Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Breaking: Weber County Sheriff Brad Slater Announces His Retirement

We duly congratulate Sheriff Slater for his many years of dedicated and highly competent public service

Here's an interesting followup to a comment posted under a WCF article below, by Gentle Reader Sheriff not running for re-election:
Sheriff Brad Slater is not running for re-election this year...
Good news he has groomed a field of men and women to replace him...I for one will miss Sheriff Slater!
We've contacted Sheriff Slater, who confirms, that after 30 years' service in the Weber County Sheriff's Office, he'll now be stepping down and retiring at the end of the year. Sheriff Slater has also graciously provided us an electronic copy of his memorandum of resignation, which we link (with mixed feelings) below:
Slater Retirement Memo
We agree, by the way, with Gentle Reader Sheriff's post about Sheriff Slater not running for re-election with regard to this: "I for one will miss Sheriff Slater!"

We too.

We duly congratulate Sheriff Slater for his many years of dedicated and highly competent public service; and we also agree that Sheriff Slater will be "much missed," after his retirement in January 2011.

Sheriff Slater also told us he'll be endorsing his preferred Weber County Sheriff successor, possibly as early as early the Weber County GOP Nominating Convention.

With this in mind, we can't wait to endorse Sheriff Slater's "Pick."

Update 1/13/10 7:00 a.m.: The Standard-Examiner now has the story up on its website:
Weber sheriff won't run for re-election


Flunked English said...

Regardless of Party affiliation or position - Brad Slater is a rare combination of class and competence.

My hat is off to him and my sincere thanks go to him.

I am somewhat aware of the team that he has assembled over the years as such I'll be willing to endorse and vote for his "pick".

Ray said...

My last 6 years in Federal law enforcement were based in Weber County although I interacted with Sheriffs throughout the state. I had occasion to get to know and work with Sheriff Slater and he was and is a class act. Always wanting to do the right and lawful thing even if not the politcally expediant way to go. His peers in the National and Western Sheriffs Associations look to him for wise and thoughtful council. He will be missed.

blackrulon said...

Wouldn"t it be a prudent idea to find out who Slaters endorses as his replacement before rushing to "with this in mind, we can'[t wait to endorse Sheriff Slater's pick."

Anonymous said...

Mr. Slater could become a behind the scenes consultant regarding public safety issues; lord knows he has the experience.
Now that he has no public political restraints, it would be nice to see how our county's most knowledgeable law enforcement retiree views some of the pressing problems facing the various law enforcement agencies.

We sure would do more than just listen to him.

ozboy said...

Maybe Slater is just going to join the ranks of the double dippers who are so prevalent in local government these days?

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