Tuesday, November 03, 2009

2009 Ogden City Municipal Election Results

Real-time vote tallies delivered to our readers through the technological marvel of electrons zipping along through little wires

As promised in today's earlier article, and as we've done every year since the founding of Weber County Forum in 2005, we're once again delighted to provide a real-time feed from the Ogden City Recorder's ballot counting room, through the modern technological marvel of electrons zipping along through little wires. In that connection, Here's the link to the Ogden City Recorder's most excellent online election results reporting site:
2009 Municipal General Election Real-time Tally
Expect this feature to be at least semi-functional upon closure of Ogden polling places around 8:00 p.m., although as we learned during the reporting on last September's Primary Election, the so-called "live" vote tallies may be subject to annoying human-caused lags and delays.

Once again, we've set up this link to open a new browser window, thus enabling our readers to click back and forth between the Ogden IT Department's most excellent IT work product... and the ever-savvy remarks which we expect to emerge in the comments section beneath this article.

While we're waiting for Ogden City Recorder Cindi Mansell's real-time/online scoreboard to light up, we'll invite our ever savvy readers to indulge in a little WCF style pre-vote-count palaver.

The floor's open O Gentle Ones.

Exciting, ainnit?

Who will be the first to comment?

Update 11/4/09 2:44 a.m.: Here's the final tally and a thumbnail analysis per gentle reader night owl, who stayed up late to compile the important data:
All districts have reported and the results are:

Van Hooser 3577
Hains 2551

Stephens 808
Dean 561

Garner 381
Garcia 363

Blair 4670

Can't tell whether these numbers might still change tonight, but the only outcome that seems potentially in doubt is the Garner-Garcia race.
So what say our other WCF readers about all this?

2009 Ogden Municipal Election post-count aftermath(?):

Remember the old ax... "a picture is worth a thousand words..."

Once again we pose the query: What say our other WCF readers about all this?


BAT_girl said...

It is 8:46pmMT on my computer. WHEN do we get some RESULTS????????

drewmeister said...

Well, at least I'm not the only impatient one ;-)

RudiZink said...

For a quick point of reference, Batgirl... during the primary election (Sep 15), Cindi's scoreboard didn't start lighting up until a little after 9:00 p.m.

Keep in mind that we voted on paper ballots this time, which requires poll workers to reconcile ballots issued according to the voter register, against ballots in the box, spoiled ballots, absentee ballots and other miscellany, even before poll workers deliver their materials down to the recorder's office.

It doesn't seem like such a complicated task, but it is, for poll workers who are just finishing up a 14-1/2 hout shift.

It shouldn't be long now however. Once the counting process starts up, we'll see plenty of action on cidi's tote board.

political wonk said...

Don't forget, Rudi, Boss Godfrey has the task of physically examining every ballot himself, before the counting begins, just to make sure "everything's in order." This could also slow down the process a little bit.

blake fowers said...

i predick that stephens wins, hains wins, garner wins and blair wins.

AWM said...

If that's the case I predict rampant rioting in the streets of Garcia's Ward and a run on shovels at Home Depot from the east benchers as they dig in to make their last stand for Ogdens dwindling open space to the east

BAT_girl said...

You are so bull of bunk.
This 'jersey_girl' predicts that the winners are:
BLAIR (given)
Van Hooser(given)
Stephens (given)
Garcia (you bet'ya!!!!!!!!!!)

milt said...

I just took a look at a last minute Hains mailer that arrived in my mailbox this morning.

Hains reels off a whole laundry list of his life interests and activities, but somehow fails to reveal that he's been selling real estate for fourteen years from the same office that Abe Shreve works in.

I guess he ran out of room on the postcard.

AWM said...

I'm not too worried about the results..but just in case I have a couple of extra shovels if anybody needs them should Blakes apoctolyptic prediction come to pass

Curmudgeon said...

9:40 PM Still no results up. Turnout must have been substantially larger than during the primary.

BAT_girl said...

Abe Shreve & STINKY HAINS.........Now that's a ticket for next year.

I thought you guys @ WCF buried Shreve this 09SPRING. Google that. But then he re-invented himself, with lots of genealogy . He positively BURIED the WCF dialog on his EnvisionOGDEN activities. Did y'ALL notice that?

Howard Cosell said...

Down goes Van Hooser, down goes Van Hooser, DOWN GOES VAN HOOSER!

