Friday, September 11, 2009

Standard-Examiner: Dirty Politics Hitting Hard In Syracuse

Rumors of a mayoral candidate being associated with the Democratic Party

By Curmudgeon

Ah, Utah. Ain't no place quite like it. This morning, the Standard-Examiner reports in a front page story that things are getting down and dirty in the campaign for control of the Syracuse City government. Here's the headline: "Dirty Politics Hitting Hard: Rumors Create Fireworks Before Syracuse Primary."

How bad is it getting? Pretty bad. The SE reports that there are even "rumors of a mayoral candidate being associated with the Democratic Party." No! My god, will these gutter-dwelling candidates stop at nothing to win office? Is no slur too slimy, no mud too gross for them to sling? Think of the poor man's family, his children --- how can they face their friends, their schoolmates once the charge that their father is "associated with the Democratic Party" is out there? Is there no decency in Syracuse, no restraint?

Ah, Utah....


Machster said...

In Utah Democrats are fiscal conservatives and for the most part act more like the traditional GOP than the slime URA bought and paid for sleeze bags.

And the Republicans are RINOs who tax and spend and pretend to be for what we want; like ethics reforms, property tax assessment reform, etc. Virtually everything in Utah is 180 degree out and the opposite of what it claims to be.

Best to be an independent given what the looney left is doing or trying to do to...they would say for... our Country.

Just say'n

Bill C. said...

Dear Curm, unfortunatly due to your late arrival to this kingdom of God on earth, you must be unaware that in Davis, Utah and many other rural Counties in these digs it is almost sinful to associate with a Dem, and sure damnation to be one.
In Washington County an FLDS candidate stands to collect more votes.
Wait and see, this ploy to associate the candidate with the Dems will actually pay off and leave you scratching your silver colored topknot, strange but true.
Welcome to Zion Curm, land of unbridled irrationality. Damn the issues and where one stands, it's them or us, even if your choice will damge you personally. See: Rob Bishop.

history tells all said...

I wonder if we could say YOU LIE and that would make me a upstanding candidate, I think that is the real issue and that as long as I SAY YOU LIE, I will win in the state of UTAH. I worked for Godfrey and maybe it will work for others.

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

I too got a big laugh out of the accusation of consorting with Democrats!

The thing I found most accurate, and very applicable to Ogden with the Godfreyites, is the statement by former Syracuse City Councilman Phil Orton, who said: "You have a small conglomerate of people who think they own the city," Kinda reminded me of the Geiger clan, the mayor and his out of town carpetbaggers.

RudiZink said...

And your point, HTL? Do you honestly believe Ogden voters prefer liars?

Godfrey got re-elected by a slim margin in 2007, for several primary reasons, in spite of the fact that half the citizens in Ogden City recognise that he's a serial liar.

Here are a few examples of why I'm talking about:

#1 He strong-armed every Ogden business who was under his regulatory thumb in town, and managed to accumulate a mind-boggling $200 thousand+ campaign war chest, more than all other municipal election candidates combined. Of course, there were numerous FOMs who gladly donated thousands of dollars, knowing that the ultimate returns on donations would be returned in political patronage "many fold."

#2 Given the unique conjunction of the 2007 Ogden Municipal Elections, and the 2007 School Voucher Vote, the 2007 elections drew a disproportionate number of voters to the polls. Given Godfrey's strong name recognition, many of the politically uninitiated voters, who'd gone to the polls primarily to vote for or against the School Voucher initiative merely clicked on a vote for for the little shite whose name most of them recognized.

#3 And there was that whole Blake Fowers problem, which probably intimidated and or irritated numerous enough anti-Godfrey voters from the polls as to give Godfrey another little extra necessary boost.

I doubt very few Ogden voters would have voted for Godfrey in 2007, if they'd been aware that he's a serial liar.

As hard as we all work to raise the political consciousness in Emerald City, there's still much more work which needs to be done.

We need to ratchet it up a few notches for the 2009 elections I think, to expose the liars, scoundrels and carpet-baggers who are lining up to economically rape our dear city.

Machman said...

I agree Rudi, And a good start is emphasis on the URA and its buying candidates early on.

