Monday, January 03, 2011

Dave Barry’s 2010 Year in Review

A month-by-month reminder of just how awful it was

Highly amusing 2010 year-end wrap up this morning, from inimitable Miami Herald humormeister Dave Berry:
Dave Barry’s 2010 Year in Review
Try not to worry about what's coming up in 2011.

Have another margarita.


Win said...

Sorry, 2010 was a great year, for us winners.
It was only the losers who disliked 2010.
Those self-created pathetic complainers need to buck up, quit sniveling, or just go away.

2010 kicked ass.

Danny said...

I still feel the future will be frighteningly dark, yet I closed my short positions some time ago, at a loss.

With the federal gummint and the Fed pouring trillions, TRILLIONS, into Wall Street, the day of reckoning will have to wait. I should have realized that the ruling elite would do anything to prop up its corrupt edifice, with total disregard for the general welfare, but I did not. I did not anticipate the Fed would buy trillions in bad investments from banks - I thought it was illegal - and I still do - but few care.

I knew the Federal gummint was at its spending limit, but I did not anticipate the Federal Reserve would pour these trillions into Wall Street, and some of the money would trickle into stocks. Even though the public - real investors - pulled money out all year, the Fed went "all in."

One supposes the eventual outcome of this level of borrow and spend, and general economic rigging is obvious, it will be awhile still before it comes.

When? I don't know. But I plan to be watching. On a personal level, for me 2010 was not so bad at all.

AWM said...

Read recently that gas will be around $4 a gallon sometime around mid summer. Any positive movement that the economy has been building will come to a grinding halt when that happens. I said it before on this blog.. we've had the worlds petroleum reserves pretty much to ourselves for the past 100 years but since we have an insatiable desire for cheap overseas products we have sent a lot of our cash to one place in particular. The result of this is we now have 1 billion+ Chinese ready to get off bicycles and into cars. I'm betting we are going to see $5 a gallon (being the norm) within the next 2-3 years. I went fishing in Idaho this past weekend. Pulled into a gas station south of Burley and they were charging $3.98 a gallon...that's THIS past Saturday!

Realist said...

I think everyone should have to pay the real world costs of energy, such as living wages for all workers, without kicking the cost of clean-up, etc, down the road.

Gas should cost closer to 30 bucks a gallon, and dont be suprised if your laptop, using the same criteria, cost 35,000 dollars.

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