Saturday, November 21, 2009

WSU Game Day Thread - UPDATED: 'Cats Make Playoffs

“We’ve just got to worry about ourselves,” said WSU coach Ron McBride. “We put ourselves in this predicament."

From this morning'sStandard-Examiner front page sports story:
OGDEN — Weber State University fans will not only be cheering for the Wildcats today as they take on Cal Poly, but they’ll be hoping for victories from the Montana Grizzlies and Northern Arizona Lumberjacks.
They won’t be alone.
Somewhere in the back of the minds of the No. 19-ranked Wildcats, they’ll be wishing for victories by the Griz and ’Jacks as well. That thought hasn’t been easy for the Wildcats to handle, especially since they lost to the Grizzlies 31-10 in Missoula last month.
“It’s a little hard rooting for them, after what they did to us, but we’ve got to,” said WSU defensive lineman Kevin Linehan, one of 17 seniors playing their final game at Stewart Stadium.
WSU (6-4, 6-2 Big Sky Conference) needs a victory over Cal Poly (4-6) as well as help from other teams to get into the Division I Football Championship Subdivision playoffs. The Wildcats are one of 11 teams in serious contention for eight at-large playoff spots. So are Montana State, which plays at Big Sky champion Montana today, and Eastern Washington, which ends the regular season at Northern Arizona.
Since Montana State and No. 18-ranked Eastern Washington could improve to 6-2 in league play with wins, which would tie them... blah, blah blah.
Let's hope our lucky stars are in alignment, WSU fans.

As Coach Mac sez:
“We’ve just got to worry about ourselves,” said WSU coach Ron McBride. “We put ourselves in this predicament."
Go Wildcats.

Update 11/22/09 9:07 a.m.: WSU kicks ass, 47-14:
WSU seniors shine in home finale
Update 11/22/09 4:45 p.m.: Great News for WSU Football fans. From this hot-off-the-press story, we learn that the Wildcats have been selected to enter the FCS playoffs, with a first round faceoff against William & Mary:
Weber State earns second straight playoff berth
11/23/09 12:22 a.m.: The Std-Ex just posted their own playoff selection story on the Live! Site about an hour ago:
Wildcats play on / WSU football earns playoff bid
Congrats to the "Cats! From this point on, Coach Mac's team has the luxury of controlling its own playoff fate.


Loves the Wildcats said...

Wildcats 7; Mustangs 7.

This is very cool said...

Trevyn Smith scores, after a powerfull drive:

WSU 14; CSSLO 7.

RudiZink said...

Tim Toone grabs a pass in the endzone.

WSU 21-Mustangs 7.

This is very cool said...

O00ps! looks like another WSU touchdown...

WSU 28-7 over Cal Poly.

7:13 to go in the first half...

googleboy said...

Wildcats are now up 35-7 in the first half.

Try to keep up.

On the WSU bandwagon said...

Wildcats are now up 38-7 in the first half, with a field goal.

Eddie Are You Kidding said...

Kick Ass!

guys with badges said...

Did the other team show up?

RudiZink said...

Final final:

WSU kicks ass, 47-14.

David S. said...

I don't know how long the Amer Sports open house is running, but my family went and it was nice with food and all.

My wife bought some boots.

Monotreme said...

I went to the Amer Sports open house (had a card in hand for a kid's snowsuit for the Angel Tree).

I was amazed at all the high tech on display there. Our tax dollars were certainly well-spent bringing such a high-tech business to Ogden.

Ended up driving to Riverdale to buy the snowsuit, though.

Monotreme said...

Comment bumped to front page

Curmudgeon said...

Comment moved to new article

Jim Hutchins said...

Weber State makes first round of FCS Playoffs, playing at William & Mary.

Montana AND E. Washington also in.

Curmudgeon said...

Hmmmm.... taking on Thomas Jefferson's old school.

Jim Hutchins said...



Curmudgeon said...

Ah... I wish.

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