Saturday, January 15, 2011

Standard-Examiner: 25th Annual Hof German Winterfest Kicks Off in Ogden

Local Pagan Plans: Godfrey’s organizers are a bit goofy this year

By: Doctor Opposite

Ogden’s Winterfest is upon us once again and Godfrey’s organizers are a bit goofy this year:
They have run out of good ideas and can only come up with their version of Ring-Around The Stonehenge at Ron Clare Village. That should bring thousands of people to town this weekend, but it has to compete with the Sundance Film Festival. I hope people will make the right choice and support the newest ritual blessed upon us. I’ll look forward to seeing you there:

Ogden Pagans in Wicker Suits march around Ron Clare Stonehenge


Womdering said...

Virgins! What will we do with virgins during the Winter fest?

A tale of two winterfests said...

Hof Winterfest is completely different from Godfrey's downtown debacle. Beckons care less about a long standing sister-city relationship and would prefer to go after Chinese and Mexican junk importers. The Hof Winterfest was abandoned by Ogden City years ago and is now hanging on thanks to some dedicated volunteers and Weber County.

Ogden now trucks in snow and blocks off 25th and Washington for a redneck Winterfest. Some of the activities are ok, but the testosterone and petroleum fume fueled snowmobile races seemed a) tacky b) of limited interest and c) potentially dangerous for spectators. If they promote more human powered activities and bypass the urge to include the two and four stroke throttle happy *extreme high adventure* crew it may have some promise.

Curmudgeon said...

And, besides the Hof Fest not being the downtown Winterfest, it's also a voluntary event for Ogden City residents. So the "forced upon us" crack is inaccurate, I think. Want to go, think you'd find it fun or interesting, go. Don't, don't.

Have a little fun said...

Don't be such an old fart, Curmudgeon.

chill out said...

Curm....your details although usually good are also usually boring and rather anal. I personally find that you being a new-be to town, you seem quick to have all the answers for Ogden, when in fact, you have only an education and no sense of humor whatsoever. Chill out. I'm kind of glad I never had a class from you, I'd still be asleep in my chair.

I crack myself up said...

No doubt about it.

Curmudgeon needs to learn how to joke around a little bit.

Allergic said...

Wicker suits. Itchy.

Doctor Opposite said...

I changed "forced upon us" to "blessed upon us".

Happy now, Curn?

RudiZink said...

Quick note to David Saviour.

If you flame Bruce Edwards again, you'll be permanently banned from this board.

blackrulon said...

have a little fun, chill out & I crack myself out. I also find myself disagreeing with some of Curm's posts but I have a question? Curm has been accused of being a newcomer and not understanding Ogden. How long must one be a taxpaying resident before he is not a newcomer? Is insight in malfeasance only granted after a probation period?

Dose of Reality said...

Everyone here knows that Matthew Godfrey is totally insane, Right?

Curmudgeon said...


On disagreeing with me on some posts. Good. Think how dull WCF would be if all that ever got posted was "I think so too!"

On how long you have to live here before you're entitled to have an opinion about what might be good, and not good, for Ogden City: I was wondering the same thing. Nine years is, apparently, not long enough for some.

Anonymous said...

New bar! Lighthouse has moved to lower 25th street!

Now, that is news!

Curmudgeon said...


Oh, there's lots of good news in Ogden. It's good news every time a day passes on which Hizzonah does not come up with another megabucks whackaloon idea [flatland gondolas, year round downtown outdoor ice climbing popsicles, etc.]. And I noticed Friday that the city has managed to lease another Keisel storefront at The Junction [frozen yogurt or ice cream shoppe, I don't recall which]. Good news for the ratepayers.

Lighthouse news is good news too. Hope you noticed, though, that it won't be a strip joint in its new digs on Historic 25th Street [at the old Angelo's location]. It'll be a sports bar. In the SE story, one of the former-exotic-dancers who's moving to the new location to work as a cocktail waitress said she was a little apprehensive, since the old Lighthouse had an established clientele and reputation as a strip club, but it has no established reputation and clientele as a sports bar. Which suggested to me that the young woman has more street smart business sense than the Mayor.

Best of luck to the new scrubbed clean and sporty Lighthouse, and to the yogurt joint too.

googlegirl said...

Best Scenes From "The Wicker Man"

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