Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Important Council Work Session Set For Tomorrow Evening

A discussion of a proposed "Trojan Horse" widening of Harrison Boulevard is on the agenda

By: Brandon Chase Bell

There is a City Council Work Session set for tomorrow, Thursday, January 13th at 5:30 p.m., the purpose of which is "to discuss Harrison Boulevard and Regional Transportation, and to discuss Council Business."

See the excerpt from the City Meeting Notice below, as well as the below-linked notice and work session packet files. Meeting info:
Ogden City Council Work Session Notice
January 13, 2011 at 5:30 p.m.
City Council Work Room – Third Floor
Municipal Building, 2549 Washington Boulevard

Notice is hereby given that the Ogden City Council will meet in a Work Session on Thursday, January 13, 2011 in the Council Work Room on the third floor of the Municipal Building located at 2549 Washington Boulevard in Ogden City, Weber County, Utah.
The purpose of the work session is to discuss Harrison Boulevard and Regional Transportation, and to discuss Council Business.

Representatives from the Wasatch Front Regional Council will be giving a presentation about the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan.
Click the link below to view the meeting announcement and the information packet the City Council received for the meeting with briefing documents on the WFRC 2040 Regional Transportation Plan:
According to the 2040 Transportation Plan in the packet for the work session there is widening proposed for Harrison north of 20th and south of 40th down to 89. This is almost as bad as widening the whole thing as it creates future pressure to widen Harrison through the heart of Ogden. It could be considered, like a trojan horse to not widen Harrison now, but put the pieces in place to put pressure to widen it in the future. Regional transportation needs are already served by I-15 and Wall Avenue. We do not need a belt route in Ogden, or more auto-oriented regional infrastructure. We need to be asking" "How will this serve Ogden residents? and How will it impact them?" Do people from North Ogden commuting to Hill Air Force Base, really need to drive through the heart of Ogden's neighborhoods to do so? Aren't we encouraging them to do so, by widening the other portions of Harrison.? This is based on an old, outdated, single-focus transportation paradigm, that doesn't work for Ogden and needs to be updated.

I should note it is a work session and that thus the public is not allowed to comment, but it is important that we show up, so our presence is visible, and speak with our City Council members before and after to make our feelings and the sentiments of the community felt and known.

Feel free to chime in with your own comments, before, during or after tomorrow's council work session.

Update 1/14/10 6:00 a.m.: The
Standard-Examiner carries a story this morning reporting on the results of last night's Council work session:


ND said...

Just got a notice today on this....thanks for posting! I was given the impression that UDOT decided against this...Trojan Horse indeed....and right on target....setting it up to "have" to do it to the core of the city...ridiculous plan...and most of the growth is to the west...

sigh...we gonna ge hosed again

blackrulon said...

First the UTA eliminates public transportaion bus routes. Then they notice a increase in auto traffic. Then they propose to widen roads to help out the traffic congestation they caused by cancelling bus routes.

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