Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here we Go Again, Relying Upon Boss Godfrey's Recorder's Office... To Provide Reliable and Accurate Election Information

Three Cheers for Boss Godfrey's Internet Technology Department, however
Time to analyze today's Primary Election votes

Here we go again, Ogden City political wonks! As we've done every election year at Weber County Forum since 2005, we're delighted to again provide a real-time feed from the Ogden City Recorder's ballot counting room, reporting direct precinct-by precinct vote tallies on a more or less literal minute-by minute basis (we hope) for today's 2009 Ogden City Municipal Primary Election. Here's the link to the Ogden City Internet Technology Department's most excellent online election results reporting site:
2009 Municipal Primary Election Real-time Tally
Expect this feature to be at least semi-functional around 8:00 pm tonight.

Notably... We've set up this link to open a new browser window, thus enabling our readers to click back and forth between the Ogden IT Department's most excellent IT work product... and the ever-savvy reader comments that we expect to emerge tonight under this article.

In the meantime... let's have some discussion here, WCF readers!

Grease up your Barcaloungers and make sure you have plenty of Orville Redenbacher's to pop up on the stove tonight.

Who will be the top finishers in today's Emerald City Primary Election?

Have at it with your interim predictions, O Gentle Ones.


elmer fudd said...

Phipps will win 40% of today's At Large "B" vote. The other 60% will be split between the other six anti-Godfreyites.

Neil will narrowly finish @ #2.

That's my take; and I'm stickin' to it.

Concerned said...

Let's see now. My favorite Seat B candidate, Mr. Morris, works for Weber County as a planner. If he wins at least the second seat "B" General election slot, will he be assailed by the Godfreyites with a "Hatch Act" problem?

Monotreme said...


Only if he administers Federal grant monies.

twobitter said...

I don't think the Hatch Act applies to nonpartisan offices. Recall that Jesse Garcia was threatened with a Hatch Act prosecution when he ran for legislature, but there's no problem with him sitting on the city council.

mark my words said...

Municipal Ward 3 candidate Trevor Hansen will definitely kick butt tonight. There's nobody else in the Muni 3 race who even approaches his qualifications.

Thompson Supporter said...

Screw you people. I cast a vote for John Thompson this afternoon. Unlike some to the others, John Thompson isn't afraid to admit he's a Godfreyite!

"Let me state unequivocally that I support Mayor Godfrey."


What's wrong with my fellow Godfreyites like David Phipps and Mark Hains?

Pussies and liars... that's what they are!!!

get real said...


What are these qualifications you speak of? Graduating from Ogden High School and an Eagle Scout?

I think there are several candidates with more valuable real-life experience. Experience paying property taxes with time spent out in the workforce dealing with life issues. Living in the family nest tends to create a sheltered existence no matter who your father is.

Give Hansen a few years.

give me a break said...

Even with the lawnsigns, I predict that this moron David Phipps won't draw more than 30% of today's vote.

This kid is obviously a dunce.

Justin Morris said...

I don't deal with any federal monies, thank goodness.

Curmudgeon said...

Give Me a Break:

It is often dangerous to dismiss those you disagree with as dunces, idiots, etc. It can lead to underestimating them. In campaigns, it's wiser as a rule to err on the side of assuming them to be sharper than they may be. Over preparation rarely hurts a campaign. Under preparation often does. Just sayin'....

Curmudgeon said...

comment moved to top shelf

Joe Jones said...

He who assumes, looses.

THAT'S a quote you can take to the bank.

get er' done said...

Hey Get Real,
The best qualification that Hansen has going for him that others don't, is that he knows what it is to be honest and forthright. Not like all the others That will buckle under pressure or play both sides of the fence.

What a suprise said...

I just realized that all the good people have Neil in there name. Even Trevor Hansen middle name is Neil. It looks like Neil Hansen has inspired them to get involved. Wow, what an Election, sincerely.

Ghost of Tom Joad said...

Whoa! Jennifer Neil is doing nicely!

Mr. Wolfgram a distant third.

Congrats TLJ!

Jennifer Neil said...

Yes, folks -- it looks like the guys with the most money and the Biggest , um , signs -- got the votes


voted Morris but ready to move forward said...

Bart Blair is qualified, decent, hardworking, truly cares about Ogden and is not funded by real estate special interest groups. If the candidates that didn't make it through the primary can redirect their supporters to vote for Bart Blair, open decent government has a very strong chance in Ogden, no matter how slimy or well funded the opponent is.

Dan S. said...

For comparison, here are the final results from the 2007 primary. The total number of votes cast then was over 7000, while the count so far tonight is only about 2500. I wonder how many votes are still to be counted...

Dan S. said...