Colonel Jessup said...

Anyone at the election office to see how the returns are coming in? Is there anyone to be a poll watcher?

BAT_girl said...

Howard Cosell............

Hmmmmmmm. GEIGERS in drag? But........Halloween was SAT!

BACK to WOLF..............

Orton Man said...

Something smells fishy here.

AWM said...

Sorry..but I thought it was funny..even though I'm on SVH's side...for those of us that endured Howard I can just envision him pontificating on something as obscure as paristolic action and then jumping up and yelling that...NOW..had Howard said "Down goes Phipps, Down Goes Phipps, DOWN GOES PHIPPS!..It would have been funny AND accurate

Curmudgeon said...

Well, since we have no returns, how about predictions about the outcome? Here are mine, made as the polls closed earlier:


We shall see.

OgdenLover said...

You are such a pessimist.

Van Hooser

Even if I'm wrong, I'll be happy until morning.

Superman said...

This mild mannered reporter needs to be up by 5:00 a.m. to get to a 7:00 a.m. breakfast with some of our elected officials so its lights out. Hopefully they will hold the press until returns come in.

AWM said...

OL..thank God you posted..I was on my way to the East Bench with my shovel after reading Curms input..think I'll wait a while and see some actual numbers...maybe those aren't bulldozers firing up after all that I thought I heard...could just have been the semi pulling up in front of Phipps house to load up the belongings

Jim Hutchins said...

At-Large A: Van Hooser
At-Large B: Blair
Ward 1: Garner
Ward 3: Stephens

AWM said...

Well..no numbers yet...and from the looks of the posts Jesse isn't getting a lot of love...I'm not counting him out just yet...time to start brewing coffee...it's going to be a long night

Curmudgeon said...

Just tried the SE site. It's down. And the "real time" returns promised at the link above are still MIA.

Well, some of us have to go to work tomorrow. See y'all in the morning and we can match up prediction results.

AWM said...

This just in on the website: Due to optical scan equipment technicalities counting has been delayed...I'm going to bed

667yur said...

Votes are coming in with Susan Van Hooser winning!

night owl said...

Lookin' good for Van Hooser and Stephens. Not so good for Garcia.

night owl said...

Van Hooser seems to have won the Shadow Valley district, which has a high turnout and went strongly for Godfrey in 2007. Her lead over Hains is now insurmountable.

night owl said...

Hains seems to have won the district around WSU but it's not enough. Van Hooser is still over 900 votes ahead with only one district still not reporting.

Stephens is up by 150 votes out of 1000, with one of his districts left to report.

Garcia is down by only 18 votes out of 744, with all districts reporting. There's a chance the outcome could change after absentees and provisionals are counted.

night owl said...

All districts have reported and the results are:

Van Hooser 3577
Hains 2551

Stephens 808
Dean 561

Garner 381
Garcia 363

Blair 4670

Can't tell whether these numbers might still change tonight, but the only outcome that seems potentially in doubt is the Garner-Garcia race.

RudiZink said...

Thanks for your play by play and excellent analysis, night owl.

My web stats indicate that there are also a few other WCF readers still hanging in there, so thanks to you all for sticking it out.

wildcat said...

In the end, the election is a wash. Blair replaces Jeske. VH replaces Johnson, Stephens retains his seat, but it looks like Garner replaces Garcia. Sad to see Garcia go. I think he's served Ogden well. Very glad VH is back on Council. Will be interesting to see how Council operates next term. A power triumvirate among VH, Wicks and Gochnour?
All in all, I think this election was a definite loss for Godfrey. A 1000 vote defeat for Hains and, well, a total collapse for Phipps. I hope one day we find out what the H actually happened there. Did seem like his campaign came to a screeching halt in early October.
Two years till the next Mayoral election. We've got to win that one.

wildcat said...

I was also going to say that "open communication with the mayor" was probably not the best issue for the Godfrey-ites to run on. Not something that really grabs the voters.

Superman said...

No results were available in this mornings Standard. Thanks for the link to the recorders office. It looks like changes are blowin'in the wind with three new council members VanHooser, Blair and Garner. Hoohah. I don't see this a win for the "Anti Godfreyites" but just a positive change for the citizens of Ogden.

"Truth, Justice and the American Way"

Jim Hutchins said...

I correctly predicted the outcome, if Garcia-Garner stands.

What do I win?

Dan S. said...

