Saturday, January 29, 2011

ReGiMe CHaNGe RiSK-oN!

The brand new board game everyone is talking about...

By: Danny

For a great set of photos on the Egyption elections going on right now, click here:
The reason for these elections is a man named Ben Bernanke, who is currently the banking cartel's puppet in Washington DC, running their private money mill called the Federal Reserve. For some pictures of Bennie,the man who is destroying the world, click here:
Maybe we are finally starting to see this whole inevitable endgame starting to happen.


Google Sucks said...

Weird how that google ad in your second link, Dann, obliterates the whole front page.

Thanks for the article though.

Stephen M. Cook said...

Have I mentioned that I'm Totally Gay for Bruce Edwards?

Gawd I'm in love with this man!

Dave said...


No, you didn't mention it. I was wondering what your obsession with Bruce was, thanks for clearing that up.

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