Saturday, September 26, 2009

WSU v Portland State -- UPDATED

A variety of options for diehard WSU football fans

Final score: WSU 36; PSU 29 -- WSU escapes within the skin of its teeth - whew!

OK, WSU Wildcat football fans. Our home town college football team tangles this afternoon with league rival Potland State U.

Game kickoff... 2:00 p.m. Mountain time.

Here's the pregame setup from the Standard-Examiner:
Wildcats not afraid to play PSU on Road
For those hard-core fans who'd like to see a pretty good game broadcast, check out Big Sky TV's online broadcast here: signup
Yeah... we know it's a pain in the ass... but we believe the hassle of an online sign up is worth it. Right now we're getting ready to watch the WSU/PSU game with pretty good video feed and a surprisingly not half bad play by play. If you love WSU like we do, you'll plough through the signup hassles like WSU running back Trevyn Smith, and run through the opposing team's defensive line virtually unimpeded.

For non- hardcore WSU fans of course... there's always WSU's flagship radio station... KLO radio, for those fans who'll be content to "just listen in."

We'll be back later with the final score, of course.

Hopefully though, at least a few Wildcats fans will offer their comments in the interim.

Final score: WSU 36; PSU 29.

WSU escaped from this game by the skin of their teeth.

Update 9/27/09 1:00 p.m.: For those who didn't see or hear the game... here's Jason Asay's Std-Ex post-game writeup:
Last minute TD propels WSU to 2-0 Big Sky Mark


RudiZink said...

Score at the end of the first quarter:

WSU 14; PSU 10.

Curmudgeon said...

A brief comment upon escaping games by the skin of one's teeth:

A W is a W.

Curmudgeon said...

WSU gets the ball on its own 16, down by a point with a minute and 15 left on the clock in the game. Five plays later, it's WSU 4th and three on the PSU 38. Next play, WSU TD, two point conversion good.

Hell of a drive. Kind of defines "poise" on the gridiron, que no?

Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to front page

wildcat said...

Comment moved to upper comments section

ozboy said...

What an incredible and mindless waste of time! Football is for the dull and mentally challenged who are easily entertained.

If you have seen one football game, you have seen every one ever played.

Curmudgeon said...

Ah, Oz... diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks. While it can indeed get out of hand, spectating spectator sports --- God's Game [baseball] and the others --- can be fun to follow now and then. Not about to paint myself purple any time soon, but there are worse ways to wile away a fall afternoon now and again. And better ones, yes, of course. I like the variety of the mix available myself. Mountain trails to wander with Stupid Dog when I feel like it; sport to watch live or on the tube when I feel like that; coffee shoppes with and without patios for reading Very Serious And Important Books --- or cheap trashy mysteries --- when that's what I'm in the mood for. And no skin off anyone else's nose no matter which I pick. Works for me.

Ray Vaughn said...

Ozboy; By your comments I guess that you might prefer European futball. Or as real Americans refer to it, "soccer" A fine game played by children and those who imagine that it is a mark of honor to purposely get hit in the head by a ball.

ozboy said...


Wrong! I see all team sports as stylized warfare where one side penetrates the enemy's territory and rapes and pillages its citizens. They are about penetrating your opponents homes and inserting your manhood (basketball, football, hockey puck, etc) into their most holy and sacred places (baskets, goal posts, etc).

I do see these sports as fun, healthy and good for the participants, I played football myself in my youth, but it is beyond me to see how one could find it interesting to watch the same basic stuff over and over and over again.

Curmudgeon said...


You wrote: I see all team sports as stylized warfare where one side penetrates the enemy's territory and rapes and pillages its citizens.

Not baseball [God's game, of course]. The object there is to be safe, and to come home.

Dan D. said...


You are right once again, however baseball is still the most mind numbing and boring sport of them all!

Ray Vaughn said...

Ozboy; your disdain for team sports leads me to only one answer. Like Matthew Godfrey you must enjoy solo sports. Were or are you a distance runner?

ozboy said...


Nope, wrong again!

The only track & field sport I indulge in is conclusion jumping.

I do fantasize about getting involved in midget tossing but I can't get mayor Godfrey to cooperate in letting me throw him out of the ninth floor window, out of office and out of Ogden.

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