Van Hooser trounced Hains by more than 1000 votes. This must be sobering to anyone who thought that votes could be won with larger signs, negative hit-videos, and last-minute surprise endorsements.

Jim Hutchins said...

Well, Dan, as the old saying goes, "the voters are smarter than that".

Of course, the Hains campaign set the bar pretty low, assuming the voters were quite stupid, indeed.

In politics, 60-40 is huge. They lost big on that strategy.

Dan S. said...

I wonder how much door-to-door campaigning Hains (and his campaign) did. Anyone know?

Curmudgeon said...

Thanks to the night owl who posted the results, or even this AM I'd still not know what happened. Much obliged.

So, all that PAC money to the two clear Godfrey Ticket candidates --- Phipps and Hains --- and zilch to show for it. I find that satisfying this morning. Nice when money alone can't swing an election.

Nailbiter for Garcia/Garner. Will await absentee count with interest.

As for who won? Since I don't think it's evident that Garner or Dean were Godfrey ticket candidates, looks to me like the Godfrey Gaggle came up dry this time overall. May have picked off Garcia [remains to be seen], but not at all clear that, if that result stands, the new Council member there will be a loyal Godfrey un-thinking clone like Stephenson.

Now let the speculation begin: Who will be Council chair in the coming term? [Well, we needed something else to keep the hot stove league busy until January.]

Particular congratulations to Ms. Van Hooser who refused to descend to the sleazy campaigning done against her by some of her opponents' supporters. And delighted that she will be on the Council where I trust that at meetings, and more importantly at work sessions, she will continue to ask questions of the Mayor and his gaggle that they do not want asked. Just as she did in her last term there.

PS: Did Mr. Phipps vote in Salt Lake again yesterday? Inquiring minds want to know!

Juan said...

I have no idea how many doors Hainns (and co.) knocked on, but when they came to mine they asked if my parents were home. I'm a 30 year old living alone.

I made it a point to go out and vote based on it.

OgdenLover said...

The number of voters who took the time to mark their ballots for Blair, when it wasn't necessary, also expresses huge dissatisfaction with the Godfrey way of doing things.

Congratulations to Susie! She and her husband have been out knocking on voters' doors every day for weeks.

Not much joy in Godfreyville today, I'd bet. I'm restraining my self from going by Keller-Williams in SOUTH Ogden, to gloat.

Blunder of Blunders said...

I notice that the SE website is still down. what happened? Did publisher Lee Carter hire David Phipps to run its website?

Ogden Dem said...

No one from Hains campaign came to my door nor has he bothered to answer my email to him from over one week ago regarding his lack of issues on his website.
He used to be in my LDS stake and I believe he was counting on the votes just based on association - big time back fire there. People are too fed up to vote for people just because you might know them and it is quite obvious that people in the Ogden East Stake (Godfrey's stake) are not buying off on his recommendation either.

Curmudgeon said...


Same wondering here. With the delayed count, the SE could have had a big page view day as people logged on to find out what happened in the Council races. Oppty gone now.

BAT_girl said...

CURM: "....Now let the speculation begin: Who will be Council Chair in the coming term?......"



CURM: "...... she will be on the Council where I trust that at meetings, and more importantly at work sessions, she will continue to ask questions of the Mayor and his gaggle that they do not want asked. Just as she did in her last term there......"

She had her warm up term on OC Council. Now Susie is ready to LEAD it.

Dorrene Jeske said...

What a great day in Ogden! The only sad note is that Garcia wasn't re-elected -- he could always be counted on to vote for the people and in the best interest of Ogden and he stood up to the Mayor! I loved to watch him in Council meetings -- always so calm while Godfrey fumed and spouted off.

I was one of those who stayed up to the end this morning because Jesse had the last District to report and his race was so close --hope the absentee and provisional ballots change the results.

CONGRATULATIONS to Susie and Bart! I'm so glad that they both will be on the Council the next four years.

I hope Godfrey knows for sure where the people of Ogden stand this election without the interference of Blake Fowers, the Geigers, Jo Packham and his brother! He made the comment at a work meeting a couple of weeks ago that things were going so well in Ogden that he thought that he could run and win another election! I about gagged! I still doubt that he really won the last election -- he stole the last election! I hope this election opens his eyes -- the last one should have when he had to pull so many dirty tricks to be declared the mayor.

