Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ogden Streetcar Planning Update: Sign the Danged Petition - UPDATED - Software Bug Fixed

One last chance to tell the mind-number UTA/UDOT bureaucrats what's up with the Lumpencitizens of Emerald City
Happily, the little glitch in the online petition software which was earlier reported in this space... has now been fixed

In the wake of yesterday's WCF article, wherein we shined the spotlight on this most excellent Standard-Examiner letter to the editor, and asked for reader suggestions as to how we, the ever-downtrodden Lumpencitizens of Emerald City, could help jar the mind-numbed UTA/UDOT bureaucrats into recommending an east-west streetcar alignment which would actually benefit Ogden, we received something important from one of our gentle readers via email late last evening.

Here's what we received from the most remarkable Ogden City activist Shalae Larsen, via an email transmitted from her Facebook page:
Subject: Sign the petition, bring back the streetcar!
We need your help!
Please visit the website and sign our petition to bring the streetcar back to the Trolley District.
Tell your friends! This is our last opportunity to tell UDOT and UTA how we feel. Thank you all!
Well Shalae, that's exactly what we're doing at Weber County Forum. We're telling our friends. And believe-you- me... we have thousands of them.

If you're in favor of a 25th/26th streetcar corridor which would actually serve the heart of Ogden, be sure to navigate to the link provided above, and enter your information to the petition.

If you're in favor of the 36th street alignment... just go fishin'. I hear they're catchin' 24-inch "Tiger Trout" hybrids on Burch Creek.

Let's get crackin', WCF readers... log you names onto the petition.

A seven-lane highway is what UTA/UDOT have ultimately planned for Ogden's already overbuilt Harrison Boulevard; and according to at least one well informed gentle reader's speculation, that's why UTA/UDOT is holding out.

If you're mad as hell, please chime in with your comment. If you're madder than hell, chip in twice.

Whatever your current state of mind may be however, please be sure to "sign" the petition.

Update 11/22/09 6:;59 p.m.: Happily, the little glitch in the online petition software which was earlier reported in this space... has now been fixed.

Here's the petition link again:
Sign the online petition
Have at it, O Gentle Ones...


Val Holley said...

I'd love to sign the petition but after clicking on "Sign the Petition" the computer screen keeps flashing "Done, but with errors on the page" at me.

CB said...

Same here, I can't open the petition to sign. Where else can I go?

BAT_girl said...

Thanks Rudi for posting this article. The hot links work for me.

TRY the main web site:

Then go to: GET INVOLVED
Scroll to: signing our petition

That hot link should work.

Conductor said...

I'm sorry to anyone who's having difficulty signing our petition. We're a grassroots effort - literally - and our awesome 14-year old webmaster is working on fixing the code. We promise to keep you informed.

In the meanwhile you can sign the petition using a safari or firefox internet browser. Thanks!

BAT_girl said...

Here are a few more local folks anyone here can contact:
Cory Pope, UDOT, 801-620-1600,
Darin Duersch, UDOT, 801-620-1607,
Mick Crandall, UTA, 801-262-5626 x2135, mcrandall@uta.;
?Randy's replacement?, UTA
Dave Hardman, Chamber, 801-621-8300,
Jan Zogmeister, Weber County, 801-399-8406, jzogmaister@co.;
Greg Scott, WFRC, 801-773-5559 x119,
Norm Tarbox, Weber State, 801-626-6003,
John Grima, MackayDee Hospital,
Scott Darrington, South Ogden,
Bill Cook, Ogden, 801-629-8153,
Caitlin Gochnour, Ogden, 801-627-0013,
Amy Wicks, Ogden, 801-389-7253,
Matthew Godfrey, Ogden, 801-629-8111,

get er' done said...

look who is in the money
can anyone get the 990 IRS forms on this.

Pat Dean said...

Once Again Rudi,

My hats off to you for bringing this most excellent post to the W.C.Forum. The Trolley street car through the main part of Ogden is instrumental to the success of the Junction, Weber State, McKay-Dee and the rest of Ogden proper. Lets embrace or heritage and reinstate the Trolley streetcars to help keep the Spirit of Ogden moving forward...

We can't afford to miss out on this opportunity. Remember we don't get a second chance to make a first impression....

This is where a chain letter mentality would come in swell... I'll forward this post to ten friend and ask then to send it to ten friends.... In a day or two we could have everyone with computer access in Weber County signing this petition.... I'm sending it out tonight.... I challenge all you folks that visit this blog to do the same.....

Now were talking grass root movement !!!!!!!

Shalae, I loved the tour of the routes. Great Idea..... Wonderful tool... Keep up the good work...

Jennifer Neil said...

get er done: what is the connection with Ogden Community Fdn, or Leroy Pierce?


get er' done said...

This is the money that came to the city from the sale of the American building. The real issue is that that money is tax money from the state and the feds.

B.S said...

Leroy Pierce is L.Nate Pierce. He is the former CAO for Ogden City. Matt Godfrey ran him off when he (Godfrey) hired pureheart Patterson. Godfrey treated Nate like a neutered dog.
Nate now works for Weber County.

B.S said...

Leroy Pierce is L.Nate Pierce. He is the former CAO for Ogden City. Matt Godfrey ran him off when he (Godfrey) hired pureheart Patterson. Godfrey treated Nate like a neutered dog.
Nate now works for Weber County.

BAT_girl said...

Shalae, Could you give us an update on how many signatures you have on your petition. there a way to make the petition viewable, on your web site? So that it can be sent, by you, every time you get enough more signatures, onto the list above of IMPORTANT emails........?

I think that would keep everyone spirits up, that your petition will make a difference. Also, give us an update here, in this comment queue, so more people will send the link to this article and comments..........on.

Conductor said...

Thanks to everyone who has signed our petition! We're at 50 and counting. Not bad for our first day live - glitches and all!

While you are on the site, be sure to check out our route simulator. Although it only works in firefox or safari at the moment. We're working on an updated version.

I like Pat's idea about the chain letter - let's continue to get the word out!

Stephen M. Cook said...

We just perused the web site for a trolley district, read each page, and signed the petition. What a nicely designed site!
What a great group of people making this happen. We are behind this 100 percent.

Stephen M. Cook said...

We also just went back and read our districts council-person elect Garner make a response to the questioner submitted to him by the trolley folk.

We agree with his answers, mostly. He seems to be a thinker. Not a bad quality in a person who makes weighty decisions. After a lengthy stint by Garcia, it might be nice to see some new ideas. Finally.

jamesgeologist said...

This is the Recommendations sent out by UDOT and UTA. Thanks Shalae for posting this on the site.....

democrat said...

The Street Cars and the Gondola are a waste of tax dollars. Ogden City can't even afford paying it's Police Officers a fair livable wage.

Pat Dean said...

Good Morning democrat,

Transportation funds and Public Safety funds come from two different pools of allocated monies....

We are trying to sway the monies in the Transportation Fund and you are trying to sway monies in the Public Safety Fund.

Perhaps you need to write an article for this Blog site that addresses the under paid Police and, lets not forget the Firefighters. I agree with you they are way under staffed and poorly equipped and severely underpaid

But feel free to take a stance on the Trolley issue under this Article.. Are you for or against the Routing of the Trolley through or around the District? Have you signed the petition? Do you care about public Transportation?

These are all questions you need to ask your self prior to making an informed decision on the Routing of the Streetcars?

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