Friday, November 06, 2009

Powder Mountain Update: Fundraiser Scheduled For Next Friday Night @ Union Station

Fundraiser: Music, dinner and melodrama

During the past two months we've maintained our lazer focus on Ogden City politics, and the 2009 Ogden City Municpal Election in particular. Over that time however we've unfortunately neglected another topic near and dear to hearts, the still-ongoing Powder Mountain Township legal standoff. Although the court case is still languishing in the appeals process, there is one upcoming event about which we'd like to alert our readers. Specifically, the brave Powdervillians, that valiant group of Ogden Valley Citizens who are financing this litigation, which is aimed at freeing these folk from the oppressive thumb of the Powder Mountain Developer's company township, have scheduled a fundraising event at Ogden's Union Station for the evening of Friday, November 13. Check out the Ogden Valley Forum blog for further details. (Click image to enlarge):
Fund Raiser Reminder!
We've also spoken this morning with Chelse Maughan, one of the event's contact people listed within the above OVF article. She informs us that the event will also include 6:00 p.m. social hour, a silent auction, and a melodrama performance for which a group of dedicated performers have been feverishly rehearsing for the past several months. And when you read the word "melodrama," by the way folks, take our word that this won't be your great grandpappy's silent film melodrama, although we will predict a similar theme and thrilling plot tension. This one will be humorously and specifically geared toward the situation in Ogden Valley instead, with the above mentioned caveats. Dinner will be catered by Union Grill/Roosters btw (yum), and tickets are on sale for a bargain price of $100 apiece.

Weber County Forum readers demonstrated considerable generosity during the Powdervillians' last fundraising drive, and we encourage WCF readers who'd like to pitch in on this latest effort to contact Ms. Maughan via the contact information furnished on the OVF blogsite.

We regret our tardiness in reporting this event. Call it a case of Ogden City elections tunnel vision. We do hope however that at least a few of our readers will still add this event to next week's calender. And if you can't make this event, how about arranging to send a few dollars to Ms. Maughan anyway? Emerald City Lumpencitzens aren't the only Weber County residents fighting like badgers against insatiable developer greed:

Perhaps it's again time for our always-generous WCF readers to offer our besieged neighbors to the east a further helping hand.

Update 11/16/09 7:56 a.m.: Be sure to check out Kimball Wheatley's post-event report:
Ogden Valley Powderville Fundraiser is a resounding success!


history tells all said...

I hope this fundraiser will help to get some democrats elected to the county commission. I hope these people will realize that it was the republicans that did this to them and they should turn them out in this next election.

R. Grant said...

A well written blog post, Rudi Zink.

scooter said...

Well illustrated, too. Loved the Cagle cartoon!

Rasputin said...

Thanks for the support for Ogden Valley residents, but this town incorporation will effect all of Northern Utah. The damage done to Ogden Valley by these greedy developers will destroy the favorite playground and beautiful area we all enjoy.

Jennifer Neil said...

I have said it before ... I live in Ogden, and I know it will affect me - especially water wise! I can find alternate traffice routes, but you can't replace stolen water. WE irrigate to keep our property watered, and pay dearly every year for our water shares. Don't let PMT idiots take that away from me & my neighbors ...


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