Saturday, January 22, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Outdoor Retail Events Coming to Utah

Ogden City's close proximity to the mountains was a key factor in the decision-making process

By Curmudgeon

Amidst all the sturm und drang involving the Matthew Godfrey Wonderdome matter, some good news for Ogden in the Standard-Examiner passed unnoticed a couple of days ago. Here's the lead:
OGDEN -- The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance has selected the Ogden Eccles Conference Center as the location of its 2011 summer retail show set for June 13-17. The Ogden/Weber Convention & Visitors Bureau and the conference center will host more than 200 independent outdoor industry retailers, vendors and suppliers during the five-day event.
Full story in the SE is here:
That's very good news for Ogden, I thought, and worth noting.

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curious 1 said...

Curm that is good news to bring some money into Ogden.

It would be good to see if all the hotels are 100% booked to confirm if another hotel is needed downtown to attract conventions. Poll them to see where they stayed, using frontrunner for access to SLC, good tourist maps for those attending.

How many utilize the welcome wagon that the city re-furbished for a private business? Did we ever get our return on investment back on that boondogle?

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