Monday, September 14, 2009

The LDS Church Returns $200 K in Ill-gotten Val Southwick Gains

Sodden prediction: There goes Southwick's Temple Recommend

Amidst another slow news Monday morning, we'll lift another story from yesterday's Standard-Examiner news queue. We've expended substantial electronic ink over the past couple of years covering the Val Southwick Ponzi scam; and as always, we'd like to keep our archival history fully updated.

So here's the most recent Val Southwick story, in which Tim Gurrister reports that the LDS Church has entered into an agreement with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission to disgorge $202,761.74 in tithing, which Boss Godfrey's bestest buddy (Southwick, of course) paid over to the LDS Church during the period 2001 through 2006:
Swindler's tithing returned
What will be the next step in the Val Southwick saga, aside from the further rounding up of other culprits and co-perpetrators who aided and abetted Southwick in his $142 million Ponzi ripoff?

We'll go out on a limb and predict this: There Goes Southwick's Temple Recommend.



George K said...

This post is still about the election tomorrow. I posted this on the two previous threads, but we need to take action so I am posting it again on this thread.

As Rocksford J points out: "As name recognition trumps almost every other factor in city elections, it already looks like Phipps for the win." I've had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as I've watched campaign efforts roll out this last weekend. My thoughts were that the SE article about campaign donations sounded more like a candidate's news release announcing his candidacy than a news article. In an effort to keep it a news article, the reporter reported what Dan Schroeder donated to other candidates. Phipps has the money and is running the primary election as it were a general race – phone calls telling people to vote for him, mailings etc.,

We, on WCF, can have an impact on this primary election, if we really care and get off our duffs. We have not lost until all the votes have been counted and David Phipps has been declared a candidate for the general election in November. So, GET ON THE PHONE AND CALL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Tell them to be sure to vote
Tuesday and to vote for either Morris, Blair or Neil. I have seen the effect that endorsing phone calls can have on a campaign. They are very influential, so please don't let this opportunity pass you by without giving an honest effort to do your part to save Ogden. All three of these candidates are independent thinkers and will vote for what is best for Ogden. Blair, being a partner in a business, has had experience dealing with the Godfrey administration. He believes that economic development should be downtown, not in our beautiful foothills and he’s young and energetic, dedicated to Ogden and committed to doing what is best for Ogden. Morris works for Weber County and has knowledge and experience in land use and politics. He, also, believes that economic development should be downtown, not in our beautiful foothills. Like Blair, he is young and energetic, dedicated to Ogden and committed to doing what is best for Ogden. Neil has a few years of experience on all of the young men. She has a great sense of ethics and has a degree in economics. She is a strong person and will be able to handle whatever Godfrey dishes out. She is committed to doing what is best for Ogden, and in time, will realize that you cannot work with an ethic deprived individual.
You now have some talking points for three good candidates for at-large seat B. If anyone asks you about Phipps, tell them that is a Godfrey supporter and will be another Brandon Stephenson on the Council. Let’s make those telephone calls and show the money people that grass root efforts works better than their money.

ozboy said...

The good lord knows that "The Church" can afford to give the dough back. I think it speaks highly of the church leaders that they are coughing up the cash with out a squabble, in good spirits and with open books.

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