I've begun to write a book about politics in Ogden, and have been told that it should be a best-seller from a member of the Orem City Council and my doctor. They've both said they are looking forward to reading it.

Regardless of how Stepehns and Garner vote on issues, we have a strong independent foursome who will vote for what is in the best interest of the people of Ogden.

The sun is shining in Ogden today!

Ed J said...

Talk at morning coffee was Jessie guarantees he has over 400 votes.
How long does this process take?

Jennifer Neil said...

Off Topic - Mark Shurtleff announced on FaceBook he is suspending his campaign for US Senate ...


a little birdy said...


A very reliable inside source told me that Godfrey's plan in 2011 is for his lapdog Stephenson to win the mayoral race. Then fire the troll Patterson and hire Godfrey as his CAO.

How's that gag ya?

Dorrene Jeske said...

A Little Birdy,

I don't think Stephenson will be elected because of his voting record on the council and everyone knows where he stands on the issues. He's just another Godfrey.

Do you think that he could be elected?

a little bidy said...


No. But then again I thought a flaming bag of dog excrement stood a better chance than Godfrey of being elected in 2007.

I do think the plan is just another example of how delusional and out-of-touch little Matty is.

He's got to come up with something. His plan to work for the Geigers after public office kind of went down the tubes. By the way, Curt, how do you get fired from your own company?

Mary Hall said...

Curm, Garner lives just a few doors away from Godfrey's old residence. They have served in church leadership positions together, and I have an endorsement letter signed by Garner from Matt's first campaign. Rumors are that he was very involved in that first campaign and some say he was even Godfrey's campaign manager. I'm afraid they are thick as thieves. If Garner's lead holds, it's a sad day for the people of Ward 1 and for Ogden.

Realist said...

It's over-results are in. Don't mean to throw water on this thing, but the control of City government are a hell of alot more complex than Van Hooser, et al winning a couple of seats in an off year election. If you think Van Hooser's presence on the council, and congrats go to her for a resounding win, will counter balance Godfrey, I think you're in for some disappointment. As history has shown, Godfrey is formidable and tenacious in his agenda and usually at least one step ahead. He understands and plays the game better than anyone on the council, even Cook and Franke (the staff).

How many times have we thought that the election results were a referendum, only to have seen that hope dashed and turned into wishful thinking?

It's good to see some opposition being seated, but don't throw too much confetti in the air yet. Godfrey just has this way about him that seems to allow him to prevail, regardless of elections and what the Council does (remember the budget veto?). Control of the City is more complex than than some off year election results and Godfrey is a master of getting his way, which isn't always bad, regardless of how you feel about him as a person or mayor.

For two years now there's been council members Jeske, Garcia and Wicks aligned with the Mary Halls and other anti-Godfrey groups, and where has it gotten us? Seems that the mayor continues to prevail. I know it drives everyone around here nuts, but Matt Godfrey still continues to achieve what he deems to be important, with or without the likes of the Geigers, who, like those who lost yesterday's race, are now yesterday's news.

Curmudgeon said...


Thanks. I knew none of that. Guess I hide out grading papers and eaves-dropping at the wrong coffee shoppes.

Did find it interesting that the Godfrey Gaggle lost both city-wide races, and by thumping margins too. All that realtor PAC money flowing to Phipps/Hains and nary a seat to show for it.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Jesse on the absentee/provisional ballots.

Ed J said...

Mary, that would have been nice to know prior to the election

Curmudgeon said...


I think you over-estimate his management cleverness. He has not been able to deliver what he's promised to his supporters consistently over the last years. He didn't get the zoning change over all of History 25th Street that he wanted. He didn't get the $200K up front money for the downtown outdoor ice climbing popsicle he wanted. He got the bond extension, but dedicated only to debt reduction, which he opposed. He didn't get the park sale to Peterson, and the gondola he wanted. He didn't get the extra floors on the Wells Fargo building [thank god]. He didn't prevail on his veto of the MWC budget. And so on.

While he's slick and has [thanks to the Utah legislature] most of the mojo on his side of the line, he has not had a rubber stamp council for some time and the significance of yesterday's election is that he won't have one for the next two years either. While it would be a mistake --- always --- to underestimate him, yesterday's outcome was not I think a good one from the Gaggle's POV.

And there have been of late more and more signs of the Gaggle's "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" tendencies emerging. The implosion of their special genuine imported-all-the-way-from-Salt-Lake-City candidate Phipps is but the latest example.

