Monday, September 28, 2009

Lt. Governor Vows to Kill Ethics Reform

Time to vote the rotten bums out

By Ray

Just saw the following news brief on
Utah LG may not let ethics initiative go forward
Utah Lt. Gov. Greg Bell may kill the pending citizen's initiative to create an independent ethics commission and a code of conduct for state lawmakers before the public ever gets a chance to decide if it wants to vote on it.

Talk about the proverbial fox guarding the hen house scenario! If citizens can't change by initiative, then it is imperative to vote out the politicians who are afraid of what the citizens may demand.


Mayor Grodfey said...

When members of the state legislature were elected they knew what the pay was and the perks were.
So every one out there that have a problem with what is happening, that is just to bad. Suck it up and I think that it should just stay they way it is.

Ogden Dem said...

Please come to the meeting tonight (Sep 29), 7 pm, at Mound Fort Junior High hosted by Utahns for an Ethical Government. If a grassroots approach doesn't do it nothing will because we know our legislature appears to be opposed to being ethical - well, at least most of them.

Pistol Pete said...

I think Mayor Godfrey would know how to spell his own name. (Cheap and immature stunt.)

We are starting to witness what having one political party with an overwhelming majority is wreaking in the federal congress, what do you expect when Utah has the same kind of culture?

Curmudgeon said...

[Curmudgeon smiles quietly at the notion that the Democrats control Congress, both houses, as absolutely as the Republican Party of Utah controls the Utah State legislature --- ah, would that it were even within shouting distance of being so! --- and wonders how many years ago it was that Democrats held 40% of the seats in either house in Utah that the Republicans hold in the Senate. Sigh....]

Anonymous said...

Our system of government checks and balances was partially designed so that it would be difficult to get much of anything accomplished at all, as inaction was thought by the drafters of the constitution to be preferable to action on most issues of state.

When people vote one party into power, it is a signal that a majority of the populace are willing to throw caution to the wind, and make some progress, usually in the direction that society has already been moving steadily for some time.

One exception to this is the US Senate, where rarefied older white men make decisions based on the 100 year plan of the Illumin... sorry, of the far-seeing movers and shakers, rather than decisions based on whatever is polling this week. Ideally.

In Utah, because of the conservative nature of the politico, and the propensity for undue caution by the dominant religious body, not much gets done anyway.

Unless you are a large landowner, it is better to petition the bishop on most local matters of interest to Utahans, than it is to bring it to your local legislator.

Or, same difference.

ozboy said...

Aw there you go again RJ, tellin it like it is in your own high fallutin way!

Kestrel said...

Hope springs eternal for idiots that the democrats succeed with their socialistic agenda. We certainly would be much better off if the Fed Govt. ran everything. They are so good at it! (Amtrak, Post Office, medicare, immigration, Etc. The only reason that medicare still exists for example, is the bottomless pocket of the taxpayers. It is about 36 trillion in the red since it was started. It would be a good thing to just continue to pile some more debt on top of that "well run" Govt. program wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Curmudgeon said...


Right you are. The private sector just runs things so much better. Wish everything could be an ENRON or an AIG or a Bear Stearns or a Lehman, Maddoff Associates, World Com. Role models of effective management we can all admire....
Along with all those health insurance companies taht keep getting fined millions of dollars for over charging Medicare. Several more this year. But they can just write off those chump chamge fines --- only a billion or so ever couple of years --- against the profits. Cancel the insurance of a few hundred more cancer patients people quarter because you discover they didn't tell you they saw a doctor for acne twenty years ago and you can make up the fines in no time. There's a model of management for America to be proud of.

what will it cost us said...

Kestrel: Lets talk Reagonomics, de-regulate phones, remember when your monthly bill was $9 including long distance,de-regulate airlines, remember when you actually got food on a flight over 3 hours, de-regulate power companies, remember when they were a sure investment returning a nice 7%, remember gas wars where we had numerous companies actually competing for business.

Now the power companies only repair when broken rather than time replacement.

So there is plenty of blame to go around.

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