Monday, September 28, 2009

The Standard-Examiner Editorial Board is Afraid of Boss Godfrey

The story headline says it all

By Jim Hutchins

I'd like to re-direct some of the current discussion to what I find to be an accurate and pointed open letter to the Standard-Examiner by Dan Schroeder. This one needs no elaborate introduction. The story headline says it all:
Editorial Board afraid of mayor
Channel 17's Bill Francis and I have already commented on it. I'd invite other WCF readers to do the same.


RudiZink said...

Dang, Jim... I was hoarding this one for tomorrow's WCF story.

Have at it, O Gentle Ones.

Jim Hutchins said...

Sorry, but Mr. Francis' attempt at a rebuttal moved me to action.

RudiZink said...

Ahhh... That's the beauty of the internet, Jim...

The tide of red hot breaking news waits for no man.

long time government worker said...

Thanks for asking the paper for accountability of the Godfrey administration. I have asked the city council many of times to be the check and balance on the administration also, but to no avail. They could get to the bottom of all the questionable things that have happened but non of them seem to know how to go about it.

Rockford J. said...

I was actually naive when I started following Ogden City politics, so it seems.

I have been schooled in local politics, and this after a polisci education.
Why are Ogden City politics so corrupt? Ogden right now is dominated by bribery and machine politics. The question is, how did this come to pass? The obvious, including insufficient political competition, or simple proximity of spending and contractors, making it more likely for sweetheart deals to get done, only tells a small part of the story.

There is something more serious in this instance, I believe.

Ogden has become more welfare-state-like, with high taxes and generous handouts to businesses and perk-laden government spending. This, coupled with the density of interest groups that form in business groups and faith-based enclaves has led to an overwhelming number of politically-connected insiders getting goodies for their lot and skimming a little off the top.

Corruption scandals are practically the norm in urban areas. The graft is often brought to light by that quite important part of our democracy: the forth estate.

One cannot imagine an upward-bound and honorable City, County, or State prosecutor, or a young investigstive journalist from any paper with integrity even taking a cursory glance at the Godfrey years and not opening up an investigation leading to prosecution. On the spot. As a matter of form. Because that it what you do. You make a name for yourself by acting boldly and correctly. Not by pandering and fawning.

It looks bad on a resume.

go ogden said...

I sure hope you people on this sight did not beleive any thing that shane oglellthorp said with all his entryies here yesterday. I know him and he is not what he trying to make you all think he was because he is not a big shot like he wrote. he works with another foney friend of his in a little office on kiesel with one other crook representing them as creative geneesus. the only customers they have are thru the lying little mayor and his crooked friends who are rapeing ogden. just like every one else in the advertizing bussines they make there living by telling lyes to the people. dont beleive any thing he writes about he works for the mayor and not the people.

history tells all said...

Thanks go Ogden.
I for one wish that the city attorney would up hold his office by remembering to up hold the laws and not uphold Godfrey. This is why the city is so corrupt. No one holds a stick to accountability. That is SAD.

ozboy said...

"Go Ogden"

Wow, your comment was pretty amazing!

While I do not know Mr. Osguthorpe and cannot comment on his integrity or talent, I do believe I am qualified to reply to your outrageous and stupid comment:

"just like every one else in the advertizing bussines they make there living by telling lyes to the people"

I owned one of Utah's biggest and oldest Ad agencies for ten years and was privileged to employ and know a very large number of Ad folks. The vast majority of them were very honorable, talented and hard working people. I think you are way off base in stating that people in the Ad biz make their living off of lying. This remark shows just how stupid your whole post was and reflects the same upon you.

By the way, if you look around a little bit on your computer you might discover a spell check option. If you find it, you ought to consider using it so you don't come across as so illiterate.

Curmudgeon said...

Comment moved to upper comments thread

Rockford J. said...

Say, "manipulate peoples habits, using calculated rhetoric, to suit the client", rather than lying.

The advertising industry is a fascinating component of idea-mediation, memetics, and a consumer driven society.

If admen are said to lie, you also must allow that all symbolic communication, by necessity, contains a lie. And, unless you are stout of heart, you don't want to go there.

ozboy said...


Seems as though you have at least a passing knowledge of the Ad biz.

Adding to your mostly accurate descriptions:

Research your client and their product/service, identify and research the potential market for your client's product/service, create and produce a classy and effective message that will facilitate bringing together for mutual benefit your client and their customer.

Not very complicate really. It just takes some very creative, talented and hard working people to do it. I had the privilege of knowing a bunch of them.

Ray Vaughn said...

Advertising is making something more appealing or desirable. What would you rather dine on? "Beef and cheese burrito" or "Crepe delugune puree fromage". Same thing but one is made more attractive by clever use of words. Thanks to Garrison Keillor for the french lesson.

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