So while I agree we shouldn't underestimate him and the power he wields as mayor, which is considerable, we shouldn't over-estimate his competence, particularly as an administrator and crafter of majorities on a council not stacked in his favor to begin with. At doing that, he's proven to be, very often, downright inept. [E.g. reneging on his agreement with the Council regarding tasking the city lobbyist, etc.]

Mayors who have proven their word is no good [e.g. the lobbyist matter] and who can't consistently deliver what they promise generally see their influence start to ebb. Eventually their supporters, Chamber of Commerce leaders, for example, start asking themselves "His word was not good to the Council. What makes us think his word to us will be any better?" And "We went to bat for him on this, and he couldn't deliver. Is it worth taking heat for him when he can't deliver?" [Re-zoning Historic 25th Street, popsicle, gondola, etc.]

Bill C. said...

Don't give up on Jessie just yet. Recall how after the vote totals Ardema was leading and after recount and provisional ballots were done Johnson prevailed.
"It ain't over till it's over." If there's any justice in the universe, Jessie will come out on top.
As for lying little matty's last two years, we'll be watching like hawks. I'm sure he'll increase the speed of his agenda now that time is running short. Yesterdays results are quite comforting.

googleguy said...

Aardema takes Ogden council post

history tells all said...

I know for a fact, that Godfrey will not serve out his full term. There are some things that are in the works that he will look at and make a decision on. It would be nice if the office of mayor would seek out the next mayor, and not that the next mayor would seek the office.
There are some good people out there that would make a good mayor, but they don't want to go though what Phipps went through.
Tell me, is there anyone that the office should seek out, by this I mean that that person would be a great public servant, with out all the fan fare and do just what is good for Ogden. One that would live up to all the rules and laws of the city, one that knows the laws and ordinances of the city and the state. Any one that maybe knows how government works on all levels. Someone that is well respected in all aspects of the community. I know that there could be a person like that and this is what I'm looking for in our next mayor. Anyone agree with me.

lowball offer said...

I'll offer Boss Godfrey 50 bucks for his bulldozer.

OgdenLover said...

history tells,
Are you telling us that Mighty Matt is going to do more than visit his pal Val Southwick at Point of the Mountain?

Bill C. said...

History, just what did Phipps go thru that wasn't of his own making?
It's also quite terrorizing to think this mayor could select the next, that would be a disaster.
The first qualification folks want for the next mayor is honesty, something they've been without a very long time.
Next comes the novel idea of focusing on providing the services required by residents that should be the only real priority of the position. Coruption and favoratism are not valid reasons for seeking the office, neither is disdain for the population and history of the community. The job is to serve the people,all the people, not try and alter who and what they are.
Ogden will find a good candidate when the time comes, and hopefully that person will not be so weak of character and ethically challenged as this last one.

ozboy said...

"History Tells All"

Godfrey resigning is a bit of wishful thinking I believe. What would he resign for? Who would give him a significant enough job to entice him to resign? I mean the man has proven his incompetence and dishonesty so many times, who really would hire him do do what?

As to a local person who fit all of those mayoral traits you listed - There is one guy who comes to mind right off the bat - his name is David Smith. If he would run he would be an outstanding mayor.

history tells all said...

When you say that Godfrey has been dishonest and things of that nature. I believe that you have hit the nail on the head of why he will not be office to fill out his term. There is some new info that I have that means he just might be visiting Southwick in the same hotel as he.
When all is said and done that is what I mean by he will not be filling out the rest of his term. I have it on some very good authority about all this and I can't say much more. It may tip things off. There is a certain person that you all look up to that knows just what I'm saying and I don't know if he will be reveling anything soon. But I do know this, it will be happening.

Ed J said...

Jessie's posse is vehement he will prevail.
Just a feeling, but they are acting like they know something we don't.

history tells all said...

And by the way, this is the person that you should all get behind for mayor in the 2011 race. But he is hesitating on running. I know of his ethics and honesty, but does not want to be hung out to dry. He has watched others turn their backs on good honest people and that is why he is hesitant to run. He said that he would only do it if he has the support of all those that really want to make Ogden the place that it used to be. Not like this star lite baby girlish stuff that Godfrey has done to our town.

David Smith said...

Thanks Ozboy.

OgdenLover said...

