Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Powder Mountain Update: A New Citizen Petition

Please do your part to help free the beleaguered Ogden Valley citizens from Utah-style corporo-fascist tyranny

There's more frenzied activity on the Powder Mountain Township front, as the valiant citizens of Ogden Valley mobilize yet again to get our from under the Powder Mountain Developers' thumb. House Representative Gage Froerer and State Senator Allen Christensen are planning to introduce a new bill in the upcoming 2010 state legislative session, which will be substantially similar to last year's H.B. 201, the bill which was mercilessly killed by real estate developer-friendly Senate Leadership during the last hour of the 2009 legislative session. In connection with this, the aggrieved Powdervillians have established a new citizen petition on the Ogden Valley Forum blogsite, calling upon Utah citizens to chime in with their support for this bill.

The object of this bill is concisely set forth in the body of the citizen petition:

This bill applies only to town incorporation petitions currently pending under the provisions of the 2007 HB466 law (in effect from June 2007 to March 2008), which allowed incorporation of a town and selection of town officers by large, non-resident property owners without any participation of the voters of the town. The proposed change would remove the requirement for a 24-month waiting period prior to a disincorporation election, allowing the voters of the town to decide immediately whether or not a town is in the best interest of the majority of citizens and property owners.
In our view, this new legislation would be exactly what the doctor ordered for the prospective citizens of Powder Mountain Town, who are being unwillingly impressed into a corporate-controlled municipal entity, with absolutely no say in the matter.

We therefore urge all fair-minded Weber County Forum readers to navigate to the Ogden Valley Forum site, to affix your electronic signatures to the petition:
Be the first to sign the petition
Please be sure to do your part to help free the beleaguered Ogden Valley citizens from Utah-style corporo-fascist tyranny.

There are already 94 citizen signatures on the petition as we publish this. Let's do what we can to seriously run up the count.


Jennifer Neil said...

The name of the Lovely Jennifer graces the petition page at the Lovely Number 99


Anonymous said...

After a year of review, you can find our signature at place 100.

Apropos of Nothing said...

Most of the posters on WCF cannot sign this petition, out of fear of losing their city jobs. Just an observation. ;>

Number 108 said...


Dorothy Littrell said...

Thanks to Gage Froerer and Allen Christensen for introducing this legislation.

Anonymous said...

Does Rep. Froerer live within the potential Powderville boundaries?

Blitzer said...

Mr. Froerer does not live anywhere near the Powder Mountain boundaries.

Curmudgeon said...

In re: Mr.Froerer's residence. As far as I'm concerned, it's irrelevant. Everyone who was a member of the legislature and who fell asleep at the switch when this un-American Developers Dream Bill passed, Republican or Democrat, and who did not vote against it on final passage, should out of a deep and fully justified sense of shame and contrition, be on this bill as a co-sponsor. No matter where they live. If we had a Truth In Advertising law that covered the naming of legislative bills, this one would have to be called The Mea Culpa Act.

Anonymous said...

Good point. My interest is more personal, as I am moving to Patio Springs in the early spring, which might fall within the proposed Powderville boundaries.

I will google, as my question was irrelevant to the discussion. Or, was it?

See, I am not moving to Powderville, period.
So if my new house is in Powderville, I need to talk with the bill's sponsors, and explain to them why there will be no Powderville, and make sure thewy understand.

He said, as he went to look up info.

Pistol Pete said...

There is no question that the legislature made up of both democrats and republicans passed this HB466 without a single no vote. It is also the responsibility of the attorneys for the legislature to vet such bills to prevent this kind of fiasco.

Carolyn said...


Sorry, Pete, but the buck stops on this one with the legislators who voted unanimously in the affirmative. We pay them to legilsate. Their legal advisers may have dropped the ball on this one too, big time, but in the end, the buck stops with the boys and girls who vote on bills.

And so it's their responsibility to fix the mess they made.

Thomas Jefferson said...

Carolyn, you are correct but those legislators were from both parties. The republicans hold the majority, but since it passed without a dissenting vote, this was a goof up across the political spectrum.

Curmudgeon said...


No argument there. Nor did Carolyn's post suggest the screw up was a partisan matter, noting as it did that the vote for the bill on final passage in the house was unanimous.

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