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Standard-Examiner: Ogden Gay Rights Ordinance Makes Progress

Has Boss Godfrey turned over a new leaf, and resolved to listen to other people's ideas... or should we chalk just this up as a one-time aberration?
The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.

Terry Pratchett
Hot-shot British Writer

In a marvellous display of uncharacteristic open-mindedness, and after dawdling for some eight months, it appears that Boss Godfrey has now been finally persuaded to instruct Ogden City Attorney Gary Williams to draft up that anti discrimination ordinance which has recently been a topic of discussion here on Weber County Forum and at the Standard-Examiner. Ace Reporter Schwebke provides the full lowdown:
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Although we've learned that Boss Godfrey has been under considerable fire on this issue from all points of the compass, we'd like to believe that Boss Godfrey didn't merely succumb to public pressure, but rather simply decided to Choose the Right.

So what about it, gentle readers? Has Boss Godfrey turned over a new leaf... and resolved to listen to other people's ideas... and to treat folks with differing viewpoints and lifestyles with respect... or should we just chalk this up as a one-time aberration?

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Moroni McConkie said...

It should not be such a stretch for the mayor to back the Antidiscrimination Ordinance. Isn't "kinder, gentler" classic Republican lingo (from the 1988 convention nominating Geo. H. W. Bush)? No reason this ought not to apply to Ogden.

And Curmudgeon is right that the mayor should be credited on those rare occasions when he does the right thing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will support the Ordinance. And hats off to those members of the council who have backed it.

ozboy said...

The only way Godfrey would ever choose the right is by accident. In other words, if what he already chose to do was also the right thing to do.

I also think it would be best to see just what he has his lackey Williams write up before assuming it is going to be the right thing.

These guys are sleaze bags through and through and can only be trusted at great peril to the one who trusts.

Little Mouse at City Hall said...

Rudi and anyone else who thinks Godfrey might dp the right thing on his own, You're all dreamers if you think that Godfrey would of his own accord, do the right thing! The clue is in Schwebke's article: "Humphreys said he is frustrated that the administration seems to still be stalling on drafting the ordinance." He is being pressured by the SE Editorial Board, the public and some Council members. After all, it is an election year, and he wants to continue to do his dastardly deeds of bringing Ogden to the brink of bankruptcy with the fieldhouse and the gondola!
There is one ray of hope -- he has almost reached the liimit for which cities can bond so he will have to find other ways to finance them.

Danny said...

It appears the ordinance would have some reasonable "outs" for people who don't want to be roomies with a queer, or who don't want to be too close either.

I don't agree with the ordinance, and am sick and tired of the government tying to be my morality wet nurse, but it does seem there is some give and take going on, which is really nice to see.

Having said that, if they want to explicitly legalize sodomy, can they please also legalize prostitution, gambling, polygamy, and drug use, for those who are of a different stripe, or does the government's deference only go to those with organized political voices?

blackrulon said...

Danny, drug use is legal. You just need to convince your doctor to write a perscription. Gambling, with taxpayer dollars, has been going on in Ogden since Godfrey took office. A less intrusive government would allow adults to do what they wish in their bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Our dream would be that Terry Pratchett's wonderful character, Lord Vetinari, becomes the next ruler of Ogden, Utah.

Now, there is a man who knows how rule.

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