Sunday, July 08, 2012

Paul Rolly: Legislators Flip-flop on Their Own Intent

Feast your eyes on the desperation of  the ethically corrupt GOP dominated Utah legislature, folks

As a followup to yesterday's UEG Citizens Ethics Initiative Petition update, we'll now highlight Friday's Paul Rolly story, which proves that our lumpencitizen unfriendly Utah state legislature continues to play all the mendacious angles to prevent the 100,000+ citizens of Utah who signed the petition from ever seeing this landmark legislative ethics reform measure appear on the Utah ballots.  Rolly reports that legislative leaders want lawmakers to weigh in on the suit at the Utah Supeme Court level with an amicus curiae brief, clarifying that it was the Legislature’s intent to impose an April 15 petiton deadline, which would technically operate to disqualify the initiative measure from the November 2012 ballot, contrary to Judge Shaugnnessy's earlier 3d District Court ruling:
Feast your eyes on the desperation of  the GOP dominated legislature, folks, as "legislative leadership" (so-called) pulls out all the stops to thwart the apparent public will to impose robust and and pervasive ethics reform upon our ethically-corrupt Utah legislature.

Kinda makes you proud, dunnit, O My Utah GOP Friends?

So who'll be the first to throw in  their own 2¢?


RebelWithACause2 said...

I wonder what it is , in particular, that the Utah
legislature opposes in the Ethics Reform Initiative, or is it the whole idea
that they don't want anyone to tell them what to do? It reminds me of the
tactic that the Supreme Court Justice Roberts used in rewriting the Health
Care Law, which the court was finding unconstitutional as it was presented to
he court, so it could qualify as a tax law and become constitutional .
Unbelievable and upsetting, is it not?

Ray said...

Taking cues from their hero Mitt Fit Flip Flop Romney.  Hide the truth on who is supplying and where the influence/money is coming from. They of course know better than we common folk and are just trying to protect us from ourselves...

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