Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Huntsville 4th of July Parade Kerfuffle Isn't Dead - Updated

The beleaguered citizens of Ogden Valley kick up the discussion a couple of  more notches and aggressively take the offensive

After last week's updated WCF story about the poorly reported Huntsville 4th of July Parade kerfuffle, we were convinced the story had pretty much played itself out. But we were wrong. The story wasn't dead... far from it. In that connection we'll highlight two interesting new developments which indicate that the story still has strong legs of its own:

1) Charlie Trentelman provides a typically level-headed Wasatch Rambler column this morning, reporting about the backlash from this badly reported story, and coining a new term for our local political lexicon.  Charlie's advice to Huntsville Mayor Jim Truett and the rest of the Hunstville City officials who've been victimized by a tide of cranky and outright nasty phone calls: "When Obama Derangement Syndrome takes over, unplug the phone":
2) There are however some in Ogden Valley who don't believe that simply ignoring the problem is an adequate approach.  In that connection we'll link this morning's Ogden Valley Forum story, which reports that the beleaguered citizens of Ogden Valley are kicking up the discussion a couple of  more notches and aggressively taking the offensive.  And their target? The Standard-Examiner:
Yep, they've put together a petition and are demanding an apology from the newspaper who hastily bungled the reporting in the first place, thereby unleashing that wave of misinformed criticism which has tarnished Huntville's community reputation literally around the globe, according to Mr. Trentelman, at least:
They're not doing badly so far, by the way, with well over 250 signators already subscribed to this petition, which went online only yesterday.

Nope, The Huntsville 4th of July Parade Kerfuffle isn't dead... not by a long shot.


Keira said...

It'll definitely be interesting to find out how the Standard handles this prickly situation.  Please keep us posted, Rudy. Thanks.

Jim Hutchins said...

Like many such situations, there is plenty of blame to go around. I see a lot of so-called adults behaving badly here.

It's time to at least do a Nixon and say, publicly, "mistakes were made".

Bob Becker said...

Andy Howell, in this Saturday's "Behind the Headlines" column, has an account up of how the story developed, and how the SE corrected its erroneous first report [in the print edition] of what the sign on the back of the float said.   I found the chronology of how it all happened interesting.  Howell's column is here: 

Danny said...

Everyone is missing the larger point, which is that people are far too sensitive these days.  Everyone goes around arrogantly, with a chip on their shoulder, looking for offense.

The Lord said, "Be not easily offended."  It's good advise.

These people who are up in arms are for the most part, stupid, small people.  The float and the rest of it was all in fun.  It's the kind of thing that gives America color.  It used to be everyone could have a laugh and move on.

To all those offended by the float, take note:  I couldn't care less.

Bob Becker said...

Well, Danny, since you posted on this here and on the SE site, your claim that you don't much care rings just a tad hollow. 

Blackrulon said...

Well Danny, Do you believe that  calling people "stupid, small people" is really helpful? Do you wonder  hy would anyone be offended at that description?

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