Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ogden Shootout Defendant Wants New Judge on Forfeiture Case

 Defense counsel move to mercilously provide an avenue to let Weepy Judge Decaria "Off the Hook"

A coupla interesting articles in the Northern Utah media, peripherally concerning what we've been lately labeling as Ogden's Matthew Stewart Shootemup Case.  Both the Standard and SLTrib report this morning report that there's been a peripheral development in this case:
The Government wants to seize and sell Stewart's home to add profit to its profitable drug bustin' enterprise, but dang, apparently a few "legal glitches" still need to be resolved, like a "weepy and biased"  former Weber County Attorney, who's now serving as the assigned District Court Judge on this property forfeiture case.

Added bonus:  Check out the Utah State Bar article embedded within the SL Trib story, which summarizes the somewhat muddy  rules for judicial disqualification in Utah:
Looks like another potential  issue for Stewart on appeal, no?


Danny said...

I appreciate these updates.  I don't always comment, but I always check in.

rudizink said...

 Thanks for the feedback, Danny.  WCF web stats do reveal that these Matthew Stewart-related news updates do enjoy a fairly broad audience, even though reader comments are sometimes sparse.

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