I've worked my butt off walking for Susie in two elections. If you are who Ozboy and history say you are, I'll do the same for you when the time comes. Rudi can put you in touch with me if you ever want help. I've got time and I've got computer skills too.

bullet sponge said...

I look forward to a Mayor who can restore the integrity of the commissions. Get the realtors and special interest weasels off the planning and landmarks commissions, and get people like Bonnie Galbraith and Libby Norvell back on the Landmarks commission, who actually know what they're doing.

I'd also like to see a council/Mayor who eliminates rentals from single family home neighborhoods. That alone would do wonders for the community.

Let's hope Jesse pulls this out.

More integrity than anyone in the room said...

history tells..

I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Matty brought up on criminal charges.

I have a couple of friends who work for the City. They've told me countless stories of how Godfrey illegally channels money from various departments into a personal, discretionary account to use for his divine pipedreams.

He has some departments literally stealing from others by billing them for miniscule services for staggering amounts then funneling the money to him. And that doesn't even include how he saddles the golf course with expenditures that have nothing to do with its operation in order to validate his $300,000 loss each year.

And why did one a wealthy Ogden car dealer get his home's driveway repaved by city workers with city equipment and city materials. It couldn't be because he was a big contributor to Godfrey's campaign, could it?

The reason this doesn't come out is because city employees are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak out. Ask Matt Jones if the Mayor is capable of firing you if you cross him.

One of my friends predicts that once Godfrey is out of office, you'll see scores of city employees coming forward with proof of these illegal allegations.

Frank Layden said...


Mark Eaton for Ogden Mayor.

right said...

dude, lay off the weed.

Curmudgeon said...


A base canard, Sir! A scurrilous base canard.

I am not balding!

Mary Hall said...

Ed J. Having worked closely with Jesse on this campaign, I wouldn't say his posse is vehement about his chances to win. There were only 12 provisional ballots in his ward. Still waiting to see how they come out, but even if all of them go to Jesse, it's not enough. Absentees will continue to come in, but with the low voter turnout, it is highly unlikely that Jesse will prevail. Sorry to say. If the count is within 10 votes, the County will do an automatic re-count. We'd all be thrilled, but it's a long shot.

Ed J said...

Thank you Mary. I understood there were 42 provisionals. Thank you for the clarification.


David Smith said...

OgdenLover, Thanks.

Ray Vaughn said...

I disagree with the premise that taller people are better leaders. There are some of us who like to blend in with the crowd. We can better hear the groundswell of opinion and work at the grassroots level. Besides I must be getting taller. My head has now grown beyond my former hairline/

College Student said...

It’s sad that Dave Smith is no where to be found politically until someone found him. I'm a college student and I am involved in local politics to the extent of reading this dumb blog and reading the lousy standard exaggerator. The whole time I've been attending WSU, I haven't seen Dave involved in either party. Taking a poli-sci class and occasionally watching the State Legislature, I think we have a decent man in there to represent central city Ogden. Has anyone talked to this Neil Hansen guy who has worked for the city, knows the ins and outs, and actually does what citizens ask him to do to the best of his ability? Has anyone talked to him and asked him about running again? If I remember last time he ran, Mary Hall frivolously searched for anyone to put in the race and apparently accomplished her feat of keeping Hansen out. OzBoy, what do you think?


Helga said...

Vote Chthulu 2012

Why Vote For The lesser Evil

Helga's friend said...

Check out my buddy Helga


Wm III said...

We voted and these candidates were elected ...

The people's choice ...

I say we look forward with anticipated confidence until they do something to piss us off ...

Just kidding ...

Congratulations to VanHooser, Blair, Stephens, and Garner ...

I'm wishing them much success as caretaker's of our great city ...

critic said...

Cook, that is absolutely the lousiest posting I've ever read. What a pile of horse shit, even with you trying to jazz it up by pretending you're a brainiac whizz with words kind of guy when you put down "For all of the lofty egalitarian pretensions of The West, it is built on axioms of sand."

Actually, you need to smoke more grass, dude.

Curmudgeon said...

College Student:

I supported and worked for NH in the primary race for Mayor two years ago. He didn't finish in the top two. Had his shot along with the others in the race. It's the way the system works. Nobody has a right to a nomination. Has to be won at the polls. Blaming the candidate who made the primary for the fact that your candidate --- and mine in the primary --- did not is unreasonable and wholly unrealistic.

As Mr. Dooley said, "politics ain't beanbag."

Superman said...

