Friday, January 07, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune: Online Retailer CSN Stores Announces Expansion in Ogden

The company looks forward to being a major player in Ogden’s economic revitalization, particularly in the downtown area

By: ND

Finally a real company with ALOT of real jobs coming to town....interesting though about the secret location....has to be somewhere in BDO...except they say "The company looks forward to being a major player in Ogden’s economic revitalization, particularly in the downtown area"

The Standard-Examiner has the story this morning:
The Salt Lake Tribune is carrying the story too:
I don't see any 75,000 SF buildings popping up anywhere....

How 'bout you?


Bee in my Bonnet said...

the company said it will be a "Customer Care" (think Convergys & $9.00 per hour) and Distribution Center (think warehouse and maybe $10 per hour), plus the Guv'nuh is giving incentives to them out of our would-be tax dollars after they start business.

Niraj Shah is the name of the CEO -- so is this company going to keep American dollars in America?

Utah Dept of Workforce Svcs has to pay for training (if the company's doing so well, why is this necessary?)

GOED will pay tax incentives to the very succesful company for each local employee hired.

Ogden City is going to do the infrastructure ... and furniture and fixtures? How much will this cost us?

Godfrey won't tell us where it will be located ...

Curmudgeon said...

Take a look at the Ogden picture the SLTrib has up on its air pollution story today. This'll do wonders for Ogden, Outdoor Sports Capital of the Mountain West.

Danny said...

Curm makes a good point about the sewer-like air we are living in in Ogden.

Yet, the city council continues the policy that "more people moving here is good."

How come nobody else can see how stupid that is - how harmful it is to all of us?

More people = more filth. It is an unalterable fact.

ozboy said...

If true, this new company coming to town is good news. The "if true" is the tricky part when Godfrey has anything to do with it.

It appears that the state economic development people are responsible for this company moving here. That could be a good sign. However, if Godfrey's finger prints are any where near the deal, that could be a bad sign given his tendency to lie about most every thing he talks about.

In any event, this is the kind of deal our tax dollars ought to go toward attracting, not all these penny anty little bush league deals the mayor has spent millions on chasing.

$9 per hour! Wow! said...

The article "Boston Retailer Adding Ogden Outlet" in The Standard

claims this new company will hire 266 Full-time employees in the first two years with the first year payroll being $5,000,000. Wow, that's a whole $18,796.99 per employee per year. Ooo, Ahhh, $9 per hour. You most certainly aren't going to get the "well-educated" part of the workforce to apply for these jobs. Sorry guys, but in today's world people can't live on $9 per hour.

"The Multiplier Effect"? What is this company going to bring new people into the area that don't already live here to make $9 per hour? I think not. Who is going to relocate to a new city for a $9 per hour job? So I've got to call BS on this multiplier effect claim.

All this is is another company who had to be paid to bring their operation here and are going to pay a wage a person couldn't live on anyways.

Gray said...

The new business guys have yet to set up shop and here you go, associating the air quality with they're coming to town; the small wage they'll be paying; and the incentives they've been given to locate here.

What a pack of clowns. Give it a break. One good thing about this blog: the circus is free.

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