Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Standard-Examiner: Utah GOP Opposes Citizens Initiative on Ethics

Sign the petition and sending a strong citizen message to the fatcats in Utah GOP legislative leadership

The Standard-Examiner carries an Associated Press story this morning, reporting that the Utah Republican Party's "governing committee" passed a resolution on Saturday, opposing the Utahns for Ethical Government UEG citizen legislative ethics initiative, which among other things would establish an independent ethics commission, a code of conduct for state lawmakers, a lobbyist gift ban and limits on campaign contributions:
Resolved: Utah GOP opposes citizens initiative on ethics
For those readers who are familiar with state GOP politics, this action should come as no surprise at all, inasmuch as party insiders know that the State GOP Central Committee has long served as a lapdog for Utah GOP legislative leadership, who vigorously oppose any serious Utah legislative ethics reform.

This morning's story provides an ideal opportunity, we believe, to remind our readers that petitions are available locally. So for the benefit of those WCF readers who've not yet signed the petition, we'll once again provide the the two centrally-situated Ogden locations where you can sign a petition:
Joyce Wilson (Weber County)
979 27th
Ogden, UT

Ogden-Weber UniServ (Weber County)
939 25th St
Ogden, UT 84401
Notably, this morning's story reports that "former Republican Gov. Olene Walker and other former Republican lawmakers are expected to express their support for the initiative during a news conference at the Capitol." Yes gentle readers, there are many Utah Republicans who are fed up with the ethical cesspool which presently exists on Utah's Capitol Hill; and the State GOP Central Committee's attempt to transform ethics reform into a party-partisan issue should not dissuade anyone of any political persuasion from signing the petition and sending a strong citizen message to the fatcats in Utah GOP legislative leadership.

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones.

Update 11/24/09 10:07 a.m.: Fine article on this topic from The Non Partisan blog, from which we extract this stirring quote:
Wake up people of Utah, this is your GOP and what they stand for. They stand for themselves, their power, their privileges, and their ability to continue to profit from the positions of trust you’ve given them.
Read the full article here:
Utah’s GOP - Bastion of Corruption:
If this won't get our readers' juices flowing this morning, we frankly don't know what will.

Update 11/24/09 10:44 a.m.: Mark your calenders for 11:30 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 30, folks. The Deseret News reports that Weber State University will host a debate on the current citizen legislative ethics initiative at that time and date:
Weber to host ethics debate
Seems to us that this would be the ideal opportunity for petition promoters to have petitions available for signature at this event.


Dorrene Jeske said...

An ethics code and way of doing business for the Utah State GOP is way past due! I hope that a real change can be accomplished this year.

It only creates suspicion when they oppose something so vehemently. What are they hiding? Are they receiving paybacks or is that they are so power-hungary and want to dominate Utah politics to benefit themselves that they can't stand to lose some of that power to the ordinary citizen?

Ray said...

Once again the Utah GOP shows it’s true color- Yellow. Afraid of upsetting their applecart (handcart?) and losing the perks, privileges, and power they’ve grown accustomed to. I’ve expressed a doubt that change can really happen in Utah on a previous post but perhaps if enough citizens finally get PO’d we can vote in some decent ethics laws and perhaps get rid of the obscene gerrymandered political boundaries as well.

Zipper said...

In any other state, politicians would be committing political suicide by opposing reasonable changes
in ethics guidelines for themselves. Not in Utah!

When so many former mainstream Utah politicians support ethical reform, their opposition clearly sends the message to the public that these current politicians do not want anyone to mess with their private little club activities.

As Dorrene Jeske asked, "What are they afraid of"?

get er' done said...

for real ethics reform in utah for democrats for all offices.

Ray said...

Todays SLT (11/26 pg.B-3) has an article titled "Who pays the costs of ethics complaints?". In it former Utah Republican Party vice chairman and attorney Todd Weiler expresses concern about the potential to line private attorneys pockets representing legislatures who have complaints filed. While the fear mongering by Utah Repubs continues I think the answer is: All Utahans pay the costs of an unethical legislature as evidenced by recent lapses in our law making body. Who pays the legal fees for Powervillians trying to fend of real estate interests?, who pays the $250,000 for a Police Chief to serve as a state Senator? The Republicans don't seem concerned about whise pockets are being lined there.

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