cellar's dismal service is not good for anything but drunk skirt-wearing professionals looking for a hook up at 15 till closing, or tired music by Ogdens "jazz legends", heh,...

TacoTaco tastes like food at a roadside stand in Ensenada. That is a compliment, btw. ;>

Berman said...

There is now wagering involved.
Is it Buttschard or Beauchamps?
What's the story?

Zaphod said...

Buttschard or Beauchamps? Same name,Buttschard just an Ellis Island Bastardization.

And a dman funny one, at least as far asthe employees of Roosters are concerned.

Speaking as one who has never been under the employ of the Kym Beauchamp and her sliver spoon, but instead as one who has "dated" a dozen or so of their wait staff...
well, we could tell you PLENTY about the innner workings of Roosters, Union, and Jake G's Roosters.

Could: not will.

As far as cool and relevant, Roosters lost it over 3 years ago.

Berman said...


Do tell, do tell.
Inquiring minds want to know.

Stan said...

Roosters is every bit as hip and chick as any fancy restaurant in New York city, London, Paris or Tokyo - or so said Geiger the younger, the mouthy one, several years ago when he was also selling the wonders of the gondola to come.

Frequent Diner said...

Sorry to leave out Brewskis pizza and the City Club.

They serve some fine casual fare and now that the establishments are non-smoking I can actually enjoy them...and should more often now.

Curmudgeon said...

I must be getting really old, since I don't go to a restaurant because it's hip, cool, or any variation thereon. People who go to a restaurant in order to be seen in a happenin' place are... well, sort of sad, I think.

Anonymous said...

Eating is an experience, for those still searching for experiential delights.

Some places become "hip and cool" based on superior service, excellent food, and charming atmosphere.

On Sunday brunch, you can find a hip crowd of people searching for such pleasures at local eateries.

It is nice to walk into a restaurant in the morning, see
people whom you respect and love, and sit down with them over a bit of mimosa and fine food.

Its very cool. Its still hip amongst us thirty somethings or so.
It is pleasant.
It sure as hell aint Roosters.

Ray said...

Sorry to see rumors about Roosters. I've always had both good service, good beer, and great food there and at Union Station. Until I experience problems myself, I'll keep on going. I can speak from personal experience that both Pete and Kym are outstanding supporters of many community organizations with donations and hands on work, especially Weber Pathways. They do a lot of good for the community and continue to give back. They can support whomever they want for political office, I may not agree with their choice but I won't stop patronizing their business for that reason.

Curmudgeon said...


Yup. That's about right. I agree.

Zaphead said...

I'd bet good money Rockford J gets his food to go and parks over at Miles Goodyear Park to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes that is exactly what I do, taco carts a conversation with a street urchin; other times I fly to Malibu for the afternoon breaks and a lite dinner.

There is just no accounting for our behavior.

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