I personally believe you and all on this blog should expose and hi-lite more than ever before the corruption which begins in SLC at the URA with Chris Kyler, Kohler, and Ostermiller.

And candidate for any office or position...from dog-catcher to Commissioner needs to be thoroughly vetted. And since we can not rely of the local media with their hands also deeply indebted to the big money from the URA. You, me and everyone on this blog at a minimum needs to effectively "out" these nefarious characters and candidates.

That is unless we like what Godfrey and the others are doing to Ogden and its citizens.

Sorry to sound like a broken record... but I am passionate about exposing these cretins for what they are...

get er' done said...

The only way to expose these people, Machman, is to buy an add in the Standard examiner. I don't have that kind of money, but maybe we could strong arm someone to do it for us, any ideas?

quadmona said...

Democrats have it made.

Seemingly, the only Republicans left in America are deep-south Billy Bob wife-beater wearing tweakers; tin-star pistol packing over-weight "Me Generation" bigots; a few "intellectual republicans", who hate their core political base more than Michael Moore does; a bunch of people who don't believe in evolution, the moon landing, the holocaust, womens rights, and university culture in general; a couple of dozen aged senators... and white male citizens of Utah.

Could you imagine if the only democrats left were the 911truth'ers?
Its kind of like that, only with a lot more ammo, and a lot less brains.

I actually feel sorry for reasonable, progressive republicans; its a lonely era.

RudiZink said...

Bingo, quadmona. Very nice analysis. For this "intellectual Republican," who believes in the principles of small and frugal government, jealous protection of individual liberties and non intervention in foreign affairs, the current posture of the Republican party is a true nightmare.

I haven't yet jumped ship yet; but I'm thinking long and hard about it.


ozboy said...

I'm with you on that one Rudi. These NeoCon bastards have ruined the Grand Old Party that's for sure.

Tomorrow morning I get to join my other 100 or so GOP Davis delegates from Senate district 22 in choosing a replacement for Greg Bell's senate seat. Any suggestions?
I only know a couple of the eight ambitious ones who have thrown their hats, and one bonnet, into the ring, so I'm uncertain as to who will get my vote.

I was considering writing in Mr. Curmudgeon, but I'm not sure they would accept an erudite alien from another planet in the Utah Senate! Besides, he ain't nearly whacky enough for that crowd!

Danny said...


I would say a majority of Americans long for the things you described.

The problem is, it's hard to get good people to run, because of the colonoscopy that they receive by the media.

Those who would have the courage to resolutely stand for something, usually have the sense to do something else with their lives. We get a "Dorrene Jeske" or a "Ronald Reagan" once in awhile, but they are few.

The real solution is to get good people to run. They must be found, encouraged, then supported.

You can't make a good garment from poor cloth.

Frank said...


Too bad the media (Standard Examiner) has never seen fit to give Mayor Godfrey the old colonoscopy. Instead of poking a camera up his butt they just kiss it instead! If the voters of Ogden had any idea what was really inside of him he would never have been mayor to begin with.

Curmudgeon said...

Rudi: [and Oz]--

You're in the wrong party. Just say the word and I can get you safely across the lines. I know people. I have the password and the countersign. I can take you across to the Weber or Davis County Democrats. Just give me the high-sign and I'll take it from there....

ozboy said...

I'll have to call you bluff on this one Mr. Curmudgeon. You write of passwords and countersigns, but nary a mention of secret handshakes. Proof positive that you have no influence nor knowledge of important doings in Zion.

Curmudgeon said...


You don't learn the secret handshake --- President Obama's "terrorist fist bump" as Fox news called it is just the beginning --- until after you've proven yourself worth of the secret de-coder ring.

But I've said too much already....

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

De-coder rings are sooo Presbyterian!

If your gonna make it in Zion you must get hip to peep stones and Urim and Thummim (Mormon style). They are the only true "de-coder rings"

JEFF said...

Aw to be away from the land of Zion, where my Senators and Represenatives are Democrates and are fiscal conservatives too.

Today was Home and Garden show, with real beer before 11AM. They also combined the rv and boat show into one big show, great sunny day here.

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