Monday, November 09, 2009

Another Blue Sky Utah Mega Ski Resort Hits the Bankruptcy Auction Block

More circumstantial evidence that its a good thing that Emerald City citizens didn't sip the Godfrey/Peterson/Lift Ogden Kool-aide

By Curmudgeon

The Salt Lake Tribune has a story up about a much touted mega ski resort development in Utah, Elk Meadows, once touted as a can't fail exclusive up-market resort with an estimated value of $3.5 billion. Now on the auction block with a suggested value of $5.15 million:
Elk Meadows ski resort on auction block
Couldn't help wondering as I read it whether if the Ogden City Council and voters had drunk the Mtwo-gondola-Malan's Basin-ski-resort-Mt.-Ogden-Park-Condo-Development Kool-Aid the Mayor and Lift Ogden and the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce leaders had urged them to drink six years ago, we'd now be reading stories about "Malan's Basin Resort On Bankruptcy Auction Block" and "Half Finished Condos On Ogden Benches Depress Home Values."

Worth a moment's thought at least. Or maybe two.


Geiger and Son Velodrome Eguipment Supply Co, Inc. said...


googlegirl said...

Don K. Wilson Malan's Basin Feasibility Study

R. Waters said...

Goodbye Blue Sky. Goodbye.

Danny said...

What took so long? Elk Meadows was never viable. It was only a question of time.

Like the US economy is now - not viable - only a matter of when.

Get ready to hold on.

ozboy said...

As I recall the ill fated law that the hustlers up at Powderville are exploiting to try and rape Ogden Valley was actually tailor made for these sleaze balls with big dreams down at Elk Meadows.

They were having trouble with the County Commissioners there with trying to railroad the project through. They were intending on driving out, or dispossessing in one way or another, the people who already owned property at Elk Meadow. Those folks who were there already just were not high falutin enough for these wanna be developers with big dreams. So to get around the obstacle they cooked up this angle with a couple of friendly legislators to do an end run on the County Commission. (sound familiar?) Anyway, they worked out the problems with the commission and never used the ill advised law they had tailor made for their caper.

There were then some other hustlers who decided to use the so called "law" to do their own town up by Heber. They ultimately had an end run done on them by some of the local residents and they never got off the ground.

The Powderville crooks are the only ones who have taken the since repealed law to the level they have.

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