Now that the search for a new mayoral candidate has started make sure he/she is "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! Has powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men! Can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his/her and fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!"

Letter to the Editor said...

Check out this letter to the editor!

Letter to the Editor said...


Jeeze Luise said...

Mary Hall "worked closely with Jesse on this campaign"

Jeeze, no wonder Jesse lost. Has any one ever known of Mary Hall being involved in any winning campaign other than her own 10 or 12 years ago when she ran unopposed. How could a seasoned politician like Jesse turn his re-election chances over to Mary Hall?

Mary Hall said...

JL, Yeah, it's tough to be on the losing side of a campaign. Jesse didn't "turn over" his campaign to anyone. I helped - it was a team effort. Sure hope that along with your criticism you are more actively involved than taking swipes at people without posting your name. BTW, I have been involved in a few winning campaigns but being a democrat it makes it a long shot in our State. And for the record, I didn't recruit Susie Van Hooser to run for Mayor. I just couldn't support Mr. Hansen in his bid. On that count I am guilty as charged.

Curmudgeon said...


Considering where Mr. Garcia started from after the primary [his opponent had about a 3-1 lead in votes cast, didn't he?], I'd say the Garcia campaign was a well-run one. Coming from that far back in so short a time to end up only 18 votes short in the first count says to me that whoever was making the decisions knew what they were doing. If I ever so lost my wits that I decided to run for public office [zero chance of that], I'd want them working for me. They clearly know how to fight an uphill come-from-behind campaign, which any election involving me would definitely be.

Bill C. said...

Well, well, Jeeze Louize, I won't sit back and allow you to take shots at such a graceful civic minded individual. Mary Hall has been dedicated and concerned about this community for a very long time. Her gifts, both monetarily and through personal sacrifice have been equal to anyone I can think of.
As for winning and losing, you may want to reconsider. We currently still have our largest city park/golf course and ajoining open space, largely inpart to her efforts. We have not been saddled with a huge public debt combined with the give-away of the city's most cherished assets, for a silly circus ride to exactly nowhere. An urban gondola.
Mary's gifts of money and her time have contributed to many of the things most of us value, the nature centerand Weber Pathways to name a couple.
So back off Jack, or should I say Jeeze.

Think about it said...

Wouldn't Mt. Ogden Park be many more acres in size if not for the Hall development called the "East Bemch at 29th Street?"

I find it interesting for her to suddenly have this overwhelming desire to preserve what's left of the open space in the East Ogden foothils when the previous open space, now condos and single family dwellings, is paying for her huge house and fine meals.

And Jeez Louise, you're right: so far, Hall is 0-2 when it comes to political campaigns that she's been in charge of.

Oh well, that's politics.

Dan S. said...

Think about it:

That's very brave and mature and clever of you, anonymously attacking a contributor to this blog for something her husband did nearly 30 years ago, long before the two of them even met.

For the record, the city decided in 1980 to sell a small portion of Mt. Ogden Park (16 acres out of 220) to help finance park improvements including the golf course. This decision was made before any involvement by George Hall and his partner, who were among many bidders for the project. There is no contradiction whatsoever between buying land that is already for sale, and asking the city not to sell any more.

ozboy said...

Speaking of Mary Hall, I Actually think her husband George Hall just might fit the mayoral criteria as outlined here recently. He's smart, successful, competent and most of all honest!

Sounds just like the stuff Ogden has been missing in the big chair on nine for these last ten years.

Mrs Hall most likely would do a bang up job of it as well.

One of the problems is that most of the fine men and women in Ogden who could do the mayor job, wouldn't want it for various reasons. In Mr. Halls case he most likely has bigger fish to fry. Same probably goes for David Smith.

Home town boy Neil Hansen would actually make a good mayor, especially in contrast to the Imperialistic Godfrey regime. I think a little of Neil's humility and honesty would be just the ticket to take over once the current occupant is brushed off the political scene and into the dust bin of history.

The difficulty with Neil making it is the thorny little problem of the "D" thingy next to his name. That and his well deserved reputation of being a champion to his poorer folk constituents and their causes. He is the rare politician who will actually put his ass on the the line for the citizens, especially when it comes to a matter of integrity and official malfeasance.

So Neil's problem is how to get the "R" luvin crowd above Harrison to embrace a people luvin "D" from below Harrison?

