Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Morning Emerald City News Roundup

Open topic thread: Dwell on any of the topics suggested below... or start up a discussion all your own

Three Weber County Forum-topical items on this morning's Standard-Examiner Live! Website, which we'll briefly reel off one-by-one, as a prelude to a WCF open topic thread:

1) Scott Schwebke reports this morning that Ogden whistle blower Dean Martinez, who's fought a quite valiant uphill court fight, learns the hard way that the average Joe Blow lumpencitizen gets just as much "justice" as he can afford:
Suit against Ogden officials dismissed
2) Ogden resident Troy Lincoln weighs the evidence, and offers a well-reasoned conclusion:
Evidence points to development of Ogden foothills
3) For the Weber State Wildcats and Wildcats fans, the reality of Saturday's FCS playoff game sinks in:
'Cats prepare to go East, young man
With back-to-back playoff trips, will WSU fans start feeling "a little spoiled" and start expecting a similar playoff run every year?

"That's what you want," sez Da Coach!

That's it for now WCF readers. Dwell on any of the above suggested topics... or start up a discussion all your own.


althepal said...

Congrats to Coach Mac, for setting the WSU football program on course toward a winning tradition!

Moroni McConkie said...

Troy Lincoln for mayor.

Ogdenite said...

People should also look at the destruction at the Strong's Canyon trailhead at the top of 36th. At the trail head is a letter on city letterhead saying this is for water improvements. This is a lie. It is for UNAUTHORIZED water infrastructure that the city council has not voted for - for Godfrey's hotel and condo project.

Godfrey's outdoor vision is a sham cover for developers who are licking their chops for our open space and trails on the bench.

Flunked English said...

Hi Rudi, I figured out how to post comments again, we don't have to make up a new name. just FYI

RudiZink said...

Good job, Flunked!

Something tells me you'll be providing the results of your top-notch web research abilities very soon.

Glad to see you've reclaimed your Google ID, btw.

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