Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Candidates Begin Filing For 2010 General Election

Election coverage is our forte here at Weber County Forum; and we confess we can't wait to dive into the races

Following close on the heels of the end of the 2010 Utah legislative session, we learn from this morning's Standard Examiner that it's now time to kick off the 2010 General Election season. Read the Standard's morning writeup here:
Candidates begin filing for election
With the impending retirement of Weber County Sheriff Brad Slater, there are three fresh faces lining up for the Weber County Sheriff's job, with Democrat Gary Haws and Republicans Brett Haycock and Terry Thompson vying for the nomination from their respective County Conventions. And in Ogden's House Legislative District 9, it's deja vu all over again, with defeated 2008 Republican candidate, Utah Association of Realtors sock-puppet Jeremy Peterson once again facing off bravely against 11-term juggernaut Democratic Party State Representative Neil Hansen.

Incumbent Utah State Senator-for-Life Bob Bennett will obviously also have his hands full at the May GOP Convention too, with three GOP Challengers, David Chiu, Tim Bridgewater and Leonard Fabiano already signed on for the race, and with undeclared challengers Cherilyn Eager and Mike Lee still waiting in the wings. Soon, we're quite sure, the Democrats will also have a declared candidate in this important race too.

For a full list of candidates who've already declared their candidacy for state-wide and local offices, check out this link:
Election coverage is our forte here at Weber County Forum of course; and we confess we can't wait to dive into the various races.

That's it for now however, Gentle Readers.

Who wants to comment on the candidacies which have been declared to date?


althepal said...

althepal said...

Thompson for Sheriff!

Monotreme said...

I received a robocall today from the State Democratic Party, asking me to run for State Senate.


Is this what we're reduced to?

Ogden Dem said...

I have never quite understood why the county sheriff position is an elected position and not appointed and for the life of me why is it partisan.

Can anyone add for insight for me?

Al said...

I think Senator Monotreme has a nice ring to it.

Grumpy Anti-neoCON said...

Here's some interesting stuff about that Jeremy Peterson Nitwit, who's once again running from the G-Train's real estate office in a quixotic effort to knock off Neil Hansen In District 9.

Take a look at Jeremy Peterson's closing Utah 2008 campaign disclosure statement, where he does disclose some $21,424.15 in campaign expenses, but entirely fails to disclose the names of his 2008 campaign contributors.

Jeremy Peterson 2008 Summary Page

The required Schedule A attachment, Itemized Contributions Received is conspicuously missing from this filed document.

The question is: Who donated the nearly $22 Grand? Mr. Peterson's filed documents certainly don't enlighten us on this.

There are many questions yet to be answered we think, before this Peterson neoCON Republican A-hole's name should ever be returned to a Utah/Weber county ballot.

Who financed his last losing campaign, I ask. And what neoCON assholes are financing this latest one?

Zodiac said...

I suggests Amy Wicks for one of the Weber County Commissioner spots. Weber County needs somebody on that Commission that is not part of the same tired old leadership that we see throughout Utah and our legislature. Forget the political parties, we need someone who cares for the citizens, not the developers and real estate interests. Haven't we seen enough of the zero ethics leadership in important positions?

Squirt said...

Amy Wicks sounds good to me. The unholy three that sit on the Weber County Commission should be ashamed of themselves for their pro developer, pro helicopter and anti citizen voting record. We need change at the County level and state level.

Amy belongs to us said...

You can't have Amy Wicks.

She belongs to Ogden City!

Squirt said...

Just think what she could do for Weber County!

Otto West said...

Don't touch her. She's MINE!

ozboy said...

Sorry Otto

Amy is a woman of the people, she belongs to all of us. Perhaps we really ought to broaden our thinking here and look at her as Governator material, you know - share her with the whole friggen state, not just the Weber County folk. Now there is an idea who's time should happen! Maybe she could do a few turns around the track in the Mayor's chair first. Both offices need some one like her with some brains, class and integrity.

AMY for GOVERNATOR!! Ya gotta love it!!!

Republicans for Amy Wicks said...

Amy Wicks is going to run for Biscoff's seat! What good news for Weber County and the political process.

It really presents an opportunity to change the status quo that has resulted in higher taxes and less services in Weber County.

Please! said...

If Stupid "Grumpy" knew how to look up disclosures, he would know that he linked to the summary page. The donations are listed with each separate disclosure. They are all there and accounted for. I checked.

You're an idiot.

Ahah! said...

Hmmm... Interesting that "Please!" aka Jeremy Peterson chastised "Grumpy" for failing to drill down to Jeremy Peterson's detailed campaign disclosure, yet he didn't provide the link either.

Does this imbecile Peterson actually believe that nobody can find it??

If it had been favorable to him; he surely would have posted it, right?

Remember, Peterson is a Realtor; and that as such he only lies when his lips are moving.

googlegirl said...

Report of Contributions and Expenditures For Legislative Candidates and Officeholders - Jeremy Peterson

$2000 from Envision Ogden!

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