Saturday, January 01, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune: SLC Clicks Its Way to No. 1 in Million-Dollar Contest

For a state that has such a high hunger ratio, there are a lot of people who have the computers to do all the clicking

Good news for Salt Lake and Ogden Cities in re the Walmart Foundation "Fighting Hunger Together" Facebook campaign. Salt Lake finished #1; Ogden came in #4, as the online contest came to a close at 5:00 p.m. yesterday:
SLC clicks its way to No. 1 in million-dollar contest
Assuming that the vote count passes the formal audit, this means that $1.1 million will soon be making its way to hungry mouths in Utah.

As one SLTrib reader wryly observed in the article comments section, "For a state that has such a high hunger ratio, [it seems that] there are a lot of people who have the computers to do all the clicking."

Update 1/6/10 10:00 a.m.: For what it's worth, the Standard finally gets around to reporting the story this morning:
Walmart grant to feed area hungry


Dan S. said...

At the risk of offending my many friends to participated in this game, here's another comment from the Trib site that I find appropriate:

"Pitting one city against another. Are the SLC needy needier than the Fresno needy? I don't think so. What would really be nice is if the people that think so, by playing this barbaric game, would send $1 for every time they clicked. That would be a $5 million donation. Put your money where your "pride" is."

RudiZink said...

Well if its any consolation, Dan, according to the Walmart website, the recently completed contest is merely a part of the Walmart Foundation's commitment to provide $2 billion cash and in-kind contributions to "help end hunger in America."

Perhaps the Foundation will come up with something a little less hokey the next go-round ;-)

Curmudgeon said...


And the contest is getting a lot of play in the press, which means it's keeping hunger in America on the radar for millions of people I suspect who don't much think about it, particularly in the period after TGiving and Xmas. My understanding is the post-holiday period is kind of a down time for food bank donations. All the publicity tied to the contest helps with that, even in places which didn't win money from Wal-Mart.

And I imagine too that many who "clicked" for their city in this promotion themselves make donations to their local food banks, either in money, in food or in time volunteered.

bobWHO said...

I see this hunger most every day.......hokey or will provide a warm meal...not many smiles on a face of a child feeling hunger......

on a other note...pls. keep up your awsome work , trying to keep tract of little matt....

Biker Babe said...

one could have gone online and voted as many times as the rules allowed for every single city o n the list .. rather than not voting at all.


donk said...


No question, your logic probably trumps my emotional - "lets get the money for SLC and good old Ogden".

I am not offended and I'm sure your other emotionally motivated friends feel much the same.

Besides, it is probably a good idea that we all save our energies for the ongoing battle between good and evil - us verses da mayor and as curm would say......"grin".

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