Saturday, November 28, 2009

WSU Game Day Thread - 'Cats vs. William & Mary

FCS playoffs: kickoff @ 11 a.m; Utes v. Cougars season finale @ 3:00 p.m.

As all rabid Wildcats fans are aware, WSU squares off against William & Mary this morning at 11:00 a.m. mountain time in game 1 of what we hope to be a four game WSU playoff series. The Standard-Examiner has the story here:
"Cats lay it all on the line
Other than the above, we won't unnecessarily waste bandwidth hyping this game; as everyone knows, this one is for all the marbles.

The audio version of the game will be broadcast on KLO Radio, of course. According to the WSU website, the video version will also be available online via CBS College Sports. (As to this latter broadcast, we DON'T see the game listed on the CBS Sports calender of events, but we'll keep our fingers crossed anyway.)

As is our usual custom, we're setting up this Game Day Thread, so Wildcat fans can lodge their saucy and ever-wise comments before, during and after the game.

Go Wildcats!

Tangential sub-plot: We'll also invite Utes and Cougars fans to chime in on a game of lesser importance, The BYU/Utah "Holy War" Game, which kicks off at 3:00 p.m. in Provo.

Yeah... we know the Utes and Cougars aren't playoff quality teams like our Wildcats... but as popular northern Utah teams, we don't mind giving them a place in the Weber County Forum spotlight... at least once per season.

Don't let the cat get your tongues, "Cats fans.

Update CBS College Sports Broadcast 11:28 a.m.: Good news for WSU fans. The WSU/William & Mary Game is now live-streaming on the CBS-C site!

Update 11/29/09 10:00 a.m.: Final score... William & Mary 38; WSU 0. This morning's Standard-Examiner provides the grim post mortem:
Turnovers and tepid play leave ’Cats with ... Nowhere to turn
Sad ending to an otherwise encouraging season.


Jim Hutchins said...

I have been trying to get into the CBS sports streaming video, but like Rudi, it doesn't seem to be listed.

I filed a report.


Jim Hutchins said...

Just got a call from CBS customer service. It's up now.

Kevin said...

This is the link. To bad it doesn't work ! Grrrrr...

RudiZink said...

Aggravating, to say the least.

Kevin said...

It works now, better late than never!!

Kevin said...

Go to Event guide and search for William and Mary and it will come up and play!

RudiZink said...

Oh Great! now that the video broadcast is running, we find that the play-by-play audio is being done by a couple of crackers from the William & Mary broadcast team.

Too funny!

Jim Hutchins said...

I have KLO on the audio and CBS on the video. There's a delay, but better than listening to those wahoos.

W&M 7 WSU 0

Weber State needs to stop running that screen pass. It gets intercepted.

wipe that smile off your face said...

Oops! Higgins throws an interception on a center screen, which W&M runs back all the way for a TD!

W&M 7; WSU 0.

Jim Hutchins said...

Awww, Higgins.

W&M 17 WSU 0

FanAntic said...

WSU is now down 24-7 to a school that nobody has heard anything about since Thoamas Jefferson was a graduate.

Get your shit together, Wildcats!

Jim Hutchins said...

Actually, Fan, William & Mary was ranked higher than Weber State by every site that ranks BCS/I-AA teams.

Of course, S Dakota State is beating Montana 24-14 (but it used to be 17-0). Big Sky better step up to the plate.

Passing is Goode said...

WSU is screwed, unless they open up the passing game!

Jim Hutchins said...

William & Mary 24 WSU 0
S Dakota St 31 Montana 14 (2:33 2nd)
SF Austin 10 E Wash 3 (4:14 1st)

Jim Hutchins said...

I meant "FCS" in my above post, but WSU still loses, final score

William & Mary 38 WSU 0

zoobie hater said...

OKAY now... The only rational thing that can come out of this WSU/William&Mary debacle...

The Utes need to kick the zoobies' ass.

Kickoff @3:00 p.m., as Rudi said.

Curmudgeon said...

Not ready for prime time. That's about the kindest way to sum up WSU's game today.

Time too to drag out the old Brooklyn Dodger perennial end of season lament: "Aw... wait'll next year!"

Ouch said...

Speaking of which, players report to the new Arizona location for spring training in a scant 4 months.
Weak pitching has been the lament since Hershiser/valenzuela.
We will see how our rock stars in blue do this next year. Its been a hell of a drought in LaLa land; too muck coke and too many strippers in the posh clubhouse.

Go Dodgers!

Curmudgeon said...


MaY the benighted Spawn of O'Malley, the Los Angeles National League Baseball Organization, set a new record for losing in the coming season. [I will accept their going 0-162 as proof that there is a god and that she is just.]

Flunked English said...

Speaking of cats - What happens in Provo stays in Provo

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