A better comparison, I suppose, would be the election four years ago when the total turnout was a little over 3000.

Biker Babe said...

I still wish I knew more about BOBCO, 18484 Hwy 18, Ste 165, Apple Valley Ca 92309 ... and ... WOPAOM, 212 Merchant Street, Honolulu, HI 96513 ...

Phipps said they own retail properties in Ogden, thus their interest in his campaign ... Rudi mentioned filing a complaint or inquiry ... how is that done?

just sayin


Jim Hutchins said...

Also posted to the standard.net site.


In the last election cycle, the identity of FNURE was never explained. FNURE received $20,000 from one donor, then turned around and gave all their money to candidate Blain Johnson.

This year, candidate David Phipps has received large contributions from BOBCO (with an Apple Valley, California address that resolves to a CPA office) and WAPWOM (or WAPAOM or WAPHOM, difficult to read his handwriting) with a Honolulu, Hawaii address that resolves to a multi-unit office building.

Phipps has said that these shadowy entities are Ogden retail property owners.

Oh, really, Mr. Phipps? Then why don't they properly identify themselves?

I will be donating money to Ogden City Council candidates I support under my real, true, name and address. I expect others to do the same.

Mr. Phipps, you owe the people of Ogden an explanation.

Biker Babe said...

searching Honolulu property tax records, 212 Merchant Street doesn't come up on the list .. google it and it comes up associated with the name Larry Silverstein ....

also, john hulterstrom doesn't come up on any Weber Cnty tax property rolls ...

which properties do they own?

just sayin


drewmeister said...

Well, Phipps proved what Royal Speckles somehow failed to prove last time, which is that you really can buy yourself a council seat in Ogden.

Dan S. said...

Jim and BB:

Bobco doesn't seem to be so mysterious. According to Weber County Tax Records, Bobco LLC is the owner of the strip mall property on the NW corner of 36th and Harrison. The owner is currently listed as "Bobco Llc % John W Hulterstrom", but for a couple of years it was simply "Hulterstom, Robert P Trustee". The owner's address used to be in San Diego but recently changed to Apple Valley, CA. Before Hulterstom, the property was owned by "Ross, Allan L Or Kyung Lee Ross", also of San Diego.

I can't find "WOPNOM" in the Weber County tax records.

One thing I wonder about Phipps is how often he would have to recuse himself from council decisions due to his real estate interests. His "for lease" signs are on a lot of downtown properties, nearly all of which are in RDA districts.

Curmudgeon said...

Election Returns Reporting:

Had two options last night: the city site, and the SE site. Preferred the SE site, because I could go to returns in the races I was interested in instantly. Annoying having to wait for the City site to cycle through... slowly... to the race I was most interested in. City site would be more useful if it allowed you to click on the race you wanted results and go to that screen immediately. [Though for purposes of preparing for the run off, the City site would be more useful, since it broke down the vote for each candidate by precinct. But for fast night-of-the-election results, the SW site worked better, I thought.]

monotreme said...


You can cut-n-paste the URL you want for the race you're interested in. For example, At-Large B looks like this:


That takes you directly to the race you're interested in.

Dan S. said...

Curm: On the city site, I found that if I changed the last digit in the URL in my browser's address bar, I could get back to the race I was interested in at any time.

But the city's site had other problems. My principal complaint is that you couldn't tell what percentage of the votes had been counted--either within a voting district or overall. And while the colorful map was fun to look at, all it showed was who had a plurality of whatever votes had been counted. I wish we could have seen the actual district-by-district numbers. Undoubtedly the Recorder's office has these, and the candidates will now get them for further strategic use.

Dan S. said...

For the archival record, here are the election night tallies:

At-Large Seat B
Bart E. Blair: 746, 30.2%
James McNamara: 90, 3.6%
Justin Morris: 232, 9.4%
Jennifer Neil: 501, 20.3%
David Phipps: 761, 30.8%
Roan W. Poulter: 57, 2.3%
Angelo Joshua Roma: 83, 3.4%
Total: 2470

Municipal Ward 1
Jesse M. Garcia: 99, 30.7%
Neil K. Garner: 195, 60.6%
Travis Pate: 28, 8.7%
Total: 322

Municipal Ward 3
Patrick A. Dean: 99, 16.0%
Trevor N. Hansen: 78, 12.6%
Doug Stephens: 324, 52.3%
J. H. Thompson: 40, 6.5%
David G. Wolfgram: 79, 12.7%
Total: 620

Curmudgeon said...

Dan and Mono:

Thanks for the tip.

Dan: I too went looking on the city site as the screens came up for some indication of how many of the polling places had reported. Seems to me, that could easily be added to the site and would make it more useful on election night. Be useful to have the same info on the SE site too.

Dan S. said...
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