There are most likely a good number of citizens tried and true who would make a good mayor for Ogden. If Mr. Godfrey was the only point of comparison then there are thousands in Ogden who would make great mayor's.

Unfortunately for who ever takes the job next they will have a huge mountain of debt and a very large plate of loser projects to deal with. It will take a man or woman of great wisdom, intellect and soul to solve those problems and also administer and minister to the citizens like a real mayor is supposed to do.

Who is David said...

I really would like to know, who David is?!?!

just a thought said...

As long as folks are tossing names out for potential mayoral candidates in 2011. How about Caitlin Gochnour?

Resident voter said...

Going along with College Student, who is this David Smith, anyway? What has he done and where has he been when it comes to the political genre. Still early in the game, but name recognition may be a good foundation on which to begin to build a run at office, especially the Office of Mayor.

I do agree with Ozboy that George Hall would make an excellent mayor. I believe he took a shot at a legislative seat a couple of years back and came close (but no cigar), and I think he does have "bigger fish to fry," but this is the kind of person that Ogden needs to take the reins and move the City forward. He's accomplished, well known in the right circles and a good guy to boot.

As much as I think of Neil, I believe he's had his shot. Van Hooser had a nice run, but then, in that election, I think the feeling was "anyone but Godfrey." When it got right down to it and a voter was alone in the curtained booth, when it got right down to it the voter realized that VH wasn't really the right one to take over at that time.

Yeah, George Hall in 2011 sounds pretty good to me.

Cryofax said...

In retrospect it's probably best Susie didn't win the Mayorship. She would have been saddled with all the Mayor's projects which have since blown up in his face and been blamed for it. Now we can get a new Mayor in 2 years to clean up his mess without it looking like they caused it.

Brooke said...

It would be nice if everyone took a step back from the Mayor/candidate bashing and looked at what each of the candidates stood for in this and every other election.

As a student at WSU I remember attending more than one debate between the Mayor and Susie and found Susie to be severely incompetent on all the issues discussed even though she had been presented with the questions before the debate. Even in this last election she contradicted herself and the facts she tried to use on multiple occasions.

All proud Ogden residents need to put aside their vendettas and look at the issues.

Although this might be unpopular with many on this blog, the Mayor has done some amazing things for Ogden city. I grew up in Ogden and it is nice to see it growing and truly becoming an even more industrious city, thanks to Mayor Godfrey, in which I am proud to say I live. Others are flocking to Ogden due to the new developments. So like it or not Mayor Godfrey has done some great things.

So instead of shooting down everything the Mayor is for. Choose for yourself what is best for the future of Ogden. As for all the anti-Godfrey cronies, lay off. Get over yourselves and vote for the future of Ogden. If you think he is so horrible why don't you do see what the residents of Ogden really want instead of stalling it's progress by only speaking to those you know hold your same viewpoint.

Britney Spears said...

Honestly, I think we should just trust our mayor in every decision that he makes and we should just support that."

sun valley said...

the fact that your paycheck comes from a Mortgage lender and a FOM does not make your giving Godfrey credit much of a recommendation, brooke. You were giving credit to unemployed people, zero-money down loans to people with 580 credit scores until last year.

Dan S. said...


I'll be the first to admit that Van Hooser didn't do well in that debate. She was extremely nervous and obviously much less knowledgeable than Godfrey. But I still voted for her for two reasons: (1) her views on the issues I care about are closer to mine than Godfrey's are; and (2) I've found her to be far more honest than Godfrey. Sometimes you can't have everything in a candidate and you have to decide which qualities are most important.

In the recent election, however, Van Hooser wasn't running against Godfrey. She was running against Mark Hains, who had no political experience whatsoever and who avoided stating his positions on most specific issues. The "contradictions" that you refer to have been thoroughly debunked here. So if competence and knowledge are your criteria, I hope you voted for Van Hooser.

Regarding your second point, I would say that Mayor Godfrey is very good at taking credit for the good things that have happened in Ogden over the last 10 years. He even takes credit for some of the good things that happened before he became mayor. At the same time, he deserves to be blamed for many of the bad things that have happened, such as the diversion of millions of dollars of BDO revenues to cover the debt from the Junction, and the ever-worsening condition of the abandoned neighborhoods in the River Project area. All in all, I don't think Godfrey has done any more good for Ogden than his predecessor, and I think we would be much better off today if his predecessor had remained in office. But I know there's room for debate on this question and you're certainly entitled to have a different opinion.

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